16 thoughts on “Chevrolet Enjoy Review

  1. i like chevorlet enjoy it has a very good engine perfomance and it has 1400 cc very comfortable i have one chevorelet enjoy car its supension also good and it has leather seat i think enjoy is bette
    r than ertiga and its competitors its engine perfomance is also very!!! good

  2. this also one of the best car to modifiy and this car should have the black (Metallic) colour in the market

  3. Sharad kadam  Enjoy car will give complete satisfaction, But U have change little shape of the car body. Break system is not so good. Your Car spacious, but change the Interior. And last of course mileage also not so good. If you work on this you will get Good Results. 

  4. The Enjoy will beat Maruti Ertiga, Nissan Evalia nd its own ancestor Tavera. Mhdra Quento will stand no where near ENJOY.

  5. No matter how good this is…it cant get close to the Ertiga in terms of style, quality and Upmarket image and even Highway performance and efficiency!!

  6. Hey Tavleen, thanks! This video showed the interiors nicely, especially of you sitting in the driver's seat. For every episode, it would be great if you can similarly show yourself sitting in the driver's seat with the full seat visible! I am very short, hence the seating position is crucial, else I have to use cushions. I'm sure there are petite girls like me who need cushions. So, can you make an informative episode of how short girls can use cushions to drive a car? Thanks in advance 🙂

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