Here we go results are in and the winners are I’m not in there at all (Laughs) Hey, everybody welcome to another Roblox adventure today We’re doing something a little bit different, and what we’re going to be doing is we’re gonna be following people in Fashion Frenzy We’re going to be copying them piece by piece I’m interested to see the reactions because it’s like a prank and Like but it’s also like a troll at the same time I Don’t know. I think it’ll be funny. I really want to see the reaction, so It’s a it’s an interesting take on Fashion Frenzy actually one of you guys recommended. I do this either It was on Twitter phone me on Twitter didn’t link [into] the description below, or it was a comment One of you guys did it though so thank you for the idea if you have any other cool video ideas let me know Because I you know sometimes. I might actually do it and right here We need to choose our first victim where we going to get let’s do Let’s see Okay, this girl kind of seems to know what she’s doing all right. You know what or following her We’re gonna do this one then okay? We got this we just got to make sure that we choose every [single] type of clothing, okay? So she’s going for that one then it looks like wow I didn’t even know people chose stuff from that far away I always like walk up like Exactly to the things that I’m I think she’s noticing. [I] think she’s noticing like wait a second is this person copying me you should see what happens oh? No this seems almost too cruel it feels so bad. [oh], what face was that I think that was this one, okay? [where] did she go she went over there. No no come back I got to make sure I get exactly the the same stuff British tea party interesting this is a gallon, so I’m doing [exactly] everything perfect so [far] If we go as [red], I don’t think she likes this we should put on the chat I thought nothing nothing comes up in the chat yet. Okay, so we’re gonna keep following her We gotta make sure we look exactly the same that I feel so bad, but this is so funny But I don’t know if she’s she I don’t know if she like [stopped] copying Coral laurel [oh] wait Oh is it hold on are people saying are they are they telling me to stop? Copying shout-out to [coral] by the way for letting me use his account while mine is still locked They’re not locked, but I’m just walked out of my own account because let’s keep trying to log into it anyways I can’t tell if they’re saying stop copying I don’t know if they’re telling this girl to stop copying me or if they’re telling me to stop copying her I don’t know but I feel so bad. [I] feel like I’ve got a bug I’m gonna get a bunch of dislikes on this video I have no idea though. Oh man. I hope I’m not [making] her angry or upset. [I] do feel kind of bad Alright, what else do we got we got um? Let’s see she could be choosing anything else here. Well, she got going ain’t any any british tea party kind of teams It’s just it’s identical there’s [nothing] she could do about it. Oh no. Oh, man. I’m sorry. I’m sorry What’s [your] name um? Kick an [e] to fan no something like that Oh, wow that is a pretty good british tea party look honestly I would vote for this outfit If I was just copping some wood with it. [oh] what which one did she do she did this one there we go? She testing me right now She tested me to see if I choose exactly what she chooses Is she gonna choose stuff now that won’t get votes just because she knows that. I’m copying her. I don’t know All right, so then what else do we got okay? So bay which ones that that’s this one here, okay? This is not British tea party anymore. If I’m being completely honest oh is she gonna choose something literally last second. [oh], man I got to be ready. I gotta be on the ball with this Oh, which one did she do was that one? No which one was it? [no] only she got me so good She got me so good No way She knew She knew [then] She waited for literally the exact last Possible second okay welcome to my party. I roll out bridge. That is it’s kind of like okay [I] didn’t even get the boat. That’s just great Man, I got played so hard there wow by the way that is amazing That is a like. [I] think that’s like a perfect outfit honestly right there. That’s a five, but [wow] maybe I need to be more like incognito about it because She knew she waited for that last Second and then [she] chose something before I would have had a chance to [know] what it is. Oh man Okay, well, and then we got this I’m gonna feel so bad if I end up getting more votes on that girls Oh, that’s not very it’s not really like a british [tea] [party]. You know. This is more. Just like a girl going on Going out on the town kind of thing needs to be very pulse British tea parties See this one’s actually really good I’m gonna give her a five because I feel terrible, but it’s also a pretty good outfit for for British tea party I can’t believe I couldn’t Don’t you I didn’t actually get the same [outfit]. Oh wow Okay, I’m gonna have to be a little more careful next time. You know it’s a learning process So the whole thing’s a big learning experience Again that actually nothing about that screams British tea party at all. It’s just like some girl wearing clothes honestly. That’s a one I’m sorry I’m sorry, but that’s not British tea party you [gotta] be following the theme, and then we have carl hall [s.p.a] go [choral] It says bay. I feel terrible [I] would do a little wave [and] a little point I feel terrible And what are all these hashtags [was] this person doing? spamming the screen with Tags [I] Feel I really felt that after that okay, and then we have again Nothing about that really says British tea party like maybe the outfit a little bit. I’ll give [it] a two I’m thinking like very potion ice British tea party sipping sipping on some he and stuff. You know [like] that That’s what really everyone should be going for like just like [to] you know. It’s getting there, especially with the teeth Very British that’s a that’s a [very] solid three I want to [say] I really think the hat is what makes this outfit Whatever people put on those really like kind of fancy Fancy hats that’s when it’s a British tea party then we have You know what kind of like that one a cup of tea mate Sure, why don’t let’s go for let’s get rid of for for the effort and then for the extra role play in there as well Pretty good. [I] gotta say not too bad it out not too shabby Alright, so we got any more contesters, or is this the finale? Here we go results are in and the winners are I’m not in there at all that’s a very Fair incredibly fair Answer for that at all where Lie down. I’m all the way down there It’s probably because I I had that like basing that just did not Did not match the someone just accused them of hacking no One’s Gonna hack in the fashion Frenzy to win top three every time no one would do that That would be so boring anyways though. Yeah, I got absolutely annihilated there They did they they played me so good ah? Well, you know what you know what? I’m gonna. Do just letting myself feel a little bit better [we] do a kitty of the day ladies and gentlemen kitty of the day today is [this] pretty kitty right here You know it’s not there anything too special Nothing crazy coming out of this kook Just a [kooky] cat you know it’s just like crazy [kook] [anyways] the next victim is going to be welcome to Fashion Frenzy the Actually, what was the what was was the thing? What was the Looking snazzy. Oh looking snazzy thing is I always want to play it myself, but that’s not the point in this video We’re just going to have to follow some people we have to be very inconspicuous that we’re gonna have to look We have to look from very far away Okay, here we go We’re gonna have to make sure that they have no old that guy saying. He’s the only man oh Wow, okay, here we go So I think I’m going to do is I’m going to like look at someone’s outfits remember what they’re putting on [I’m] like maybe bingo [I] can put on bingo. [oh] Man, so I’m looking. I’m kind of looking from far away. So okay. Maybe we can do bingo then So let’s see what what’s bingo pants? It’s got that black dress. Which [is] where [is] that black dress? Who’s back there, okay? I’ll remember I’ll remember so that it’s like so I’m Unprepared and not like [two] super super obvious about it okay, so we got that black dress back there, then go. Where’d you go? Where’d you go? I’m trying trying to copy you right now So there we go [bingo] is putting on that outfit with this hair, okay? And then some bunny ears as well Okay I’m gonna have to wait like last second before I do anything like that But I think by put on bunny ears it won’t be [too] Won’t be too obvious where did bingo go bingo right bingo go I’m looking from Far away so So far. It’s the black dress the bunny ears Um come a little bit farther away thor she’s no no no no don’t you say hi to me till you say hi to me? You keep doing your thing There we go. I just got it because I gotta make sure I copy her God, I gotta like remember exactly what she’s wearing So [you’re] hold on I need to pretend. I need to pretend like I’m not wearing the same stuff as her there We go because that’s gonna be my snazzy look I guess she’s got the one with the green Okay, the green ones there, so that would be up there, okay there we go. We got that now [alright], I Got to always be looking away from her Can put on the bunny ears? All right. [oh] are we all [gonna] [dress] exactly the same. Oh, no way. We’re all dressing exactly the same She’s got a purple [fidget] spinner. [oh], man. We’re all going exactly the same no way This is going to be so good okay, so we put that on and then we get rid of There we go. Oh man. No way. We look exactly the same, okay [hold] on so then we got that and then uh She’s got that there and then oh oh I see [what] happened cupcake actually copied bingo and then accused cupcake of copying Exposed look we even saw that we saw the whole thing play out [cupcake] is not gonna be like you copied me and then bing goes like huh what why would I? Let’s just want this looking snazzy. I completely forgot. [oh], it says at the top of the street. I’m stupid dude I’m so stupid [I] was like okay hold on before we get into this I need to make sure I remember what the topic was [and] it was at the top of the screen the [entire] time okay, so coral whore we go Chrysler she copied but life is life. Oh Man, that’s so funny there y’all gonna Spin. I’m going to spin away [to] a little bit of a wave as I walk off So there you go [there] are now gonna be three people that all look exactly the same As she copied [oh] no looking pretty snazzy not too bad a nice four stars right there Why do you copy Cora? [ha] ha sorry bingo? I’m so sorry. It’s just a prank It’s a prank trust me Man, okay, and then we got this one she looks very similar to us kind of Actually everyone has very similar outfits kind of weird looking necklace though. Oh, man I don’t know it’s going to be a four. I could be poised eyes. You know it’s looking pretty snazzy It’s not too bad okay, and then next up please be one of the people there We go exact same outfit again there it is Since I know that she copied and says I copied, too Some people copied me up. Good it One cuz it got because she copied But I hope everyone else gives me a one [so] become by the thing is they don’t know that [I] copied So I feel terrible I feel so bad. Oh general look in soon as Li, hua [I] like that nice. I like the uniqueness to it. You know you did something very innovative Anyways, she copied me first cupcake We all know she didn’t copy you first we caught it on video, and now here is bingo. She is the original Sad cuz I got copied or they like the style – yes. I like your positivity. She’s like I got copied or maybe they just really like the style, you know That she said it’s [okay]. I gave you five stars. Oh, man. I’m sorry bingo I really hope you see this video okay, and then we got her the world which one is oh six gamer Snazzy Snazzy would be the right [worse] then again. That is pretty snazzy, and it does have that kind of innovative look there I am so sorry why is she setting I’m so so. Sorry you have to see this okay. I gave you 4 stars [I] liked it, and we got [kate] a with a rainbow fidget [Spit-up] [Mm] Give that they give that spin out of spin. Come on. Take a I want to see some spinning going on No, no spins no well. I mean she kind of spend it all. There’s this spins There’s this spins whoo ladies and gentlemen wow my goodness me and then that is that oh, she just disappeared it there okay, and it’s apparent her pen was going on there, but there’s also red and Nobody nobody who copied each other got in the top three. They were probably just like What you guys got it? [so] it’s something [we’ve] learned today. Okay. There you go I got eight and then bingo got zero cuz everyone thought [she] was the one copying everyone no bingo, so sorry oh No well Anyways ladies and gentlemen I guess the lesson we have learned today is Don’t be a terrible person [and] copy people and fashion Frenzy. I’m so sorry. I got it. I [got] to tell her bingo. [I] am so sorry I forgive you but oh Man bingo bingo, you’re going to get real far in life Okay, because you are staying positive And you just have the best outlook on everything so thank you for that bingo. Thank you for that Anyways, though ladies and gentlemen on that note I would like to thank you all for [joining] me on [another] Roblox Adventure if you enjoyed Please do remember leave it a like maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already but other than that I will [see] you guys in the next one AND BINGO WAS HIS NAMO

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