ChemTrail Coverage On Television (In Slovakia; has english subs)

Do you also observe on a sky white lines from planes which are creating various shapes and crossing each other in various ways ? Some stripes are disappearing very hard and here occured opinions that those stripes are poisonous chemical substances, more precisely a spray which has to prevent a global warming. A sky defacement like with a gross crayon is here above the capital in last time is nothing rare. Here are planes flying still more and more .. As the plane goes through it s longer there .. The similar situation is in whole western Europe and USA, it wouldn t anything suspicious on that if lines which are actually clouds were naturally dissapearing in a short time.. We are saying that it should usually vanish in one hour The white lines are usually staying on a sky much more longer. I think it s not completely natural but this is a question maybe for someone else than for the meteorologist. But stripes which you can see here are by citizens and some specialists especially in USA, Germany or Czech republic so-called CHEMTRAILS so stripes of chemical clouds. These traces are actually staying on a sky for several hours untill they dissapear in the atmosphere. Those are heavy metals …especially aluminum, barium and strontium which are within a secret program reportedly supposed to reflect the sun radiation and with this they should mitigate the global warming. But named substances are dangerous for human health and also for the nature, they are affecting breathing and nervous system. It can be, I don t know, maybe yes .. I think yes .. It s some bullshit .. That it s a bullshit are saying also governments of USA, Germany and another .. If a danger of those stripes is only a fiction or if there is some true on it here in Slovakia wasn t seriously dealed by anybody yet. From said elements is monitored only strontium in a water and in the air isn t monitored any of these elements and regarding to monitoring of groundwaters, from longer period was recorded only increased amount of aluminum but this was only in a neighbourhood of city Ziar nad Hronom.

9 thoughts on “ChemTrail Coverage On Television (In Slovakia; has english subs)

  1. tajný program na zmiernenie globálneho oteplovania 😀 FACEPALM na čo by práve toto muselo byť tajné 😀

  2. Mohli dat takto idiotsku reportaz?? Musim sa vazne smiat. Nastudovali si o tejto problematike totiz velke nic. Ciary nemusia zmiznut ani za tri hodiny ak je dostatocna vlhkost vzduchu v danej vyske. Nemiznuce ciary tu boli odkedy existuju prudove lietadla. Kto dnes veri chemtrails musi byt skutocne obmedzeny.

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