33 thoughts on “Classic Australian Television Adverts: Food (Part-1)

  1. 4:50 I mean who the cluck reads a book and eats chips whilst ON A DATE?
    Oh… right. He's gay isn't he. And they're related.

  2. God damn I need a caramello koala….wait, I'm an adult now. I'm buying boxes of those delicious little fuckers

  3. Now the left wing fuckheads would call the Red Rooster ad racist and the PK gum ad sexist. Fuck I miss the old days

  4. Look at the msg laden KFC chicken skin. Yuuuuuum ! Not like the crap that 14 year olds slop up nowadays. I miss the 80s !

  5. "Curried egg… but what about your breath?"
    "Shut up bitch your on heroin and dating a Nazi!"

    Lol who even chews pk these days besides my nan

  6. I’m American and the way they said prices made me cringe. 2$ 95 good gosh. We would just pronounce it as 2.95

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