Cooking with Griswalda: Deep Dish Karaoke – GEICO Insurance

♫ What’s that smell comin’ from the kitchen?
One thing’s for certain, it sure ain’t chicken ♫ ♫ What goes in the cauldron? Nobody can guess it. So best to look if you choose to ingest it ♫ ♫ Because if it looks like a lizard, but
tastes like sloppy joe ♫ ♫ Then you’re watching Griswalda’s Cooking Show ♫ Now, if you’re anything like me you get
invited out to karaoke with the homegirls from time to time You act bashful… You just don’t have the right spell for a set of killer pipes Just drop in hatchet fish eggs, we have some angel sneeze, and a USB thumbnail drive Inhale deeply ♫ And then, baby you wanna call me your lover ♫ Made possible by the folks at GEICO

6 thoughts on “Cooking with Griswalda: Deep Dish Karaoke – GEICO Insurance

  1. Tried the recipes and my house turned into a 2001 Lincoln town car I mean I’m not complaining just surprised . Got a new whip tho 😏

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