44 thoughts on “Can This $700 Reel Make You a Better Fisherman? (Japanese Digital Reel)

  1. In the googan warehouse opening, ngl you looked so cooked , like you rolled a fatty right before they filmed

  2. Ill outfish you with a 30 dollar Walmart reel. 700 for a fishing reel.. You must be out your damn mind..

  3. Since you refuse to say the brand of the reel because they arnt paying you. You mine as well just stop using Shimano all together to really stick it to them.

  4. Rattle Traps and baits like that are great for texas lakes. especially grapevine lake and lake lewisville

  5. You're fishing too shallow for the time of day. I feel you'd catch more quality bass deep using jigs and drop shots then move shallow at dusk as the deep bass move in to feed on the baitfish that are also moving shallow to eat algae and or smaller fish. The water quality you were fishing looked much like Pickwick Lake right now. Deep bass were slamming black and blue or darker craw colors. At dusk, I've been slamming bass using slow moving topwater in flats or over grass in shad colors.

  6. I think you should try fishing with 6 and 8 pound line to see if it's difficult(I fish with only six and have only had the line broken 1 or 2 time)

  7. Hey Jon at the Googan HQ Grand Opening you told me you caught some kind of fish on Grapevine Lake trolling. What was that fish? Just curious and it was a pleasure meeting you.

  8. hey whats up jon just picked up my first pack of googan baits i got green pumpkin bandito bug. First cast caught a 7 pound large mouth second cast good fish therd cast good fish and finaly fourth cast i caught a 4 and a half pound large mouth, love googan bait and always going to use them now

  9. Hey out of curiosity are you NOT allowed to say Shimano?? I know youre sponsored by Favorite but does that mean you cant say anything about certain brands?

  10. Another great video as always! So lucky to be out in Texas now. Hopefully some day youtube will take me there as well!

  11. If I had 700$ drop in my lap for a reel, I'd get either an Aldebaran BFS '16, or a calcutta conquest BFS . I like throwing extremely light baits with UL gear, and that's what BFS is for baitcasting. I have a Scorpion BFS xg, on a cheap ass 4'6" UL spincast rod, and I love it. It's like fishing with a feather, casting one handed.

  12. you need to fish falcon state park here in south texas. you can target gar,bass (large&white) micro fish or go for 50lbs+ cats!

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