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– If you look up Sleep
Talking Simlish on YouTube, you will hear me singing
Sleep Talking in Simlish and it goes (speaking
in fictional language). (upbeat music in fictional language) Hey guys, I’m Charlotte Lawrence and I’m here with Harper’s Bazaar. Today, I’m going up against the year 2000 AKA the year I was born. Let’s see how much I know about 2000. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] First
up, it’s multiple choice. What was the most popular
toy in the year 2000? A, Bratz Doll, b, Razor Scooter, c, Tamagotchi, or d, Beanie Babies? – C, Tamagotchi. (buzzer blares) – [Interviewer] It’s b, Razor Scooter. – Dude, in 2000, it was? That was my favorite toy as a kid and like all my friends
and I had Razor Scooters. Ha, noted. – [Interviewer] This
popular reality competition TV show aired its first
episode on May 31st, 2000. Name that TV show. – Bear grills. (buzzer blares) I have no idea. (laughs) I just keep guessing. Survival, Survivor? (dinging) – [Interviewer] Wow. – Survivor, is it actually?
– [Interviewer] Impressive, Yeah. – I mean my first guess was pretty off. I don’t know where that
came from, but. (laughs) – [Interviewer] The treadiest food in 2000 according to was the cupcake. Many attribute its popularity
to this beloved TV drama. Name that TV show. Bonus points if you can name
the bakery they reference. – Oh, Sex in the City, duh. (dings) What was that, Magnolia? (dings) – [Interviewer] Wow!
– What?! Oh my god, that came out of nowhere. That was incredible. Did not know where that came out of. I’ve never even been to Magnolia, literally I’m so proud
of myself right now. – [Interviewer] That was so impressive. – [Interviewer] This sound
byte is from an iconic episode of a popular MTV show that
premiered in the year 2000. Name that MTV show. (upbeat pop music) – [Mariah Carey] Hi
guys, I’m Mariah Carey, welcome to my. – Okay, Mariah Carey. I don’t know. What reality show did she host? It was a game show, you said? – [Interviewer] Hint is
it wasn’t hosted by her, but she had an iconic episode. – Okay, can I ask another hint question? Is it a talent show? – [Interviewer] No. – Is it a modeling show? – [Interviewer] No. – I don’t know. Oh, wait, wait. Is it Cribs? (dings) Welcome to my crib. – [Interviewer] This was
the most popular candy the year you were born. Here it is. – What is it? – [Interviewer] I’ve blocked off the name.
– Jellybeans. They’re jellybeans. – [Interviewer] They
are, but specifically. Your hit is…
– Oh my god, no no no. They’re the ones that
have the nasty ass ones and the good ones. – [Interviewer] They come
from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. – Jelly Bellies, Jelly
Harry Potter Belly Beans. (buzzer blares)
– [Interviewer] It’s called Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Do you wanna try some? (exclaims in disgust) – I smelled them before to try. Oh my gosh, I poured
out a lot into my hand. I like blue. Okay, we’re fine with that. – [Interviewer] This one is another photo. (snapping) This is a picture of Christian Bale in character from a cult classic film that premiered in 2000. Name that film. – Oh, American Psycho. (dinging) – [Interviewer] Lovely. Who was named People’s
sexist man alive in 2000? A, George Clooney, B,
Justin Bieber, C, Brad Pitt, or D, Ben Affleck. – Okay, well first on all,
Bieber was like six. (laughs) Clooney. (buzzer blares) Brad Pitt. (dinging) I think Brad Pitt is a beautiful man. I think he’s literally
the most beautiful man and I just watched Once
Upon a Time in Hollywood and it’s like he’s still
the most beautiful man. – [Interviewer] That’s crazy. He really ages like fine wine. – He doesn’t, like fine wine. – [Interviewer] This iconic song won the MTV Music Video award
for Best R&B Video in 2000. Name the artist. ♪ Say my name, say my name ♪ ♪ When no one is around you ♪ – Destiny’s Child. (dinging) ♪ Say baby I love you ♪ ♪ When you wake up again ♪ – [Interviewer] All right,
this is another video. This widely popular video game was released in 2000. Name that game. Bonus points if you name the
language they’re speaking. – [Man] (speaking in
for fictional language) – Sims, Simlish. (dinging) – [Interviewer] Wow! Did you play a lot of Sims when you were– – No, I’ve never played Sims in my life. The reason why I know that
is because, oh my gosh. So, if you guys watching
have ever heard my song Sleep Talking, a few
years ago, I got asked to record Sleep Talking in Simlish and I decided to do it, to take the check and to never tell anybody about it and if you look up Sleep
Talking Simlish on YouTube, you will hear me singing
Sleep Talking in Simlish and it goes (speaking
in fictional language). And I literally recorded
the entire song in Simlish. (upbeat music in fictional language) – [Interviewer] All right, next question. This song was featured in
the hit 2000 Disney movie staring Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan. Name that movie. (upbeat pop music) ♪ Eve’s great, no matter where she goes ♪ ♪ Dress her up from her head to her toes ♪ – Wait, Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan were in a movie together? (laughs) ♪ She’ll spend the whole night dancing ♪ I don’t know?
♪ Shine bright, shine bright ♪ Left? I don’t know.
(buzzer blares) – [Interviewer] You have no idea? – I have no idea. – [Interviewer] Wow. – What is it? – [Interviewer] Lifesize. – Lifesize, never heard of it. – [Interviewer] You’ve never
watched Lifesize, oh my gosh. – No, do I need to watch it? – Homework. – [Interviewer] The
first camera phone became commercially available in 2000. – Nokia? – [Interviewer] About
how much did it cost? A, $85, B, $500, C, $120, or D, $250. – $250. (buzzer blares) – [Interviewer] It’s b, $500. – Uh, offensive. My first phone was, it was called Pantech and it was like a slide phone that had like little typing keyboard thingy and then also a touch screen and it was probably like $200 bucks. – [Interviewer] Which
actress won the Academy Award in 2000 for her role in Erin Brockovich? – Don’t know what Erin Brockovich is. – [Interviewer] This is your hint. – Oh, Julia Roberts. (dinging) Do I need to watch Erin Brockovich? Everybody’s, there’s
like 10 people and going. – [Interviewer] This widely
popular TV show centered around a mother and daughter
named Lorelai and Rory first aired in 2000. Name that TV show. – Mother and daughter? – [Interviewer] Daughter goes to Yale? – I don’t know. Girl Meets World? (buzzer blares) – [Interviewer] Gilmore Girls. – Gilmore Girls. I’ve never watched the Gilmore Girls. I need to. – [Interviewer] Another classic. You must. – [Interviewer] This actress
appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in August of 2000. Name that actress. – Oh, gosh, she’s in everything. I know this actress. She’s just in Stranger Things. She’s in everything. She’s in everything, literally everything. What is her name, what is her name? Stop, do not– – [Interviewer] This is your hint. – I know, I know who she is, like I’ve seen her all the time. No, wait, no, give me
first letter of her name. – [Interviewer] W. – Winona Ryder, gosh.
(dings) Obviously! Oh my gosh.
– [Interviewer] You got it. – I know who that is and I
see her in every single movie. I’ve seen the classic
movies that she’s in, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Sorry Winona Ryder. – [Interviewer] Last question, ready? – Mhm. – [Interviewer] This TV show created by and starring Larry
David premiered in 2000. This is the theme song. Name that TV show. (upbeat music) – Curb Your Enthusiasm. (dings) – [Interviewer] Amazing, you did it. – I did it! – [Interviewer] That
was the last question. – I kinda got a lot of them right. – [Interviewer] You did! – Ish. Right, I did decent. I think I made Gen Z proud. And I think the questions that
I missed i.e. Gilmore Girls. I’m still thinking about that one. Ya know, the rest of ya’ll
would’ve gotten for me. Huge round of applause for
me for doing incredible on Charlotte Lawrence verse 2000. Go listen to my music on
whatever you wanna listen to it. Just look up Charlotte Lawrence on Spotify, YouTube, whatever. Thanks Bazaar! Love you guys. (happy music)

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