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Welcome. Deronda here with foods 101.
Today, I’m going to show you how to make these Butterscotch Haystack Treats.
Absolutely perfect for this holiday season. Excellent for gift-giving. I’m going to show you how simple and easy they are to make. You’re gonna need three and a half cups of miniature marshmallows, 1(11- ounce) bag of your butterscotch chips. It equals about two cups. Two (5-ounce) containers of Chow Mein Noodles. Yes these are made with these crunchy Chow Mein
Noodles. 3/4 cups of creamy peanut butter. To decorate the top…this is
optional. I’ve got red sugar crystals. I’ve got these red, green, and white
little pearls. They’re edible. I have these edible little snowflakes right
here. Let me show you how we’re gonna get this together. In a large microwave safe
bowl I’m adding our butterscotch chips. I’m gonna melt these according to the
package directions. I start off with 45 seconds in the microwave until it’s
looking like this. If you don’t get those butterscotch chips nice and creamy
after 45 seconds go ahead and microwave an additional 15 seconds, at a time, until you get this lovely creaminess on these butterscotch chips. We’re going to
add the peanut butter. That peanut butter should melt right away since
those chips are nice and warm. We’re gonna stir them together until they’re
well combined, very smooth and creamy it’s going to be. Add the Chow Mein
Noodles. As you can see they’re these very crunchy little noodles that just
crunch in half if you want to. Add both 5-ounce cans. Add all those marshmallows. We’re going to incorporate the marshmallows into that peanut butter and
butterscotch chips and till they’re nice and coated. You want to work quickly. I’ve
got my marshmallows and my noodles coated with this butterscotch chips and
that peanut butter mixture. If you hear those crunchy noodles cracking while you stir.
It no problem. This is ready to be dropped on to a cookie sheet that I’ve lined
with with parchment paper, optional. That way it won’t stick. With a
couple of spoons I’m just gonna spoon out a little haystack. Make sure you’ve
got a lovely little stack going on here. I got some going over the side of the
bowl. You’re gonna continue this until you have your mixture all lovely
and organized here on your cookie sheet. Don’t worry if one gets away from you.
You can go ahead and put it right back here on the top. I’m gonna put a little
marshmallow on top. Before your butterscotch chips start to set up on
you and harden. You’re gonna sprinkle and decorate it however you wish. I’ve
add a few little snowflakes over here. On these little haystacks I’m
adding a little red sugar. I’ve kind of done like a little Holly here on these.
I’ve left some just plain. So use your imagination. I really love the way
these have turned out with these snowflake and I’m using these little
candy shreds. You can buy these at any supermarket. It looks like a big
snowflake and then you just have a little bit of the snow flurries around
on top of your butterscotch haystacks. If you’d like to set these up faster you
can chill them in your refrigerator for the next 5 minutes. I like to serve my
Butterscotch Haystacks here on a plate. I like to separate them so you can see
the detail in each little haystack. I think it makes it look really
festive for the Christmas season. Okay, so I’ve got to try one of these. Here we go.
You’re gonna break it in half. They’ve not really completely set up, but
I’m really looking forward to seeing how they taste. Yum…lovely crunch, peanut butter,
butterscotch…Umm…and those marshmallow really pulls it all together. Give these
a try. It’s a fabulous holiday treat, or a treat any day of the year. I’m Deronda with foods 101. Give me thumbs up. Leave me a comment. Hit that notification
bell to be the first to get my new Youtube food videos. Merry Christmas!!
Happy Holidays!! I’ll catch you lovely people later…

5 thoughts on “BUTTERSCOTCH HAYSTACKS | Old-Fashioned Style | DIY Treats

  1. All your recipes look very delicious, the ones I try turn out well for me. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year

  2. What beautiful haystacks, Deronda. What did you enjoy about making haystacks? I wish you a very Merry Christmas, sweetie

  3. Happy Saturday! We put the chow mein noodles in our peanut butter sandwiches. πŸ™‚ So this recipe should be grand. πŸ˜€ Your videos have been a fun blessing….you have us saying "no peeking" every time we cook! Lol. We saw a cute little Christmas block that says "No Peeking." We were going to send it to you for Christmas, but we didn't see a mailing address. Meg

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