Camcorder VS. DSLR for Video, YouTube and Vlogging?

– So when it comes to picking
out a camera for making YouTube videos, you could
go with a camcorder or like a mirrorless or
DSLR camera like this. So what should you choose,
and what are the pros and cons of each of them? I’m going to be talking
about that in this video. (camera clicking and upbeat music) Hey, what’s up guys, Sean
here with Think Media TV, helping you go further, faster, in media. And on this channel we
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so if you’re new here, consider subscribing. Yannick asks, “Sean, you
say to get a DSLR for better “quality over lower end video cameras. “I’ve got a Canon Vixia,” which is a camcorder, “and I
also have a Canon Rebel T3i” which is a DSLR. “Which would you recommend
for YouTube videos?” Thanks for the question Yannick. So let’s start with the camcorder. Now this is a Canon Vixia
that is pretty similar to your Canon Vixia, I’m sure. And the great thing about camcorders is, number one, they’re easy to use. And so pretty much all you have to do is turn them on, put them in auto mode and point them at whatever
you want to shoot. And you don’t have to
worry about things being in focus, it just pretty much works. The second thing is, that
everything stays in focus, which is kind of a pro, and
in my opinion is also a con. One of the challenges about
a DSLR, and the awesome things, is that you can
get that blurry background and that really incredible
footage, but that also can be bad if things are out of focus. And so a pro of a
camcorder is if you needed somebody that’s brand new
to video and you wanted them to be able to get
the shot and not have things be blurry or anything
be wrong, a camcorder would be a good way to go. Another great benefit of
camcorders is a lot of times they have microphone jacks,
so that you can do external audio sources. Not all DSLRs have those. A lot of them have
headphone jacks, as well. And definitely not a
lot of DSLRs have those. So if you want to have an
external mic and really be able to monitor your
audio easily, then camcorders are another good thing to look at. And then overall they
can get pretty expensive, but they can be very affordable. So if you’re looking
for a budget option for YouTube, camcorders are great to look at. Something like the Canon
Vixia, one of the R series, about $300. If you bought some of the
older models, you could be getting refurbished ones
for around $100, $150 and so that becomes extremely affordable, with a lot of features that
are included in a camcorder. Another pro is the long record time. Camcorders are meant for
video, so if you needed to film someone talking,
a speech or something, and they were gonna do a
seminar that was an hour of record time, or sometimes even longer, pretty much if you’ve got
the space on an SD card, this can go for almost
no record time limit. And so that is nice. But now let’s talk about some of the cons. The first one is they are
typically not very wide. Meaning, if you wanted to
vlog with it or something and I held the camera
right here, it’s gonna be all up in your face. Now you can get around
that, and this is actually a wide angle lens that can
screw onto a camcorder. Now there’s a lot of these out there. Some of them are kind of
cheap, and you don’t want to cheap-out on those. But that can help you get a
little bit of a wider shot if you’re using a camcorder. The biggest con probably is the image quality itself, though. A lot of times, camcorders
can’t even come close to the image that is produced by a DSLR. And so that’s something to consider. If you just want some practical video, then a camcorder could be fine. But if you do want to tell
stories, get that blurry background effect, really get some dynamic really high-end looking
video, DSLRs are probably the way to go. And that’s the last
and biggest con, is you pretty much cannot get depth of field with a camcorder, which
again, would mean like if the person is in focus
and then the background is really blurry or at
night, you get what’s called bouquet and the
background has the cool light circles and that soft look to it. All of that kind of
stuff, you’re gonna need a DSLR to get those kinds of effects. Okay, but now let’s talk about DSLRs. For DSLRs, first there’s the pros. And the biggest one is
that you have a big sensor, typically, in a DSLR. A much larger sensor, which
offers a lot of benefits. The sensor size inside of
a camcorder is a lot of times smaller. And so the larger sensor
does a couple things. Number one, it’s better in low light. And so that’s why the
image a lot of times looks good overall or looks a lot
better, is that low light performance is far superior. If you don’t have a lighting
kit, or anything going on, a big sensor helps that. The second thing is the
large sensor helps you get that bouquet, that
nice blurry background and then overall, too a
bigger sensor just means better video, better
pictures, better color. Pretty much better
everything across the board as it pertains to the image quality. And that’s why I love
shooting on DSLRs so much for YouTube. Another pro is that you
get interchangeable lenses. And this can also potentially
be a con, depending on your goals, because maybe
you just want to be able to zoom in, zoom out
and have it all in one. But the nice thing about
interchangeable lenses is that you have endless
storytelling possibilities. When you start to get
into lenses, especially if you want to make films,
tell stories, every lens has a different vibe to
it, a different feel to it. And so you have pretty
much, again, unlimited customizability as it
pertains to what your shots will look like because
of interchangeable lenses. And speaking of
customizability, another pro of DLSRs is that you can adjust so many different things. A lot of the nuances, as
far as what your image and your video is gonna
look like, a lot more, usually, than on a camcorder. Now this again might be
something that you don’t want because it comes with a
little bit of a steeper learning curve when it comes to a DSLR. However, if you’ve ever
seen my video of the best settings, especially for Canon DSLRs, I’ll link that up and I’ll
put a description below, because you can learn
it, it’s not too terribly hard to learn. It just takes a little
while to get used to getting all the settings right on a DSLR. And then the other thing
that’s really phenomenal about a DSLR is the fact
that you also get to take great photos. And so sometimes a lot
of the camcorders do have a photo mode, but the
images are not great. They’re not that dynamic. And I really believe that
every YouTuber should be taking a lot of photos,
whether for thumbnails, whether for social media,
whether just for anywhere else you want to post them online. And so you kinda get
everything that you need in one package. You don’t need to buy a photo
camera and a video camera. You can shoot your video
and your photos all in one. So that’s a huge pro. Now as far as the cons go,
DSLRs can be a little bit more expensive. To be honest, it’s pretty
comparable across the board, you can find budget and
cheap cameras in every category, and you can
go to high end in either category, but definitely price
is something to consider. We mentioned the steeper
learning curve, so that’s something that you might want
to consider as far as a con. And then lastly, is that
a lot of times DSLRs do have a record time limit. And so that’s something to look into. How long can your camera record? We’re shooting on a Canon
70D, and so at 30 minutes, the camera will stop recording. Which again, if you’re
working on it, someone’s shooting for you, it’s not
necessarily a huge deal, but if you were doing a
50-minute talk or something, there is gonna be that gap
that happens in the middle unless you have two angles
or something like that. So again it’s something to consider. If you want a continuous,
very long video file, a camcorder might be
something that you need. And then as far as what
DSLR is kind of in a similar price range, the Canon SL1
is something to check out. You have 1080p video, you
get the interchangeable lenses, the great sensor,
and you can pick one up with the kit lens for around
$400 U.S. refurbished. And so that comes pretty
close to what your investment would be in
something like a Canon Vixia. And then the final thought
as it pertains to price, again it can be a con, because my biggest recommendation for, if you’re
gonna create YouTube videos, is having a DSLR that has
really good auto focus. And so you could get like
a Canon SL1 that’s about $400 U.S. refurbished, and
you get a lens with it, and it’s a great DSLR, but it
doesn’t have a flip screen, so you can’t really see yourself. Which I believe YouTubers kinda need. And it also doesn’t
have great face tracking in auto focus. So I would recommend
investing into at least a Canon T6i, which is
gonna cost $750 U.S., somewhere around there, and it’s gonna be similar to this 60D here. You’re gonna have great auto
focus, it’ll track your face, so you can know you’ll stay in focus. You can see yourself on the flip screen, but in that case, again,
you’re talking about double the price of
what like a Canon Vixia, one of the lower end
ones would be, and again, you get the flip screen, you’re gonna stay in focus the whole time
because everything’s in focus, but now you’re
comparing the two different image qualities. And so definitely things to be considering as you’re picking out your camera. And so as far as my final
thoughts, I recommend using DSLRs and mirrorless
cameras for YouTube the most. I don’t think the record
limit matters, because a lot of times you’re
shooting smaller clips, you’re communicating like
this, you’re probably not gonna talk for 50 minutes straight, and if you are, you can just restart it, you’re gonna edit it later. And the image quality
and customizability is so incredible on a DSLR. I remember when the
DSLR revolution happened back when the 5D Mark II
came out, and the Canon 7D that was the first DSLR that I got. And people were just blown
away because they produce images that are so much
better than a camcorder, and so much more
opportunities for storytelling with lenses at really an affordable price. And so that’s why I lean
towards DSLRs, mirrorless cameras for making YouTube videos. The one thing that we
still use camcorders for and like for camcorders
is basically seminars. If you need to talk for
45 minutes, 50 minutes, you’re filming a workshop,
it’s a lot more practical to put one of these on a
camcorder and just shoot the whole session and you’re good to go. And so I hope that helps
you make a better decision for which camera you want
to pick out going forward to build your YouTube channel. Question of the day, which
camera do you prefer? DSLR and mirrorless cameras, or camcorders when it comes to YouTube videos? Why do you like them,
why do you dislike them? What are the pros and
cons in your opinion? Let me know in the comments section below, and remember that some of the best tips and feedback come from you,
the Think Media TV community. So definitely connect with everybody in the comments section. So, thanks so much for
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