Christian Siriano Made A Dress For Ariana Grande In 4 Hours

– So have you all met before? – Yeah. – We have. – Okay. – I’ve dressed Juliana a couple times. – (crosstalk) – You know – Y’all are all dancers too,
I found this out about you. – (laughter) – No I am not like them,
I don’t swing around. – (crosstalk) – Is it ballet, you studied ballet, right? – Yeah, yeah. Me an my sister. My sister went to Kirov,
she was a real dancer. I was a fake dancer but I pretend. (laughter) – I think all dancers are dancers. – I like tulle and tight. – Tulle and tight. (laughter) I love you. All right your phone, I know,
’cause I talk to my stylist all the time ’cause you
dressed me several times so. I know that your phone blows
up at every award season. Do you ever have to say no
’cause of time or any reason? – Yeah it’s time, that’s all it is. Those moments where it’s
like the night before and they’re like, “I need a
custom dress for this tomorrow. – And you were like, “I
left my wand at Hogwarts. – And I’m like, okay. And every now and then I’ll do it. I will. I think we did a dress
for Ariana in four hours. – Wow. – And it was amazing and short. – You know what though,
to dress that body, yes. – Yeah, you know like… – She is so beautiful. – Yeah, yeah. – Wow. – So it just depends. – Wow, alright. You’re just so busy, and
I’m always seeing everybody on the carpet and I’m
like, “Oh, I’m in Ceriona. They’re like, “Me too. I’m like, :”Okay. You make me feel cool
’cause I’m never that girl. – You always look good. – Outside of that situation,
because of you and my stylist. (applause) – Oh my God, what up, yeah. (crosstalk) – That’s my Meryl dress. – Yes your Meryl dress. – You made the dress for me
that I met Meryl Streep in. – Yeah. (crosstalk) And I like this because
this is a little different, it still you’re kinda
cool edgy rock moment. But a little more glamorous,
it’s for the Golden Globe. – It was my first time ever
to go to anything like that. Everyone always thinks
I go to music things. – Yeah. So I was so out of place. – It was amazing. You looked so good that night. Meryl. – I felt like Julia
Roberts in the like really expensive clothing store. (laughter) When she pre…

15 thoughts on “Christian Siriano Made A Dress For Ariana Grande In 4 Hours

  1. THANK YOU FOR HAVING CHRISTIAN ON YOUR SHOW!!!! He is so talented and everyone needs to know. Of course he can make amazing dresses in a short amount of time remember Project Runway. Love you Christian ❤️

  2. Whoever makes these clips really sucks. They keep cutting people off and then uploading the longer versions which gets annoying because of how redundant it is. Y’all need to do better

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