Couples Dress Each Other For A Week | Taylor & Steph • Ship It

– Steph, Taylor. – Yes. – What are we doing this week? – We are going to pick
each other’s outfits for an entire week. Jesus take the whole car. – [Taylor] We’ve never
really had a big blow-out. We’ve never even fought. – No. – You have lipstick on your teeth. – Thank you. – [Steph] I’d say that my
style is edgy feminine. I’m almost always wearing black. If I dress a little
edgier, a little harder, then I get less attention from dudes and more attention from women. – [Taylor] She has basically nothing but black and white tank tops. I don’t really trust your style. I’m just putting it out there, I’m sorry. – Wow. – I love very feminine girls. – [Steph] I’m very small, and I’m very insecure with that sometimes. – I wanna see her wear less black. Skirts, dresses. – No. – I’ve never seen her wear a skirt. I’ve never seen her wear
a dress or a romper. – I think Taylor’s a very
bright girl, very smart. But these are dumb decisions. – I describe my style as riding this line between feminine and slightly masculine. – [Steph] Tomboy chic. – Yeah, like tomboy chic. I was chubby when I was younger and once a fat kid, always a fat kid. – My goal is we’re gonna
make Taylor look dapper. And she hates the word dapper, but she’s not here right now. Look at me, I am the captain. (laughs) It’s very Harry Styles. I want to make it a little
more Justin Timberlake. A little more form-fitting. I want to show off her body. – I’m pretty insecure about my
stomach, love-handle region. – She thinks she has a muffin top. Spoiler, she does not have a muffin top. – It’s sad when the person you love doesn’t look at themselves
the way that you look at them. Because I think Taylor’s
always a 20 out of 10. I’m picking out her outfit. We have this lovely number. We can take advantage of this
and apply a more brown pant. – [Taylor] So you want me to look like a giant piece of brown turd? – We’re literally wearing
the exact same thing. – We didn’t plan it, I promise. – I got my first compliment on my outfit. – You lookin’ dope as hell. – Dope as hell. – [Taylor] We just ate sushi and I had a lot of sake and I’m drunk, so time for bed. – Today I am in this romper that I own that Taylor likes, that I’ve
never worn since I moved. It’s really hard to go to
the bathroom wearing it. Because you have to take
the whole thing off. Taylor looks so good. Look how form-fitting, look how great. Yes. – I feel like a 90s acid washed teenager. – [Steph] Yes. – I feel like I’m am dressing
five years under my age. – [Steph] Yes. – And we just got catcalled. – We just got catcalled. – Cool. It is what, Tuesday morning, and Steph has gotten dressed in an awesome little romper. – I feel like I look like a housewife. – [Taylor] No, I think she looks great. – I feel like I have
a very large forehead. Which is why I always, always,
always wear my hair down. This is the first day in almost 10 years that I’m showing my forehead to the world. I guess when I agreed to do this video I didn’t expect certain aspects to suck so much. – I absolutely hate being at
the mercy of somebody else telling me what to wear. Because what she’s picking are all things in my
closet that I don’t like, that I never wear, and I honestly don’t know why I haven’t just gotten rid of them yet. – It makes me feel like, does my partner not find me attractive? And then… I feel more insecure than I did before. We’ll see how this feels in the morning, and I’ll wear this outfit Taylor picked and hopefully it’ll be cool. Today I’m rocking what I like to call coven chic. This is Taylor’s hat and she has me in this shirt, and a skirt, and these shoes. I was told I look hot
today so that’s cool. Can we just appreciate
these form-fitting pants we have going on? – How many compliments
have you gotten today? – Like, a lot. – A lot. – Even though we fought a couple time during this, I think that it was probably the most open and communicative that we’ve been. I think we’re even stronger now. – Yeah, and look. Taylor has an accessory necklace going on, her choice and everything. We’ve come a long way. – [Taylor] And look at this
non-black, non-worded shirt. This is great. I think that this has
been a nice experience, to open up more communication. – As long as the clothes
come off, I’m happy. So whatever.

100 thoughts on “Couples Dress Each Other For A Week | Taylor & Steph • Ship It

  1. Does catcalling just happen in LA ? I confused. Where i live you will get beaten up if you do something stupid like catcall a stranger. So its weird to think that catcalling is a real thing that happens.

  2. I love these two together, but my goodness gracious I have to say Taylor is thee most gorgeous human being I have ever seen. Just, WOW! She could wear a table cloth and it wouldn't even matter…

  3. Wait are they an actual couple? I just thought they pretended to be a couple for a video? That's nice!

  4. Just an honest question, how many gay employees does Buzzfeed have? I feel like they hired the whole community lol.

  5. i want to have a bigger forehead my hair line and my eye brows are an inch a part and my face is 5 or 6 inches i have a circle face

  6. I was expecting more than one couple, since it said couple"s", plural. Even so, I love their outfits.

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