100 thoughts on “Christiane Amanpour: Does Trump Play The Media?

  1. The answer is yes, it is easy for him to do so because the media is comprised of access journalists, this has meant that they forgot to question power and now they are desperately trying to learn journalism instead of reportage, it will take them 3 more years to get their shit together.

  2. The media shouldn’t be pretending Trump started the feud between them. They know how deceitful they deliberately are.

  3. Steve Bannon wanted a culture war, and last week Bannon and Trump were winning that war . A Week Of American Hate: Bombs Mailed, Black People Executed in a Grocery Store, Jews Slaughtered in a Synagogue . This and Donald Trump is the Rep party's Legacy — Forever.

  4. It's a shame that Mr Colbert doesn't make his show more on the global "situation".
    What is happening in america (USA, Brasil, Mexico, ..) is , actualy, global: Brexit, Austria, Poland, Italy,… . And Bannon in the middle.
    Planet Earth doesn't look good.

  5. it's not that hard… let's be practical…. the thing americans have to do is vote this time for the really best option, someone like Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile…. don't take that seriously what Trump says. Understanding that the man is NOT well. Somethings are so off with his psychology, and he's just proyecting that with all he says. He really needs a good therapy and treatment. In 2020, people CAN have their dear country back. JUST BE SMART AMERICA. Stay foucus and REALLY informed… don't get lazy!

  6. If you haven't noticed, every day, the media, not just FOX, goes down Trump's rabbit hole, giving him constant coverage. Just as before the election, he doesn't need to spend money on ads (he's in constant campaign mode), they cover every nasty rally and obnoxious statement he makes like what he says is intelligent and normal. And they already know the answer to every question they ask him. EVERY DAY, ALL DAY.
    Thank god Christiane is on PBS for some policy coverage.

  7. To ask a Roman Catholic on whether he knows about demons is like asking a car mechanic on whether he knows about car wheels. Seriously, demons are like part of the lore.

    As for the issue of press and politics, the issue goes way beyond Mr Trump, however his broad claims arguably surely create a problem in terms of many not anymore believing politicians nor press, and that in an environment where private lobbies seem to have the most influence and academical truths are apparently pushed out by marketing campaigns to sell "for free" easy opinions, such as making it sound as if car and oil CEOs sit all day in exhaust-fumed rooms being very healthy. The thing namely is that even free press in a presidential system as in the U.S. doesn't really have a role of 4th estate about quite a number of issues – meaning that e.g. about the topic on whether teen abuse victims should (not) be allowed to have abortion, or according to some even contraception, about that after all decides pretty much a handful of persons, and that perhaps based on indoctrinated views instead of making a proper argument about when "tissue" becomes a person, respectively about "when does the soul enter".

    Talking about which, that is what I would ask Mr Colbert, what his stance about abortion is, as an apparently catholic-Democrat or liberal-Catholic – whether he puts one above the other, or whether he takes a stance such as swallowing an abortion in family hardly as a Catholic, but publicly not considering it his affair, nor that of the Pope or President, to be deciding for others?

  8. This distinguished reporter, she was there during the first Iraq war, is what Trump brands as The Enemy of the People. Let that sink in. Then go vote. 4 days 18 hours.

  9. It's all propaganda , notice the trend the government swings left and right all through history and blames each side for prior mistakes what lamb excuse . It doesn't matter who's in power all i hear is excuses as to why every country in the world is failing . . . Do you see a pattern . Now we use day time and late night shows to push the agenda . A political religious gender race war dividing the citizens in every nation . Colbert's looking and acting more and more like Caesar Flickerman of the Hunger Games . Alt L/R brainwashed propaganda zombies make up less than 1% of the population . 😉

  10. I love how she was "testing" Colbert's knowledge and then learned herself that there are "incubus" and "succubus"… 😂😂😂

  11. YES !!!! RABBIT HOLE!!! That's what I've been saying ! The media, especially real news, needs to resist being led, by the nose, down every insane Trump Rabbit Hole. Love Love Love Christiane. Genuine, respected, real, sincere, educated, informed, intelligent.

  12. Classic Colbert: she really did catch him offguard… but he's so wellread [vs wellRED] that he was able to turn it around. That said, I love Ms A, even tho I can't pronounce her name.

  13. By fomenting hatred against the media (e.g. CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post etc), someone could get hurt as we have seen in other areas where Trump has manufactured hated enemies. Someone is going to get hurt — and it is up to high-level members of the Republican Party to tell the President to shut the f. u. and start behaving like a mature adult.

  14. Amanpour: we cannot give up and we cannot go down any rabbithole.
    – what should media do then? Stay as it was? Status quo?

  15. Hi Stephen. Please invite Andrew Yang who I found provides an interesting and smart view on US direction and policies. And he wrote a book too. I just want you ta ask him the hard questions. Please. Thank you

  16. I think CNN is safe from falling into Trump's rabbit holes since they are probably very minute, considering how all his other organs and orifices are quite small such as his hands, brain and penis too (according o Stormy Daniels) mushrooms have never been this traumatizing

  17. Does amanpour have the Authority to dictate, what The POTUS and other individuals who embrace their natural born heritage call themselves ? Is calling yourself a Nationalist a Violation of Anerican's civil rights ? . . .

  18. "Succubus for men and incubus for women."

    That's a terribly narrow point of view*

    *post may contain sarcasm and traces of nuts

  19. Christiane nailed it for me and I don't know if even she realizes what she brought up. Reporters, news people, supposed to be neutral. Any amount of neutrality, fairness, nonjudgementalism, must begin with a solid foundation of who one is and what one stands for. What is the reason to exist. Western culture is getting more and more shallow. Without knowing myself, at least marginally, I can't help but get sucked in to other peoples' dramas. Our collective culture leaves us emotionally drained 24/7 and we are still expecting to make good choices? Impossible. No depth, no wisdom. Don't believe it? Let's keep doing what we are and see what happens.

  20. Trump is not "populist". He's only nationalist. Populist means you're for the people and your policies are popular… like 60% approval rating.

  21. Yay to nationalism, but only when it comes to self-determination of a people, however diversely comprised. …….what? "not get pulled into someone else's game". Seems these wonderfolks have never heard the old adage: doesn't matter if press is good or bad as long as they spell your name right. The so called left liberal media is corporate and giving what's his face all this all-the-time press, as bad as it is, plays out as good for Trump. Ugh, let's see now……

  22. Vote Red. Wondering how this joker can make a living without trashy things about Trump to babble on and on every single day ?Pathetic !!!

  23. But there’s no nobility on attacking and ruining Justice Kavanaugh’s reputation without first validating his accuser’s statement if it is true and sound.

  24. xenophobia blah blah blah, wrong answer. Steven banon… getting warmer. Correct answer: the consensus surrounding global warming in progressive globalist ideology is a threat to transnational oil companies and the wannabe strongmen (trump, putin et al) who above all else desire power.

  25. The rise of what she terms "xenophobia" is merely the rise of awareness that the xenos will erode the culture of the nations they move on.
    "Cultural enrichment" is just newspeak gobbledygook for less of your culture, more of ours.

  26. Call this wave of 'nationalism' what it is: the result of The Project for the New American Century PNAC — we are living the consequences of rampant war in foreign lands. Which was done for corporate profit. PNAC!

  27. I'll take Christiane Amanpour and freedom of the press over that cynical bloviator jon stewart anyday!!!

    Christiane was being waaaaay too kind in her response to that journalist basher jon stewart. After the recent horrific torture, murder and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, we need to be SUPPORTING freedom of the press NOT bashing it like jon stewart and fascist trump are doing.

  28. Dear Ms. Amanpour,
    Can you help redefine the purpose of the press in regard to this kind of onslaught? You mention history, so how can the press (us) position ourselves to dodge this ball??

  29. Brexit in England? I think you mean Brexit in the UK, remember the United Kingdom is comprised of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. One little passing comment can untangle your credibility in an instant. You are no guru.

  30. I just cannot say enough about your ability to take fear and worry and wake us up to the reality that this type of behavior will not last long. That the people are now awake, fully. That Tuesday we will see just how fed up America truly is. Thank you. I am sitting on pins and needles as a legal resident alien of this great nation I pay taxes but cannot vote. This will change soon but not in time for November. I am not alone. Please vote for those of us that cannot. I love your country, I love the freedoms I experienced that I haven't anywhere else and I've traveled the world. I love the right you have to freedom of speech, I love your constitution and its true and beautiful meaning. Rome thought it was invincible also when power and greed took over, they found out they weren't. I pray for sanity to be restored.

  31. Just how dumb are CNN anchors? First we had Anderson Cooper who is so poorly educated he doesn't know the size of Holland (Amira in Holland's got Talent). Now we have Amanpour who doesn't seem to know that England is not the UK. It is just a part of it. It was the United Kingdom that voted for Brexit, NOT England. Regrettably, I am beginning to think that Trump may be right about CNN.

  32. But this woman did advocate the War against iraq, they love organising and executing wars and love to say it is a legal because the VN did vote to start the war. LOL what a world we live in. But i like a more organised whitehous and organised CNN then this Trump information chaos

  33. Absolutely, hands-down, my favorite journalist. Please keep up the great work, Ms. Amanpour! We need you now more than ever.

  34. Christiane is one of a very few media journalists worthy of the name. From the get-go, her reporting from the field, her interviews, and her participation in discussions made her a stand-out. She was dignified, measured, direct, and persistent without resorting to "tabloid tactics". She deserves all the accolades she has received and I hope she continues for many years to come.

  35. We've been riding the populist-nationalist wave since 2010 in Hungary. Catch up losers! We've already had our previous constitution thrown out, courts diminished, 500 newspapers, news sites and tv channels bought by government cronies to blast propaganda 24/7, the opposition party castrated so that he conservative-nationalist-christian new elite could win without a hitch every time, we had our school curriculum re-written along with the textbooks, we've been fighting against the globalists for 7 years now and we were first to jump on the immigrant race-hate train. And our PM has been BFFs with Putin since 2009, so you're lagging way behind.

  36. Jon is so spot on about Acosta being a narcissist. Perhaps Kashoggi was also a narcissist. Why all the stories have to be about him and his dismembering? Can we not stay on the story and discuss real policies instead? Americans are so naive in taking for granted their democracy and free speech. I bet they would be discussing 1st amendment with their petty panels until someone sent a bomb to their studio. Oh wait.. that happened.

  37. CORPORATIONS BECAME the worst kind of capitalistc MOBS…they have to be CONTROL BY NO CORRUPT POLITICIANs!!!and another problem is in Europe!!! i am liberal..i hate FASCITS..but!!! WE DO NOT WANT PRIMITIVE ISLAM AMONG US!!! why they do not go to RUSSIA OR CHINA…

  38. It has begun. The people will be ruled by the 1% and they will blindly follow like zombies. Jair Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, Naredra Modi, Matteo Salvini, Trump, and soon the horrible German Nazi back into power. As human beings, we have reached our potential. It's downhill from now on. There is a storm coming. Get ready….

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