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hey guys welcome back to a new video today we're gonna do a quick get ready with me I'm gonna get ready and I am gonna head out have some brunch with some friends I already did my hair I don't know my hair is quite like it's very soft and it's very thin and I always find like doing my hair sucks like it takes so long but hopefully this will last for like two days I really need to start like not washing my hair everyday I I don't know I just I'm so used to it and if I don't I just always feel like kind of like Chrissy and I tried like very shampoos and everything I don't know if you guys have like the magical tip for this but from today I'm going to try it anyway so at the moment it's a little shopping yesterday just like a new pan from Urban Outfitters and this top as well super cute I'm kind of into all these like pinkish nudists color so I'm going to go for a nice bronzy natural makeup look I'm going to use first is primer and this is a real Grove bronzing primer so as you can see like a little little bronzer like that and I'm going to put this all over and I definitely need this different actually contains also vitamin E oil so besides that is just the bronzer and primer also good for your skin so massage okay then I'm going to use my Giorgio Armani silk foundation in the shade six hey surprise you never receive me for thinking this big oh yeah some of you guys actually asked about my brushes because I never even mentioned this so this is the ninety four core diffuser from Sephora so what I do take it and I'm heading it so lightly on my skin don't press too hard otherwise I'm gonna get like spots and I don't want that modesty do my ears okay so yesterday I actually saw a girl in a cafe and I really liked her makeup look it was like super basic her whole face and then she just had like a little eyeliner and I was like hmm I actually never really do that ah I do the eyeliner with like an evening look so I was like you know what tomorrow which is today I'm going to try it up myself I know do you guys ever have that that you see like another girl in or like immediately like obsessed with him make up a look oh I need to try it yeah so I had it yesterday and it's funny because you know the question I asked before like oh where do you get your inspiration on them I feel like my inspiration from a lot like as people around me who I see not even like friends or what I'm just like in general you know I just love to study people okay this is really creepy it's more like you know when I'm on the airport when I'm gonna train when I'm in a cafe I just like I observe a little bit automatically so that's where I got inspiration from then I'm going to use this a Haggar great concealer from Lucas aster okay then for contouring I'm going to use this tone for shade and illuminate this color zero it feel it just gives like a super natural natural bronze and I don't really like to have it contour if you can really see that oh my gosh she's like wearing a lot of makeup I feel this product it's like very nice I forgot um so for today I'm also not really using like powders but more creams then for my eyebrows I'm using this Anastasia eyebrow pencil this is the one with a tiny pencil and I honestly like it better because you can make a little bit more precise tiny little hairs hey I feel it's always good after you fill them in to give it like an extra brush so it like spreads out a little bit or especially with this pencil your oval after so many years I still cannot do like the one the one eyebrow I don't know what why that just came up to me that I'm so practicing that no it's a mission impossible could it be – there we go okay with this same tool for a palette I am just going to tap a little bit of contour and I'm adding this on the crease and then on top of my eyelid just to give my eyes like a tiny little bit of more depth so I'm super if I'm turning red it is not the makeup it is in here it is so hot I don't have the ICC on because it will be very hard to hear me if I'm filming and if the ACS on and now I'm just melting I don't know what is better but okay so this is super easy like I love to use like make up things more functional okay now we're gonna do a tiny little eyeliner and I am going to use this Charlotte Tilbury quick fine line pen does this super tiny little brush there we go and I don't want to make it too big so I'm just going to make a tiny one Oh something pretty well um now we're gonna finish up with my eyes this is a little color from Shiseido so what I often do is well after I curl my eyelashes is I use a little brush like this is from an eyebrow and without having anything on it and without having anything on my eyelashes I'm just gonna brush them through to like separate them and to give them like a nice shape so I'm actually super excited for brunch today because I haven't seen my girlfriends and like quite a little bit and you know I really noticed they need up high I find it so hard to like balance everything out you know this is like you want to have work you want to have sleep you want to have a social life you want to be your career you want to be successful you have a boyfriend you have family and it's just like you know also my family and friends a lot of Holland they're like in a different time zone so I tried to catch up with them in the morning here but of course like I just start my day oh yeah sports I also want to work hours I want to feel fit and I just really feel that doing this all at the same time seeing everyone singing on in touch with everyone do modeling jobs doing castings but also doing YouTube making videos and oh doing my nutrition course and I'm working on a couple other side projects and yeah I just really feel oh my god I thought even if I think about it now like it's quite a lot and I have to say like I am absolutely loving it I really enjoy it and if you love like the rush in New York but you know sometimes it gets a little bit too much and I feel like having like a nice brand you're having a nice fun day with friends is just so relieving and just so nice so I'm excited for that I don't know what you guys do for like stress relief I an evening I always put candles on that like makes me very calm also sometimes I take like CBD gummies that helps as well just like one or two and it's not like I'm spacing I'm just like little relaxed sometimes I'd turn my phone off then it helps to whoa it is it pretty strong mascara is never used before this is that maybe Lin last sensation whoa holy moly my eyelashes are like double the size so long this is crazy I don't know if I like this for it is then way too much for this natural girl anyway okay I want to finish off my skin I'm going to use this flash flush cream and this is the velvet blush from Smith and cold and this ready this is a tiny bit I feel my cheeks are already written because it's so health in here and for my highlighter I'm going to use this from Charlotte Tilbury and if I applied like this it is going to be way too strong so what I do I add a little on my hand suppose another makeup and I apply I apply it that way otherwise it wouldn't be so strong I mean I really love a highlighter oh and I just want to say thank you guys for all the tips I actually end up buying RMS so many of you guys responded that I should try that one and I really love they all have like then very natural make up I don't know why I don't have it right now that's so stupid um for my next videos adding bits here wait for my lips I'm going to use this lip cheat from oh I thought I was doing that like so easy from the camera huh I'm just gonna fly it lip cheat from Charlotte sorry so to keep it very natural what I do or just take my finger and I'm just like spread out with that lip pencil bit over my lips okay and then for my lip balm I'm going to use this Frank body talk less Bait okay so it is a lip balm and just color having a little on my finger okay onyx and it's really really smells and tastes like coffee it's really fun like other products are made out of coffee especially their scrubs are really great they use their lip scrub as well so tada my makeup look is ready I actually really like this eyeliner I never really did that because I was feeling just takes a little bit too much time because I was like mess it up but today was a very good day um okay I'm gonna change quickly so let's go into the room it's a mess mm you can relate let me see okay so I got like a super cute it is green blazer from Academy from revolve and I think this is super cute because it has this like big gonna show you guys this is like big bells but this might be a little bit true harm I also got this one this is like a blue blazer OPA this was from a roll I think I'm going to wear this with too much stuff I think what just like um yeah a Levi's maybe it's too blue let's try it out and then maybe like a white top or something okay this was so organized like Cabo Mexico and now not anymore – I have like a white white top I think so right here okay I'm gonna try this on okay first moment in the mirror I don't know you guys I think the blue is a little bit too blue on these jeans for some reason I don't know I'm not really with these things I'm not really liking it let's go find something else I actually look back at this green one it was like no I want to wear the green so I'm gonna do like kind of like a safari look with like shorts and I mean this one from revolve this is like a crop top from are you am I and then these shorts are from Zara I really like to wear the uneven earrings so I have this one with the sea star this one I got another stories I love it so cute okay so I'm I'm ready to go I really hope you guys enjoyed watching this video umm it's fun like right with me if you are not subscribed yet then hit that subscribe button and put your notifications on and also if you liked the video give it a big thumbs up and see you next time

49 thoughts on “Chatty Brunch GRWM | Simple Beauty, Model Fashion, & Life Update | Sanne Vloet

  1. A grocery shopping haul video would be kinda cool too. Basically anything you do I'll watch though haha!!

  2. Hello Sanne. I really love and enjoy watching your YouTube videos 🙂 I have a question, how do you make your videos? There’s a how to video for IG and I would like to see / know how you make and edit your videos.

  3. I’ve managed to train my hair into just needing a wash once every 4 days and I had an oily scalp. It will take a few months of slowly leaving it longer and longer between washes. I don’t even use dry shampoo, I find that braids and other hairstyles that keep hair off my face really helps. It also stops me from running my hands through my hair which makes it greasy quickly too 😘

  4. Green suits you perfectly !!
    Enjoy every single video you post, your voice has such a calming tone 🙂 keep doing videos please! Also, your personal style is really cool, any design collab on the way? 😏

    And I can totally relate with a busy schedule: I work in Colombia and my family is in Italy, it’s so difficult to make everything work..sometimes waking up earlier does the trick but it’s not that easy to pull off

  5. Hi Sanne, my hair is so similar to yours, my tip for not washing every day is the first day I wear my hair down and the second day always tied back… maybe is not a great tip but allows me to wash it in alternate days. By the way, I love your naturalness in explaining your day by day, is really refreshing. Kss¡¡

  6. Sanne, you're one of the most inspiring human beings I know. I hope you will never stop filming parts of your beautiful life. You're the only beautiful girl, who is giving me a very good feeling instead of comparing myself to. <3 Stay as you are, beautiful soul. And for your stress balancing: Meditation is the key, trust me! Try to find your own way to do it and then just do it! It changed my life in times, where i stopped believing in myself and where i was struggling with the loss of my mom. So trust me, i experienced a huge transformation with meditation <3 hope you will find a way to balance the hectic in your life! Greezies from Germany!! 🙂

  7. I like how naturel you're and your make up is super natural just like ya besides the green blazer fits ya as well I really wanna see your skin care routine 🙈 love you sm from Tunisia 💕❤.

  8. Hi Sanne, thanks for the video, enjoyed it. May I ask, what toothpaste do you use? Your teeth are so white! Thank you 🙂

  9. Hi Sanne, thanks for the video, enjoyed it. May I ask, what toothpaste do you use? Your teeth are so white! Thank you 🙂

  10. I feel so positive after I watch your videos. You are so pleasant and always smiling in your videos.. love from India ❤️

  11. Hi Sanne, greetings from Italy. My tip is, don´t wash your hair so often. I had the same problem, try it over weekend, or when you don´t have to go somewhere. Try every second day, … now i am ok every 3rd day and it works. Less greasy scalp.

  12. Eyeliner seems great on you! Do it more often. Eyelashes are looking awesome, love the mascara, I must try it out soon 😍

  13. I have a few tricks I do to de-stress. One of them is saying over and over "I want to be happy" while believing 100% that I DO want to be happy. It only works if you fully believe 100% with no doubt. All depression and stress goes. Hope it works for you. That eyeliner is amazing, but the link doesn't work

  14. I relate so much with struggling with balancing everything! I recently started my first full time job after graduating from college and it's so hard managing a 8-5 job, friends, family, social and fitness, especially with a 3 hour daily commute. The best suggestion at the moment in managing stress is firstly forgiving yourself in not being able to do all these all the time. Your friends and family will understand if you can't make a catch up or family dinner. Your body will forgive you for missing the gym this week because work has been busy. Its understanding that sometimes its okay to not have it all balanced out every day, every week. Also, its super important to take days for yourself. Sometimes you really need to take a day for yourself. Go to a cafe by yourself, read a book, watch a movie, go for a walk on the beach. With busy lifestyles we forget that our own company alone is super important! I hope if anyone is struggling with maintaining a life balance that its never failure if you can't do it all or you haven't found it yet. Life is not that easy and straightforward, we're all doing a bomb ass job 😊

  15. Wow didn't know we have things in common. My hair also is very thin and soft. And i wash my hair almost everyday. It also gets oily very easily. And i feel awkward when i don't wash it everyday. I heard that you should put sea salt in your shampoo

  16. Ahhhh we have the same hair. I have to wash it everyday. Sometimes when I’m not doing anything I like to give my hair a rest and not wash it and I just put it in a braid or low bun. Other than that I haven’t found a way to make it less oily after one day :/

  17. Guuurl this eyeliner looks so good on you, your green eyes pop so much!😍 Btw do you think using an eyelash curler makes a big difference or not? I'm planning on buying a good one, I'm wondering if that would be a good investment

  18. I do have a tip for dry shampoo actually. Don’t use sprays, use a powder. I’m using organic corn starch and it’s great. Try it. 🙂

  19. Love this Sanne. Maybe I'm overthinking and being too political but does anyone else get a little offended/upset when these natural makeup videos sometimes have a tone of condescendingness to people who wear a lot of makeup. I know Sanne is a beautiful girl inside so I doubt this was her intent. However, some girls look really great with a lot of makeup and some look amazing with very little! A lot of girls have been wearing makeup for years like Kim K, she absolutely rocks the heavier look. It would be cool to see you do a heavier look or get a makeup artist to do it! x

  20. Ah I have the same problem with my hair :c Some of my friends can go a few days without washing their hair using dry shampoo, but I honestly can’t do more than every other day without it looking and feeling terrible, even with dry shampoo. If you do get any tips, please share them! 💖💖💖

  21. I do the same! People watching is so fun lol it makes me sound like a creep , but I do it with respect and always at a distance XD

  22. I literally don't have friends,I stay in my apartment all day,watch youtube videos ,and feeling jealous on them travelling all time,buying clothes,make up,collab with different brands and happy all time,I have no idea why there r so different with me !Is that because of they r rich?Western People?Celerity?And I do comment down there post my opinions how much they inspire me,and that I'm saving money to become like them,want to live in LA ,no one cares my ments,but only Sanne reply me,thank u,
    sorry if my english is noy good,I love u😘😘

  23. Thank you so much for filming this video! All ur videos really inspire me to lead a healthier lifestyle, and you’re a really great role model as well!! ❤️ Ur personality really shines through all ur videos, and I can’t wait for u to get more subscribers!! xx

  24. Hey – l luv ur videos but this too much make-up – nothing natural about this look! ps: you should never use an eyelash curler, u can get the same affect by lowering ur lids while u brush up with the mascara.

  25. I had to start using dry shampoo and now since I don’t wash my hair daily it’s growing and thick instead of fine like before. So weird

  26. For relaxing and stress relief I like to bullet journal as well as play the piano. If you’ve ever thought about bullet journalling or are interested in it I’d recommend checking out AmandaRachLee here on YouTube!

  27. Your skin is perfect- you don’t even need makeup 😍 I’d love to see a skincare routine in how you keep your skin so clear, smooth and perfect!

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