Comic-Con 2019: Supergirl Cast Teases Upcoming Arrowverse Crossover (Exclusive)

hey everyone I'm Liana Galera et is coming to you live from Comic Con with the cast of Supergirl always such a pleasure to welcome you guys into our comic-con suite how's your con going so far season one talk to me about the evolution well I never had I know Stephen and grants have had iterations of they're like new iterations every year and I was always like good and the skirt was so iconic and so symbolic and and like very synonymous with the comic book version but I just you know then we moved to Vancouver and it was cold and it feels right it feels like the good like the right evolution and the right time to do it I haven't seen it like it's cool we're going into season 5 which is a big season because you guys are getting your hundredth episode this year how are you feeling about that and usually with 100 episodes they like to do big events bring back some familiar faces is that something that could be happening with you guys what you did 96 Jesse's like actually I have everything yeah Katie's we finally had Lena discover the truth about Supergirl but in an interesting twist she did not walk into that party and be like you he's never gonna give you what you think you know she's gonna hold her her cards close to her chest and she's gonna keep the power so I think that's what she I think she realizes that she hasn't had any control of it and now she's taking back the control and the bull is in her court do you think it is gonna shake up their friendship though because fans love your dynamic together so much yeah well obviously things have to change yes but it's it's the season is going to be how that changes yeah so you have to tune in to watch how our relationship is going to develop and mold and and whether it is a rocky road good bowl of rocky road ice cream scoop a little bit cuz you know Alex and Kelly are all kinds of cute she's going for their relationship next year um you know we started off with kind of like that slow burn but it was very intentional like the conversations that we have with Jessica and Robert and writers and just being able to create something that started a little more grounded and a little bit more you know I think rooted in a friendship and kind of being able to take it amidst all this chaos they had someone that they could lean on you know especially when there was so much going on with their own siblings so it was kind of like there's there's a great connection in that sense in and of itself but then seeing the evolution of it into next season and what that looks like it's gonna be pretty awesome and and and fine and we're taking our time to make it respectful and classy and graceful I love that I'm still a little bit a little bit sexy no-kill yeah okay seeing these two girls of course it's gonna be and what about Brainiac and dreamer it was really nice to see their sparks flying we got a the l-bomb in the finale yeah I'm sorry they are my fav my fingers hope you are yeah what can you guys tease about what's coming up next okay well basically in the aftermath of everything that happened at the Lex Luthor camp Brainiac 5 is going to struggle with being vulnerable with someone that he loves and he's worried about getting too close to someone because he saw that when he was a hundred percent himself he ended up hurting her and so it'll be fun these next these first few episodes to see how their relationship kind of deals with that and how they learned to be close with one another one of the things I'm excited to see is James is gonna have an eyepatch the entire season there will be no no cure now that was actually based on a real live injury so like that was just for an episode thank you I always felt like a pirate inside you how are you feeling right now and and what can you choose about what you're hoping to see from James's evolution of this next season well I have to say it's a very gracious exit and it's it's true to his worldview and I really appreciate our writers for yeah it's full it's full of integrity it's full of it's a good decision for him and honestly just personally just it's it's a lot harder than I thought it would be Excel up these guys so much and it's gonna be tough anything for John this season you know I'm just looking all these ships going on here you know John needs to get his green on at some point [Laughter] tinder yeah I have to say congratulations to miss Melissa directing your yeah it's so amazing I know you went through the Warner Brothers directors workshop what can you tell us about your prep work for the episode how you doing yeah I did I did the orientation course and I shadowed do you know whether you directed me the other week it was fun I did I've done one scene Jesse Warren are producing director let me kind of pop in and do one do great and it was David and a little girl and it was special effects it was kind of the whole gambit of every show you see but it's cool to see how everything's brought to life and show us um but I just hope I just hope you know just just by you know observing I mean you know that she you know she picks up she just picks things up and I'm sure that she's not really any not really any kind of input from me she's she's got it already I've even benefit those that you know knowing the characters so well and knowing who they are and like their heart behind it I think we couldn't have a better person to you know to have that besides with David last season it was so we're just such a being you know like here from the get-go kind of being able to watch you know him be able to look at it and know exactly what to say and how to say it or not even have to really say anything at all you know and it'll be the same thing for a mal I'm really excited and proud normally David just said do it better do it better and I do hope you get to direct a danver sister scene cuz I'm sure it'll I said yeah yeah that we make a special uh lastly guys I know you cannot say anything about the crossover but what have they said you can say something okay we can say some things y'all know Tyler brennon brows are gonna be whoa yes super Superman to Superman we know I know I'll be kind of pound around with Ruby Rose and that woman is super she'll be great okay and I know this even just dropped to the bomb for us that he's playing multiple characters anybody else playing multiple characters actually I don't know well I adore you all so much thank you so much for taking time out of your baby I got you a story guys

48 thoughts on “Comic-Con 2019: Supergirl Cast Teases Upcoming Arrowverse Crossover (Exclusive)

  1. I am a big fan of the show Merlin that ended in 2012. I really liked everything about Katie’s role in Merlin playing Morgana. I also enjoyed manny other movies/shows on Netflix that she has been in!

  2. I’m here to watch Katie McGrath because she is a terrific actor but the show Supper Girl is in my opinion just ok. I don’t think it’s anything that great as much as I try to really like it.The truth is I’m only watching because Katie McGrath is in it🤔

  3. Welp…there is some tea at the bottom of these comments ☕️💀💀… anyways I love this fricken cast, and kinda sad that James is leaving, although his characters background was not fully interesting/ all over the place (kinda like this comment). Side note, but the other comments kinda made me doubt supercorp completely bc it made me realize that they have never really showed any interest of girls in the past and that it would be very unlikely for them to have 3 lead roles to be bi/lesbian…. not to mention, there is too much controversy behind it so it would ultimately mess up there ratings and send the show crashing… sooo ya just had to state this invalid point and y’all can totally act like this makes since…… sorry to all the supercorp shippers out there if this put a damper on things and respect to all of y’all but I mean ……come on it’s probably never gonna happen. And mike drop to this Unnecessary comment that made no sense❤️❤️

  4. I loved it when mehcad says "There is no Nick Fury." Just wish they would do a marvel vs dc crossover one day🙂

  5. How is NO ONE talking about 2:42 !? "how our relationship develops and whether it… it…"
    From what I've seen in interviews so far, in all of them they mention that their relationship changes/becomes a completely new one.
    I think in this case we can autocomplete it in 2 ways:
    1.- whether it survives (which I think is the "real" one)
    2.- whether it changes into something else (read "more")

    Meaning, interpret this as you wish and imagine that maybe supercorp will finally be canon (although I seriously doubt it tbh)

    But, who are we kidding, deep down we all have at leeeeast a little bit of hope that they will get together xD

  6. Melissa plays kara so well because she is so much like kara..she cannot think of any other example other than "rocky roll ice cream"😁..and she even starts fidgeting with her 2:03

  7. Last season was the best, I think they find the best cast/characters and stories to write for them that balance well with each others

  8. That's Awesome, I didn't know Melissa will be directing. Can't wait, especially for the 100th episode 🙂

  9. I love every interview with this host she's so good and she mixed up cast like she's one of them and Supergirl's cast is just amazing..

  10. Melissa and Chyler always have the sister vibes..onset or offset..there are those little things you will see if you observe closely..they are family..

  11. I love them I love them
    I fucking love them
    This cast is just so amazing, genuine & so supportive of each other its heartwarming 😩♥️
    I miss odett, flo , chris & jermey tho♥️

  12. Some of them wasn't suppose to be here bcz they will just sit there and the main characters will answer everything
    Who agrees?

  13. Now I know why these cw shows suck all the time cause they let there own actors direct there own episodes all the time. Haha dumb. Directors and actors are completely completely diff. Idc what anyone says

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