Christian Siriano’s Biggest Fashion Pet Peeve Is Athleisurewear

(tense music) – It wouldn’t be the holidays
without holiday parties and nothing makes a woman
feel more attractive and festive than making an
entrance in that perfect dress. – I’m happy for this. – Hallelujah. – All right designers, look around. (woman gasping) Because everything you need to make your dress, is right here. (group gasping)
– Oh Jesus! – Welcome to the Unconventional
Materials Challenge. (contestants groaning) (audience cheering) – Welcome fashion designer
Christian Siriano, y’all. (audience cheering)
(energetic music) – You are great! – Have a seat. – Thank you. – So, have y’all met before? – Yeah.
– We have. – I’ve dressed Joanne a couple times. – You know. – Y’all are all dancers too,
I found this out about you (laughing) – No I am not. Not like them I don’t swing around. But I was,
– Is it ballet? – [Kelly] You studied ballet, right? – Yeah, yeah yeah, me and my sister, my sister went to Kirov, she was a real dancer, I was a fake dancer but I pretend. – [Kelly] I think all dancers are dancers. – I like tool and tights. – Tool and–
(laughing) I love you! All right, your phone. I know because I talk to
my stylists all the time. Because you’ve dressed me several times, so I know that your phone
blows up at every award season. Do you ever have to say no because of time or any reason? – Yeah, yeah, it’s time, that’s all it is. It’s those moments where it’s the night before and they’re like, “I need a custom dress for this tomorrow.” (light laughing) – And you were like, “I
left my wand at Hogwarts”? (laughing)
– And I’m like, okay. I mean very now then I’ll do it, I will. I think we did a dress
for Ariana in four hours. – Wow
– And it was amazing I’m sure– – You know what though,
to dress that body. Yes!
– Yes. You know like–
– She is so beautiful. – Yeah yeah, so it just depends, you know. – Wow all right. You’re always so busy and I’m always seeing everybody
on the carpet and I’m like, “Oh, I’m in Siriano.”
they’re like, “Me too!”. And I’m like, “Okay!” I feel, you make me feel cool
because I am never that girl. – Outside of that situation–
– You always look good – because of you and my stylist, yes. (crowd cheering) – [Kelly] Oh my God, look!
Yes! One sleeve dress. That’s my Meryl dress. – [Christian] Your Meryl dress? – [Kelly] You made the dress for me that I met Meryl Streep in. (crowd cheering) I mean– – And I like this because
this is a little different, it’s still your kind of
cool, edgy rock moment but a little more glamorous
for the Golden Globes. – It was my first ever to
go to anything like that, everybody always thinks like– but I go to music things,
so I was so out of place. (laughing)
– It was amazing. You looked so good that night, Meryl?! – I felt like Julia Roberts in the really expensive clothing store. When she, you know pre–
(laughing) But what’s the most outrageous design because I know that you’re
such a creative person. So you love to get like crazy with stuff, so like what’s your
favorite thing you’ve done? – I mean probably the piece
I did for Billy Porter was our favorite like standout. (crowd cheering) – [Kelly] That is so cool.I loved it. – So Good.
– I think it was, it just was a really special moment. You know, it was the Oscars. It was the first kind of
man to ever wear a dress, and I think, we didn’t really
know that was such a big deal. But it really changed people’s perception, you know, like little kids were like, “Oh I feel like I can wear what
I wanna wear at school now.” because of what Billy wore and I think fashion is visual, it makes us emotional. – And I think it’s beautiful,
he looked beautiful. And it was cool and it
was very rock ‘n roll, I loved it.
– Exactly. He had a good moment and
he said, he was like, “I just wanna be me on this carpet” and that was him.
– I love it. (all cheering) So what are your fashion pet-peeves. – Ooh, okay, don’t judge me guys, – Uh-oh, I feel like I’m — – [Kelly] Oh, I feel like
I’m about to be this person. – Okay, listen, no, the
“ath-leisure” thing. I get it, it’s a big business, listen I’m into it, guys– You look fabulous,
(laughing) Okay but listen, I just don’t think it’s to
wear everyday in your life, always, everywhere you go. – Really?
– No it’s not. – It’s not?
– It’s for the gym. It’s to look chic at the gym, even if you’re not working out– – It’s for to pretend you went to the gym. (laughing)
– Exactly! Exactly! Exactly, fine. Fine, but it is not to wear to the office. It is not to wear to the
holiday party, it just isn’t. – Oh my God, I full on wore
overalls today to work. (laughing) – Of course you did.
– That’s not a joke. (laughing) – Fine.
– It is comfortable. Anyway, do y’all have any
pet-peeves for like fashion stuff, or like any dancing things– – I don’t know if its a pet-peeve, but I have just now
become very self-conscious about how much offensive
ankle I’m showing right now. – You know what though, you have a sexy ankle. You have a very sexy ankle, show it off. – I feel like I need to put
some lotion on or something. – [Kelly] Some lotion in the basket. Well tell us about your new line, what inspired your new line Christian. – Yeah we’re so excited, we just launched a collection for J. Jill and I think that that was
really inspired, you know. I grew up in this household
with my mom and my sister. My mom was a little bit curvy, my sister was a ballet dancer, but they liked the same
things, so I was like, “Oh I need to have
something for that woman or all those different types of women.” (crowd aweing)
Oh my God, wow. (laughing) Who sent you that photo? This is not allowed. – He said, “Okay, wow.”.
– You’re so cute, wow. – You’re adorbale!
– I really am cute. Okay. But you know so I really, I grew up in this
household and I was like, okay, well right now where can my mom and my sister get clothes of mine, under a hundred dollars. We really wanted that was very important and I think for every kind of woman out there, to find something,
especially for the holidays. (cheering)
– [Kelly] Especially, yeah. Well what can we expect from the new season of
Bravo’s Project Runway. What can we expect. – It’s gonna be exciting, I mean it’s– That clip was good because
they were kind of Zen. But let me tell you, it’s a sassy group of designers, – [Kelly] I love it.
– Yes. – Lot of opinions, oh God.
– Well, all creative people. – Yes very true but
really, really talented. I will say that the
talent is amazing, it’s– – It blows my mind, what
people come up with that quick, I’m like, “For a billion dollars could I that.”. – Me too, and I’ve been on the show. I’m like, “Wow, you
made this in 18 hours?” I’m like, “Wow!”
– No I know you, You’ve done that for me, so you’re lying. – I know, I know.
– Yeah, you’re lying. – (laughing) I know but I have a team, they’re one person. So its amazing! – I know it is. It’s incredible. That shows incredible. I love that the designers are
a blend of talents of people from all ages, all backgrounds
all levels of experience. You know what else blends Christian? – What? – Our next holiday surprise,
come on out here elf! (crowd cheering)
(Christmas music) – [Kelly] All right y’all! All right so this– This is the BlendJet which
is social media sensation. And one of the hottest gifts this year. This portable USB rechargeable blender is perfect for making smoothies, or meal-replacement shakes
at work or on the go. And everyone in our studio audience is going home with a pair! (audience cheering)

18 thoughts on “Christian Siriano’s Biggest Fashion Pet Peeve Is Athleisurewear

  1. These type of people annoys me. The over reaction of gay people really annoys me. I mean if ur gay u like men. I get it but damn. Yal too extra.

  2. The reason why Kelly’s show is going to be a success is because it’s like talking to your best friend . She’s relatable to the late 20s 30 something generation. Love her!

  3. I just subscribed to this channel. My parents watch the show all the time and now I’m hooked. I think Kelly would like some of my videos, especially my Christmas video. I would LOVE to make it on her show one day.

  4. He had a line of shoes and handbags at Payless and they were as cheaply made as they were hideous.

    Designer, huh? Hard pass.

  5. They're asian and they look like filipinos so i have to introduce myself as overly proud filipino and let me comment "proud filipino here"

  6. It’s too bad that guys don’t know the comfort of a cotton summer dress. Everyone should know the breeze on a summer day swirling inside the dress. The only place it holds you is the shoulder. It’s as minimalist a pleasure as that.

  7. Christian was born for fashion. I loved him on the first day of Project Runway. He does high fashion and also for the masses. ❤

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