why don't you do welcome back to my youtube channel anything new here welcome to the crazy family if you're ready being here these are gonna fight it out for me yeah that means you're doing your part the family huh hello how are you welcome welcome welcome anyways today's video we're gonna do a tryout on cardi in fashion Noah's second collection and the first collection is a little of a oh no it just didn't work out for me so the pieces were cute but some of the pieces were like I don't know and I love cardi I want to support my girls so if we're about to do a bigger try on this time it was a little easier to get in the fashion about everything though everything came like I did fast cheeping like one day and a half my order was here also a lot of the stuff they hold it in your card and not sold out last time nearly only got like three pieces because everything was about so this time that kind of matter shit to do it better so I kind of appreciate that and then also you know the prices work from you know 30 there's any for 20 I don't worry alright I think like 30 it up you know I spent almost $700 on this order um I got a little whatever everything just to show it to you guys to see how it looked like I said some of you guys said oh you guys want to see one of the things that I was a little like I don't know um when I like to check my size because I always go to extra-large one because just for me to be comfortable everything that I got was extra-large because all the others still were sold out but I think they were not sold out I think they just didn't put the plaque sizes they put it in there to make me feel like oh yeah we didn't have class sizes but you know whatever because I was in the website at nine o clock on the dock okay and at some point everything extra-large moment so that was like this let me know cents about whatever I kind of just went what they and also you guys got everything extra large everything is sexual large so I don't know who's gonna fit I don't know how is what I look like I don't have no idea so we're gonna find it out here I haven't opened none of this stuff let me show you the box of all that put it this is the box for all the goodies everything is inside of the bags so we're gonna get first reaction to see how this looks like I'm a little scared into some of the pieces I don't do but we're gonna do it for credit what B cardi if you watch this video I need to see you wearing your collection last year you only wore two things and it was to the to the event and the second one was I don't know for one thing but only two time to say where your collection I need to see you wear this a little more because of you coming out with this and you representing you said this is what it is I gotta sing you at this thing double play let's go with the first item here comes the first one it doesn't fit me I can't breathe I feel like if I let the breathe out is that it we like the white chips and everything's gonna pop all over the place I'm sweating I feel like the arms fitting here because of how like bigness is this is the it's called diamonds on my neck matching set and extra large the skirt didn't fit me for cutoff I didn't close up did you guys to see but this this would be cute like a knit like extra-large wire this would have been really really cute I'm over there the X quo all right it closed I'm sweating all right well like I said if I breathe kind of just relax everything pops up so I'm not doing that I can't breathe I'm sweating I can't breathe okay put the picture of the model or right here so you guys see how the ho sleeping right there he's just laying there I'm to see like how it looks like and I'll put the price also I forgot the price but diamonds on my neck whatever is it what do you guys think with this one the RJ does the biggest way I think if it would have thank you it would have been something how do we feel what is it why don't we why don't we rate this one let me give you a little twirl we might skirt it is it though okay okay weights coming down I feel great what do we give okay if I had to rate this if it would have fit good probably like a I don't think it's only you guys I really don't think like I think like a cute 7 am I going too much living um below let me know what you guys think I like this whole little like it's cute look you should fit good when I get smaller you know if we're going somewhere special it very estará on it i think i'm to put making happen what are we feel like I'm high I'm sweaty he finally release breathe let go white chicks moment all these opens hold up wait a minute hold on this little bit I can't relax I can't open it okay you gotta go love you guys next outfit are we ready are we ready oh this one fit extra-large this one is called that I'm first she's last pins I'm first she's last jacket I feel very Motorsport but that thing once worth a shutting bad something something a that's how I feel with this first of all I sweat a lot okay so I know me three minutes in this I'm out I'm sweaty everything is out I gotta go home it's just not you know but the pants fit for shoes woman this is like I like this wherever it is out no no but for a photo shoot woman something I think it's cute yeah like I'm kind of you want a squirt bags do you know like but to go right it you're right I don't even know who drive shut up at these honey but this is cute I'm gonna go ahead and flip the model right here so you guys can see how to look laughs this is the extra-large and they fit in my arm span it doesn't feel tight and the pant um yeah they stick though they're high they're cute we do you love it are you gonna cute this is cute like if this if you have a theme something go for it like okay okay but this is cute giving you more sport shutting down sweaty okay I gotta go I like this one I'm not gonna lie eight is that too much greater but I don't ever know what you guys think this cute I'm trying to pick up the boots boots are shaggy what's the bursa she goes I'm that truck saline and I'm at Salina this one looks like this is it oh I'm sweaty Nick oh wait wait okay next why is everything so plastic you that's whatever good you think I don't like this one this one is the mouse Theo says what it wants to jack it in an extra large effects I just put on some regular of pink shorts my future um yeah I don't care I look like you know they bout to rope you up with some crazy I am crazy in real life so maybe they know I'm not feeling this one this little cute on the frickin no website on me we look like from the crazy house she has like this why is everything so plastic II don't you sweat I sweat a lot man no can you guys see this with something I don't know what will you see this with waiting to me yeah there's something you couldn't do this train okay try to know me tight as I can't hear motorist that what wants to was always that oh that's her new song the with upset does this feel wet like a big bitch that's that's alright yeah this looks like for me praise know what I really I'd like it um picture of my over here with the thing on it look you her look really really cute but on me no I got that because it's light is very fluffy you know and it's plasticky why is everything plasticky that's the question why don't we write this you guys let me know I'm giving a three with a lot I don't like this and I'm sweaty next one okay I got two of the single ones just different color I didn't know they were the same I wish that this is what the ones that they took out of my car this is the same one other white one it's just pink Wow it still says what it wants to UM flicker and said maybe for like a photo shoot moment you know it will happen very plasticky something maybe slip on like a high bun so I don't know how are you gonna stress this up you guys kill me I like the pink one better than the white one the well we just really made me look like from a crazy home for the pink line I like because end up pink I think that's why but still give it before cuz of the color and I got went off my point you went on one point but Rick plasticy I don't know what are you with this what do you guys give this hi hi hi next one this is the way here we go plasticky this is the gum pants you guys are this yeah um this is that I do what they say I can't pants in the extra-large this shirt it's from pretty little things I just want to throw something on you know I always wanted to try this pants on I'm not gonna lie and when I saw them the thing else like it's my opportunity to buy them to just try them on to see how they look um this pants are perfect for someone with those way and if you don't get high cute I personally wouldn't wearing because I just you know my little Mike will be fixing leaky he needs I know I'm not no but like I feel like you need to have you know big booty for this I don't have one so it's like um look back at it but there's nothing in there we think of my but I'm glad it yeah no no sweetie it's the grummy whatever we're out this parents they fit me though I've been those 40 pounds I need you can tell ah before this would have been like oh yeah yeah yeah you know look back on it look back look ya know I slept much I would I'm sweaty arena I'm just having this thing on so yeah give it a proper kiss I it's fun and photo shoot you going somewhere theme if you like this kind of clothes that you go for it for me personally I wouldn't because this is just – yeah here is the model with the pants on rated below let me know what you guys give it I give it a 5/5 we even like like a six if I didn't sweat a six and a half but I just switched too much everything is plastic you lose selection you know ya lose it give you a little troll my bundle tonic you probably boots gloves and all that yeah Nick whoa whoa alright another pants this is the I'm first she's last pants extra-large everything at sexual reach you guys I'm not but again I sweat a lot and they're plastic so if you sweat a lot you they hack don't look at like no but I like it it's cute it's this town that's one of roses me out because it makes me feel like I'm sweating ah thank you imagine walking and you make this out no ma'am you know but you don't want to prop this home oh I'm extra large since not everything but I made sure large I'm so proud of myself right now oh I can't even I'm like well yeah whatever think of this once I'm sweaty well how many times I said it so I can come up at all here's the model with the pants on there all the way down there cute like I say photoshoot or something like that like a be sure I feel like a lot of her stuff is inspired by motorsport but the thing in sport I don't know that's not its own clothes but I feel like this everything for nice opacity yeah what would be a little hi how are you hi how are you little bootie matters what do we give it I give it a five funny sweat I give it more but I sweat too much oh I like it all right cardi next yes um hi how are you this one I want I was born to flex machine say again an extra large spaces can you tell me working hard yo tip that I remember when I was an extra-large tooth now make sure large you know I'm gonna keep going down this is just the beginning it's just the beginning I was perplexed let me take the club so you can see my side yeah but you see you see about I see them um this one I see potential I do like I I'm sorry I'm sorry pop push I'm jewelry my lord I'm Cherie I stepped on a bicycle I'm sorry but you're on my way I'm trying on clothes and you're in my way you know you have three lives you stay right here go lay right there with a big um this has potential yes I probably wear them together but I know I like this one this one even like a cute like a like a aina hat no that's too much seven and a half is cute I see potential different hair you know cute heels I do have to say I like this Papa needs a duration hi how are you you know I like that I love the jacket it fit me you guys know that my arms are like my biggest insecurity of all time and when these fit me they're like smaller than what they normally are yeah but yeah what do you guys give this one this is a matching set that I was born to flex here's a model put that on you guys give it for sure I said I'm Matt it's cute I could see this happening somewhere I kept putting my cute little tape make the boobies up no bra you know put tape here so it'll cover but the boobs just be seating high pretty you know like the pants Disney good yeah I think what Center you guys see this one let me know below what we dink see with this one I'm sweating but not as much with the other ones yeah but this one makes my food look very like like you found a booty before this one makes it look like you got a movie for our about you gave you know that's that yeah I like this I see potential I want to wear this one this top with some jeans okay everybody want to be this set celebrating way too soon this one didn't fit this is the arms didn't go all the way the skirt didn't zip up but I like this set though again like I said very plasticy like all the collection um but if it fit I think it were know cute I think something would happen I wouldn't wear this although who's that for a cute picture but this don't get an extra large like one would it fit me really really good but right now I'm very tight so I'm gonna just I can't breathe if I breathe everything pops like the white chicks movie here's the model with the outfit on – I like it if I if it fit me correctly I'll probably give this one a like eight I like this one a lot I don't know what do you guys give this one you're gonna pick up some boobies like with the tape and everything hi how are you see that all right okay okay next all right we got through the last piece thank you god I'm sweating like no other let me tell you something this one is hella cute this one is the board a jet blazing dress in extra-large if I would've got this one in a large extra-large cuantas would've been so cute because in the Blazer dresses I have to get an extra large one but this is cute this is really cute I don't know the answer to tackle hold it okay so how do the arms are so tight that I can't get it this part though this is ugly oh this is ugly I feel like a dog I don't what no I will cut that thing off but I love how this little details here I love this I'm probably gonna have to get this one in a I'm gonna get it because I really like it I love I'll be loving on blazer dresses and this is Q and it an extra-large one be really really cute sure it looks it is a little hot though it has like a lot of fabric inside okay I like it when my boobies tape up with my little tape I think I'll be fine what do you think guys here's a picture of the model with it on yeah this is the last piece thank God I'm hot I'm sweaty yeah to sit I think I'm gonna get this one block in an extra one like this but I would take this little thing off just want to give it in in a half without this the dog collar I love this little nose on the side yeah what are you guys freak this when you guys comment below and let me know I'm gonna go ahead and take this off and put my robe back on because I'm really hot and sweaty until you guys think of her collection we gonna end this for music okay all right me give this a we're back with some biking shorts and an oversized t-shirt exactly what I love to do what I'd like to wear anyways thank you for making it here if you made it as far go ahead and comment below what can we comment below sweating sweating those are you gonna keep you made it this far all right so what I think of the collection I did one out of 10 I give it probably like a six and a half and a seven it doesn't looks pensive it looks very like you know if I should know but it's not nice pensive some pieces were like kind of there for now all the way I love the last dress though I love it without the color and just a little size bigger would have been like bomb um I think it looks better than the last one that she did yeah it's cute if you don't sweat girl do you wear all the plastic you stuff I personally can't wait wear it none of that stuff in the real world because the way that I sweat and the way that my and the way that my sweat is set up it's just the same I wouldn't be able to but some of the pieces were cute some of the pieces were cute and yeah that's all I have to say comment below and let me know what you guys think of the collection you then she do you guys think she made it hit again whatever so kind of like a long she was in the medium like what let me know let's talk about it thank you for watching my stomach is growling I'm about to go eat cuz I'm hungry well it W said it thank you for watching you know so you guys know my next little ciao


  1. The "motorsport" black outfit would be a dope halloween fast and furious costume lol. I love the pink satiny looking tied blazer….everything else can go. All that plastic is no bueno

  2. You so cute “ look back at it and is nothing there” lol little botties matter you natural ayyy so first outfit in a 1x would look nice on you but idk what up with the arms this collection is very wirs like not wearable to normal people lol but still looked nice on you in your size motorsport outfit looked bomb on you the pants would be nice with a nice top to go out and some heals the pink outfir is ugly togather but the top wrap up jacket with some nice jeas or even high wasted white ripped jeans would look bomb and the white outfit with the zipper skirt if it fit ti think that looked bomb too id zip doen the skirt tho thats just me top got enough showing and the last dress yesss in black and your size shooo girl you be killing it… overall you can make some of these pieces work as a collection and the material is not worth it Cardi should think less about her pockets and mora about what real woman would ware and what looks good on real womna not ista gram models and fashionnova models who have their body done some pirces are ok but i would not buy id get the last dress too

  3. That “plasticy” reference is hilarious 😩😭😭😭. I think the best fit was the pink shirt/jacket. Cardi should’ve just made a dominatrix collection

  4. That first dress ugly asf second one looks crazy, are we rappers? where would we wear this? It just gets worse from here Jesus. I been on fashion Nova and there have great clothes I buy from them all the time. The collection tho horrible. fail

  5. Sweating ! Lol but thank you so much for making these videos ! You and I have the same body type and and you and I both lost 40 pounds at the same time . Love you keep it up ❤️

  6. The collection is trash and i just dont. believe Everything sells out like that so fast I don't really trust fashion nova like that. Luv cardi…but I know its all about the shmoney for her and not really the quality

  7. EXACTLY WHY I STOPPED FUCKIN WITH FASHION NOVA LAST YEAR!!! and sending all that stuff back ain't in any way free (unless you have the paypal return shipping reimbursement option)

  8. Sweating… The last dress did look really good on you but I'm not really feeling any of it. Maybe if there were different fabrics. Some of the pieces were borderline kinda sophisticated but the cutouts and fabric make them a no.

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