Corporate Think Tank Shuts Down Liberal Media Outlet

The Center for American Progress recently
announced that they were shutting down the popular website ThinkProgress, but there’s
far more to the story than most people realize. First of all, what a huge loss. Yeah. ThinkProgress. What a, what a, what a huge loss. This story makes me remember the days of Air
America when you had the establishment Democrats that Air America, think of what you had. You had, you had Al Franken, Genie Garofalo,
Sam Cedar, Chuck D, Bobby Kennedy, this, this great array of commentators that we’re building
a national talk radio system. But when we needed to raise money, Bobby and
I did a, did a, a show back then. It was the first time we did Ring of Fire. It was, God, I can’t even remember how long
ago. But we were trying to raise money for it. We would go to these folks and if it wasn’t
their idea, what I call the snowflake elite, if it wasn’t their idea, or if you weren’t
going to talk about only their topic, they wouldn’t give you a dime. Soros was a great example. Here’s this guy spreading money all over the
world. And here we were just asking, look, keep this
idea of a progressive radio network alive. Couldn’t get a dime. We all raised as much as we could and stayed
in business as long as we could. This is exactly that story, isn’t it? It is, and what you have is the Center for
American Progress, which is the think tank CAP, and think tanks just like CAP, they get
funded with corporate money. And ThinkProgress, which started during the
Bush administration did great work, you know, talking about the, the torture issues, the
endless war. Did great work during the Obama administration
talking about the crimes of the bankers and the lack of prosecutions and they’ve been
the, the best out there on environmental issues since day one. But because those didn’t fit in line with
what the corporations that fund CAP wanted them to talk about, ThinkProgress suddenly
decides, you know what, or CAP decides, we’re going to get rid of ThinkProgress. We’re going to fire the actual journalists. The people in the union, by the way, they
only got rid of the union people. Right, right. And said from now on it’s going to be a voice
for the, the think tank. Yeah. They are the ones who get to say what they
want to say. I don’t know who wrote this New Republic article
that explores how dysfunctional what I call the snowflake elite is of the democratic arm,
but they talk about the fact and it was so well written. They talk about the fact that if, if it’s
not, it, when you go to democratic elite and ask for money to help further a great idea
like this organization ThinkProgress, unless, and this particular writer gave an example. He said if it wasn’t all, if everything that
you talked about was not perceived as devoted solely to a fulltime basis of unseating Trump,
it wasn’t important. And what, what, what this writer was talking
about was the fact that the truth is all of these issues that they’re not talking about
can merge and they can converge to bring about change, but you can’t be so simple minded
that the only thing that you’re going to talk about is guns. You can’t be so simple minded that the only
thing that you’re going to talk about is unseating Trump. You can’t be so simple minded that you’re
a one issue organization and don’t understand that all these various parts converged for
change. Well, and the problem is, and we’ve seen this
in a lot of left leaning media that’s really more corporate Democrat than progressive,
obviously. They only want to talk about Trump, but they
want to treat Trump as if he is the cause of all the problems we have in this country
today. They want to ignore the bad things that happened
during the Obama administration. They want to go after the people who are saying,
listen, Obama wasn’t that great. He did some bad things. You know, we, we get it all the time. And that’s what ThinkProgress did by the way. Exactly. Yeah, and they didn’t like that. That’s the sin of ThinkProgress was saying,
hey, hold up. Obama wasn’t actually that great on the environment
all the time. He did some good things. He did some really not good things too, but
they don’t want to put any of the blame on him. Bad things only started happening when Trump
took office, according to the establishment Democrats. Yeah, that they were criticized, this group
was criticized, ThinkProgress criticized for, for going after Israel when Israel was wrong. They were going after Hillary Clinton and
saying she was a loser. Get on a different horse. DNC couldn’t handle that. Thanks for joining me. Okay. Thank you.

24 thoughts on “Corporate Think Tank Shuts Down Liberal Media Outlet

  1. Please forgive me for being so off topic, but Pap, I have to tell you, whatever you did to your hair…keep it up. Looks good. 👍

  2. Corporate America is playing with marked cards and a stacked deck. Now they want to be able to change the rules of the Game as they go along.

  3. He is the main cause of all the problems in the country today. All presidents make mistakes, but I'm almost sure they were sane. I'm undecided on bush 2.

  4. They know they’re in the fight and they’re going to great lengths to end our opposition movement. No citizen is required to follow an unjust law and it our duty to violate it at every turn. They have the money. We have the numbers. The people in sufficient number and organization can rule the world. Join an organization and let’s get ready for the direct action. Target date is five years.

  5. Right wingers are doing their best to curb the first amendment. Save America; remove Republicans from office by ANY means necessary.

  6. I wondered what had happened to Think Progress. I visited it daily. Did the DNC and / DCCC have something to do with its' demise?

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