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if you're thinking of taking the tribe trash country this is the automobile you should be using Walley world here we it's one of the funniest comedies of all time dad got why are we flying because getting there is half the fun you know that and it screams 1980s America vacation she's born without a tongue Clark don't you worry about her she was like a bird needs like horse Oh Artie when they close the road they put a big sign like this one the story of the Griswold family first ones here on their epic cross-country quest to get to Walley world we're closed for two weeks to clean and repair America's favorite family fun park and now a reunion with the original cast thirty years in the making Chevy Chase beverly d'angelo Anthony Michael Hall and Dana Barrett we caught up with the family Griswold at this Entertainment Weekly photo shoot and one thing is immediately clear man down this crew is downright fun Charlie they're gonna my dragon car you can't fool me buddy I know you're taping watching you guys it's like the chemistry never stop it's amazing you guys we're having so much fun of the photo shoot you still are what's it like the form nothing now this now you're starting right now what's also clear is that I'm just along for the ride is this what it was like on set shooting vacation on some level tell me about it I was like hundred friends I don't remember anything you for me it was always laughter and listening and go my goodness did that was said that there's also a family experience for me because we were all in vacation together literally by the way we were driving we really REITs we filmed this literally no cross-code Crito made that trip so nice to play she must have passed away somewhere near Flagstaff you want me to strap her to the hood what's the difference she'll be fine it's not as if it's gonna rain or something much of that comedic family atmosphere they credit to director Harold Ramis who welcomed improvisation on set some of the scenes seemed like there was just there have to be some ad libbing going on like your respectful words send off to enna and the rain when they rode your like say something say something okay bow your heads bare heads Faruk atala yeah Clark honey I'm not an ordained minister I'm doing my best okay I that was fantastic was a written or was that was at all no just Harold saying try that just slap yourself in the face with the bologna sandwich seduction dance how did that come about this different please tell us came about just here please me this isn't something you don't swallow these Dancing's if some musics come out of a car I've got there it is I'm just I'm watching her dance and I started a dance a little like for the dodge arrest on your side you flashed the balloon like that was gonna get her let me show her that what it was the dog went on the picnic basket while chubby chase was the star of vacation a young Anthony Michael Hall 'he's career was about to launch this movie gave my i'll start and everything and I just remembered laughing and having a great great experience the whole summer when I was your age my dad shared a beer with me and I thought it was not the best thing in the world I could tell that wasn't his first beer that he drank in this heat now that wasn't revised I remember that tank because Michael just kept drinking and drinking and everybody just lit up and went have fun and underneath all the comic asides there's an unmistakable feeling of family here Chevy's a genius and my dear friend and I love you and I am so glad that the four of us can all be together it's same time Michael it allows your special time you know you kind of help it you can touch somebody's life in some way and you don't think you're gonna do it unless you're getting an Oscar for it but I this movie I did it for the Greeks in the Chinese oh that's good must end but a vacation reunion wouldn't be complete without a little it's gonna burn the entire and ring sorry folks parks closed the Moose out function a pony

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  1. So Dumb and Dumber stoled the plot to this movie just changed some things. They are very similar. Family drives across country runs into problems along the way. Two dumb guys drive across country run into problems. Aunt dies gas man dies. Cops involved in both films one movie rides coasters the other rides chair lifts. Both have a fancy car in it both have stupid guys Lloyd Harry Cousin Eddie. Both have alcohol involved both are comedy's lol like the same film

  2. More Chevy Chase!!! One of my favorite actors and I would love to see him (and all of these actors really) with some new free range off the wall comedy, just like in these ones. They were amazing!! Not utilized enough since, sadly,.. :-/
    So great to see them together, there’s chemistry really,..

  3. Clark: O God, ease our suffering in this, our moment of great dispair. Yea, admit this good and decent woman into thine arms in the flock in thine heavenly area, up there. And Moab, he laid its down by the band of the Canaanites, and yea, though the Hindus speak of karma, I implore you: give her… give her a break.

    Ellen Griswold: Clark… Clark…

    Clark: Baroogataaahhh hallelujah.

    Ellen Griswold: Clark… Clark… This is a serious matter. I'll do it myself.

    Clark: Honey, I'm not an ordained minister; I'm doing my best, OK?

    Man I think that was the funniest scene in the movie. 🤣🤣

  4. Now in this vid, I can see where the kids and their friends have been telling me I look like Chevy Chase. With the exception of being a bit darker. There are movies that come on television, that you don't turn off, but keep watching. time and time again. This is one of them.

  5. Brilliant! – Wish they'd have mentioned the Wagon Queen Family Truckster though. – A star in the movie too!

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