China expected to announce retaliatory tariffs on the US

let's talk about those us-china trade talks and president Trump showing no signs of backing down after talks with China broke off Friday with no agreement yesterday afternoon he tweeted the following he said we were right where we want to be with China remember they broke the deal with us and tried to renegotiate we will be taking in tens of billions of dollars in tariffs from China buyers of product can make it themselves in the USA ideal he writes in parentheses or buy it from non tariff countries we will then spend in parentheses match or better the money that China may no longer be spending with our great patriot farmers agriculture which is a small percentage of total tariffs received and distribute the food to starving people in nations around the world exclamation point meanwhile White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow acknowledging over the weekend the US will be paying for tariffs on China here's what he had to say on Fox News Sunday a fair enough in fact both sides will pay both sides will pay and these things and of course it's a tariff on goods coming into the country the Chinese aren't paying no but the Chinese will suffer GDP losses and so forth with respect to a diminishing export market and goods that they may need for their own I understand but the president says China doesn't that China it pays the tariffs they may suffer consequences but it's US businesses and US consumers who pay correct yes to some extent yeah I don't disagree with that again both sides both sides will suffer on this Kudlow said that he expects trade talks with China continue with in the coming weeks and when we get to Eunice Yoon who's in Beijing right now with more on where things stand at this very moment Eunice thanks so much Andrew well China's top negotiator agrees with Kudlow that the talks will continue Vice Premier Luka spoke to the Chinese media immediately after the talks wrapped up in Washington and he said that the discussions did not break down but the two sides did stalemate over a few issues so the Chinese state media has been playing up those issues and from China's perspective that you couldn't agree on the lifting of all additional tariffs the amount of Chinese purchases and on the text of the trade agreement view said that the text needs to be quote balanced and retained dignity for both countries now the talk has been that the US wants to see changes to Chinese law that would incorporate some of the issues such as IP protection that the US wants to see and they want it to go through the legislative process which they think is going to be much more enforceable however Beijing has been arguing that a very high-level State Council to agree would be just as good but US industry has here has said that they have seen those types of decrees before and they didn't lead to a whole lot of action now the expectation is that China is going to be announcing soon retaliatory tariffs but exactly when that's going to happen still up in the air what's been interesting is that China has been slow to move on the retaliatory tariffs and there's been a lot of speculation that part of the reason why is because the Beijing leadership is trying to gauge what kind of impact those tariffs could have on the economy but they have also been explaining in the state press these days as to why they're being so slower or muted to the to the public and they're calling it a tai chi philosophy so in that philosophy it means that you have to maintain a sober mind that you have utmost rationality and that you focus on endurance during the trade war guys endurance in terms of how this whole thing is playing in in the media there is there is there any sense or a lack of support just among the public I know it's sort of hard to gauge given that that people can't speak as freely as they might want to ya know it is really difficult to say exactly what people are saying except privately so there is some questioning about President Xi Jinping's overall strategy because there are some people within the public just you know in conversations that I'll have who are worried that it could make that they at the end of the day China could suffer quite a bit but in terms of the state media response it is a wall to wall comments that China will be able to handle this that China will not succumb to pressure and in fact the foreign ministry reiterated that again saying that China would be able to defend itself and that you know that it wouldn't it wouldn't have to actually have to break in the face of foreign pressure you

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  1. Trump the demagogue continues to prove himself an idiot with his International tariffs, antagonizing Iran to war with drones attacking Iran's republican guard (to create a diversion from impeachment) befriending the tyrant Kim of North Korea (who continues to show-up Trump as a fool launching "ballistic missiles" recently) met his superior Premier Xi of China who is highly intelligent not a coward cowering to Trump's bullying. Trump ostracizes friends partners i.e. NATA and the EU. Pathetic Trump's ingrain evil, sleaziness, insanity, crookedness (mad cow disease) will only keep friendly Nations at bay with caution dealing with a nut, Trump.

  2. Five thousand years ago, we faced floods like the ancient Egyptians;

    Four thousand years ago, we played bronzes like the Babylonians;

    Three thousand years ago, we thought about philosophy like the ancient Greeks;

    Two thousand years ago, we expanded our frontier like the Romans;

    A thousand years ago, we were as rich as the Arabs;

    Now, we confront the challenge from the United States.

    For five thousand years, we have been playing mahjong at the world table as always while other players have been long gone.

  3. let me fill a little blank here, trump might actually seem more credible to the average chinese viewers, and might actually believe what trump says, unlike the west that sees him as a joke.

  4. Trump being grandson of a pimp, is treating US like a brothel and behaving like a lowlife.

    Lying is among his lowlife nature. Don't believe China break a deal even before making the deal!

  5. retaliation is already announced via nation tv in china…telling every chinese citizen to be ready to bear.., not like Trump who tells everyone that china is going to pay the tax..

  6. America can manufacture their products in India .Our government is supporting make in India .Labour laws are relaxed .No tax for locally manufactured product .We have 15% of world's population .A booming middle class with high purchasing power along with cheapest labour .If America manufactures in India product will be reliable along with the most cheapest even China rate will not be able to compete with it .See America is developed if you produce in America you won't be able to sell to others because it will be costly .China already knows it they are betting a lot of money in Indian markets nowadays .90% of Indian startups are funded and controlled by them .90% of mobile in India are sold of Chinese companies .See it will benefit both India and America .America dependence on China will also reduce and America will be able to retain their no 1 position in world .

  7. It is bad for China to retaliate. Because they do, we have to place more tariffs. Chinese tariffs will cause the USA to seek other sources. Reason… It's our nickle. We are the buyer, and can buy where we want. China is over extended financially. Not good. The Chinese people need to return to the farm until their government is replaced. Other wise, they may not eat.

  8. If the US companies are not buying from China, they will be buying from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan and other places. But not in the US so job will not increase. Deficit will be the same but with different countries. Also China products that can not be made elsewhere which the US buys are now 25% more expensive. Does that make sense ? Now China is not buying US made products which makes it worst. So who will be hurting more ?

    Another funny thing is that products that are being bought from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan and other places are from Chinese companies that had relocated there. So you are still buying from the Chinese but in different countries. Wake up and smell the coffee.

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