Cornell Impacts NYC: Malia Mills ’90, fashion designer

for calling Malia Mills. This is Christine. [MUSIC PLAYING] MALIA MILLS: The voice we have
resonates with some people. The mission statement
resonates with some people. The made in America is very
passionate for a lot of people. A focus on trying to
educate and create opportunities for the next
generation of young girls resonates with people. I think that’s revolutionary. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s this idea of
how does it fit you, but how does it
fit you emotionally was absolutely a
huge part of what we’ve built at Malia Mills. That’s a direct
correlation to what I learned from when I was up
at the Human Ecology school. [MUSIC PLAYING] We can do what we do because we
have factories that are here, of suppliers that are here, of
pattern makers that are here. New York is an
incredible place to start a business, incredible
diversity, incredible food, incredible community. And it’s been amazing. [MUSIC PLAYING] Fashion is so powerful. It’s so powerful, from
an economic perspective, from a job building perspective,
from a career building perspective, from the
way you conduct yourself, and how you create great
dynamic energy around you because you’re wearing something
that makes you feel good. I mean, it’s extraordinary,
really, from A to Z.

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