CRUFFIN – NEW TREND ♥ HOW TO MAKE CRUFFIN ♥ Original Cruffin Recipe ♥ Tasty Cooking

How to make CRUFFIN Warm milk divide into 2 parts In one part add salt. In other – honey and yeast ORIGINAL CRUFFIN RECIPE Add to the flour: Sugar, Vanilla sugar, 2 parts of milk, 100 gr. of butter (melted) Knead the dough until soft ans smooth Let it rice for 1 hour until doubled in size Divide the dough into 12 pieces Roll out the dough as thin, as possible. Width 12 – 13 cm. Grease with butter. Wrap into roll Cut the roll along Twirl into semi – knot Let it rice for 1,5 – 2 hours Bake 30 minutes at 180 °C If you want, you can add some filling and decorate with frosting ORIGINAL CRUFFIN RECIPE Dust with powdered sugar Cruffins are done! Bon appetit Please subscribe CRUFFIN

51 thoughts on “CRUFFIN – NEW TREND ♥ HOW TO MAKE CRUFFIN ♥ Original Cruffin Recipe ♥ Tasty Cooking

  1. nice but pls explain me the exact recipe of butter because it was written 200 gr and then you used only 100.. where is the rest of the butter. thanks again and i will make it for sure

  2. У вас замечательные видео, но видимо их использует ещё один человек NK cooking

  3. Thank you so much, never heard or seen this before until one of the fans Yimmoi posted hers. I will surely try it. Thank you so much. Will share it to my friends !

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  5. Having just viewed your footage, would you be willing to advise me, with regards to adapting the above to a savoury recipe? as I would be inclined to consume them at breakfast. I would assume that the removal of the sugar, would suffice. Thank you for the time you have allocated to my request.

  6. Looked so good thought omg I must try this today , I followed this recipe very accurately and my cruffin basically taste like a scone

  7. Классное видео!!! Не поняла, что за приспособление, которым Вы делаете выемки из краффинов, это из тескомы??

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