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Hi friends! Do subscribe to our channel and press on the bell icon too! (cheering up) Hey! go there! Dude, look there! Why are you here? 63 missed calls! Don’t you have the common sense to know that I would have been busy?! Are you mad to keep on calling me? Oh! really? Don’t you have the common sense to realize that it would have been important? Alright, tell me what’s so important! My parents now know about our relationship! They started looking for marriage alliance ! what to do now? one minute! I’ll be there! Marriage alliance? ok, no problem, we will manage! You leave now! Is this going to be the same? You are never going to change! Let us talk later! leave now! I want to talk right now! I want an answer today! Damn! Come! Let’s talk! come! What’s your problem now? What kind of relationship is this, Vishal? Love? Do you think this is love? Why are you crying now? As if you are an extra ordinary girl in the world! You are right! I am not extra ordinary! just ordinary! Never expected to spend time with me, compliment me! Never expected even a silly surprise! and lot more! Dude, come here! yes Watch me for a min! (proposing in a cinematic way) How is it dude? very bad! Didn’t suit you! See! This is bad! She thinks this is love, dude! I’ll manage! You leave! Why should I text you continuously? And, what’s the point of giving you a surprise, when you already know it? Will you stay hungry if I don’t text you? We are in love since 6 months, were you like this before? I don’t think you would have been! Or was there anyone else to ask you by then? I thought you don’t know how to love! I just realized you don’t even know what love is! Go! You asked me to talk! When I talk, you are leaving! Don’t expect me to come back! Vishal, Where are you going? To home! I’ll be back! Come, hold the bag! come! Boys seems to be so happy! Ya, all because of finals selection result! But I don’t think you are happy! Huh? What? I know you since years! Wassup now? Who? crazy kanmani? ya, crazy kanmani! Everything seems to be good! What’s now? It was good! initially! Then she proved she is an ordinary girl! Bro, do you think texting, calling, giving her surprise only means that I love her? Okay, tell me what love is! Bro, that is.. how will she understand when you yourself can’t explain it? It is self explanatory! But what did you do to make her understand? Dude, these text, calls, gifts will make her feel your presence even in your absence. but.. It’s childish! it’s okay to be childish with whom we love. vishal, you should love someone when they are with you. There is no use in building Taj Mahal after they leave. What do you want me to do? dude, I know about kanmani She is not an ordinary girl as you said, but she is a girl too! Go convince her, ask sorry! I can’t ask sorry, there is no mistake on me! There is no right or wrong in love. It’s all about if you need or not! If you need, even mistakes look fair. If you don’t need, everything seems to be a mistake! Do you need her or not? Why do you even ask this! Of course, I need her! Why are you still here then? Go ! quick! go soon! Are you even a coach? you are distracting him! Oh you! Come, let me tell you a story! Do you know why these ants go one behind the other? You ***** ! I am your coach dude! No dad! I can’t marry whoever you say! What’s this? Don’t cry kanmani! Angry kanmani! Please take this, I can say what I wanted to! I remember someone saying that they won’t come back! Don’t think that I am here because I miss you! I seriously didn’t miss you! But I felt little bad! That’s why! I am not asking you talk immediately, but you can consider! What should I do now? Give it! if you like me, say yes. If you don’t like me, say yes. Just say yes! Not that soon! I know! I am well prepared ! I have written sorry like some holy chants. are you mad? I have decided to ask sorry, so that would be a complete surrender! I thought you don’t know to love! But you don’t even know what love is! If you like this video like, share, comment and subscribe to poochikolli. press on the bell icon too.

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