cYpher in Moscow. Tournament in Media Markt. The battle for 300,000

Who are you? – I am Masha! What do you want? – Learn playing Quake! When do you want it? – Right now at the open Quake Champions tournament in MediaMarkt where our new player cYpher is competing for 300,000 rubles. Here, look, look… Alexey, 3:2. Why? The opponent is very strong. He plays well and has been competing for a while. He has a unique playstyle. I’m warming up, it’s fine. Get your act together and do warm up, it’s 300,000 on the line. CYpher, a Belarusian, is a good player. He always tries to win, has the desire to reach his goals and is willing to do a lot to accomplish them. Congratulations on the honorable second place. Are you any happy? Not really. Tell us in detail what went wrong and what got in the way. I just performed worse and got outplayed. Secondly, I got tired throughout the day and I don’t really like this meta with Clutch. Nothing good will come out of the game if he remains in the main pool. Thank you for supporting me and leaving positive comments. I am going to win the next championship for sure. I’ll be ready for it. There was a situation on ZTN, see, when I wanted to close out so I much that it seemed to me that I had already killed him twice. No, that I had killed him once and then I thought, “Oh, you’re Nyx, so you are trapped.” So, I felt everything was great and then I’m like, “Where did another one come from?”

40 thoughts on “cYpher in Moscow. Tournament in Media Markt. The battle for 300,000

  1. Ставь + если обосрался, когда включил видос с рекламой от паши

  2. Я не знаю кто ты, не шарю в кваке, но ты из вп, поэтому ты лучший

  3. Как говорил "Cooler": "Сайфер, Сайференыш, Сайферочек!"

  4. Нави.Кулер очень сильный игрок, так что не волнуйтесь и больше тренеруйтесь.

  5. Нави Куллер против ВиртусПро Сайфер =) Просто огонь =)

  6. Ха-ха VP просрали топа Cooller'a , надо было двоих подписывать и фигней не страдать.

  7. После первой карты казалось Сайфер изи заберет игру, Кулер вообще ничего не показывал. Но потом что-то пошло не так.

  8. It was a great game in the WB final! I think Cypher and Cooller are playing at the same level, maybe Cypher was a bit tired because of the LB games he had to play hard to say. Is it a zowie ec2a he's using btw?
    And yeah Clutch sucks ASS. Get rid of that useless fat robot please.

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