Comic-Con 2019: Marvel Panel Highlights

help me welcome to the stage president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige everybody hello Hall H now I could spend 90 minutes talking about what we've done or I could spend some time talking about what we're about to do phase four of the MCU and we're going to take you through all the projects were working on from 2020 to 2021 the Eternals something entirely new entirely different for the MCU a group of immortals who've been on earth for thirty five thousand years they've been there amongst the MCU we haven't met them before this film is full Jack Kirby and I want you guys to say a big hello to our director director of Eternals Chloe Zhou do you guys have any interest in meeting some of the Eternals alright ladies and gentlemen as Icarus Richard Madden Pingo Kumail Nanjiani as Macari Lauren gridlock as fast Oh Brian Tyree Henry I'm going to bring out the leader of the Eternals playing a jack Salma Hayek let me introduce playing sprite Lea McHugh and his big bad Gilgamesh Don Lee and finally unbelievably playing FINA Angelina Jolie [Applause] everybody's big round of applause [Applause] the Falcon and the Winter Soldier coming to Disney's new streaming platform Disney Plus this Disney Plus let me tell you something is giving Marvel Studios an opportunity to tell so many more stories that we haven't been able to tell before most specifically what's going on with the Falcon Winter Soldier post endgame ladies and gentlemen Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan [Applause] you take it you take hold thank you that's enough let me let me get it back no we all right sorry yeah be careful Jiang Shi and the legend of the ten rings the director of shang-chi destin cretton hi everybody it is a huge honor for me to introduce you to the incredible scene lu lu one division another mega event series we're doing on Disney Plus how about you meet one to Maximoff Lizzy Olson and the vision Paul Bettany [Applause] Hey meet your new Monica Rambeau Tiana Paris [Applause] Loki is coming to Disney Plus the question I got asked more than any other question after endgame was where did Loki go what happened to Loki this series will tell you what happened to Loki right after that he goes through a number of places I don't want to spoil them but I will spoil the first place he went he came to Hall H ladies and gentlemen Tom Hiddleston [Applause] dr. strange in the multiverse of madness say hi to the director Scott Derrickson [Applause] you know it takes me back dr. strange what the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch plays him yes absolutely ladies and gentlemen Benedict Cumberbatch [Applause] hello I heard you had a little bit of planes trains and automobiles situation getting here to Hall H all during your birthday not just at this because Hall age is so important I feel bad but my birthday yesterday and they very I think you all know where I'm gonna go with this yeah because it's not licensed we won't be sued to you [Applause] [Applause] when you have a strong sorcerer it also helps when you have a strong witch and the Scarlet Witch is appearing in this movie alongside er let's bring Lizzy Olsen back out the very very first animated series ever from Marvel Studios we've been working on these movies for 10 plus years they're always ideas we have always other things we want to try and with this all of those set in stone MCU scenes and experiences you've seen before you will see different versions of in this something incredibly exciting about it is that a huge majority of the actors from our movies are reprising their roles in very different forms in this animated series and you may have heard an awesome voice narrate that piece that awesome voice is the watcher played in this series by the amazing Jeffrey Wright [Applause] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen Hawkeye himself jeremy renner [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] jeremy renner Kevin Feige The Wizard of Oz a man behind the curtain makes it all happen right Hawkeye the event series coming to Disney Plus ladies and gentlemen Taika Waititi give it up for Chris Hemsworth and Chester Thompson [Applause] those of you know that storyline it's incredible it's full of emotion and love and thunder and it introduces for the first time female Thor so for us there's only one person who could play that role only one and she's here and then should you say to you now please welcome the stage Natalie Portman [Applause] say hello to the director Kate Shortland and meet the cast is Alexi David Harbor as you Lena Bulova Florence Pugh playing Mason ot feck Bentley as Molina Academy award-winner Rachel vice [Applause] and of course the Black Widow herself Scarlett Johansson I'm digging those hats well thank you get this old thing that little thing I don't suppose you might have brought seven thousand extras of course we did here they come all right as soon as you get one please make sure and put it on because we are going to take a group photo together should we bring back out everybody solutely you should bring back out everybody we have everybody all right okay I think okay I think we have everybody on stage so if you guys want to turn around to face the photographer are we good already one two three everybody chair [Applause] but I want to leave you today with one more thing that I don't think has been rumoured about ladies and gentlemen two-time Academy Award winner Maher Sheila Ali [Applause] [Applause] I'm not it it looks like it looks like you brought your own hat rehearsal oh you did what is that [Applause] Thank You Hall H we'll see you next time love you thank you thank you you

44 thoughts on “Comic-Con 2019: Marvel Panel Highlights

  1. Everyone is saying Captain Marvel will be the queen of Asgard but we all know the only reason they are introducing female thor is for her to taker her place on the thrown

  2. De los que vi Angelina la mas aclamada….ademas es una heroina para muchas personas con su labor humanitaria..

  3. Race and gender… Just replace it with female character.. That's what it is.. Hollywood "just woke"… No more a marvel fan.. Thumbs down👎.. I will save my money 😂😂

  4. This is an awesome video. I was at comic-con last weekend also and did a video finding out how people put their outfits together and how women feel about cosplay consent.Thank you for the insight. This is cool especially for the people who didnt get to go inside. Great job! Looking forward to the Eternals. You have my support!

  5. Marvel will always be one of favorites super hero base of all times. All the comics and movies and tv shows can't not be top with it.

  6. I thought Scarlett Johansson was cancelled with her self entitled comments that she can play all the roles a man trans Asian ect. For a second time before the con kicked off..and Natalie I thought she was finished and I get that her role wasn't fully fleshed out and she can act. But it didn't seem any of the females were fleshed out till the last few movies.

  7. Salma Hayek FINALLY does a Marvel film as the leader of the Eternals. Angelina doesn't come close to what Hayek can do.

    Mixed feelings on Ali being casted as the new Blade. He's a good actor, but sure hope Marvel leaves a spot open for Wesley Snipes to cameo!

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