Bush’s Southwestern Style Pinto Beans Review- Pantry Recipe Southwest Chicken and Pinto Beans

Bush’s Southwestern style pinto beans review pantry clean out recipe southwest pinto beans and rice crazy cheap meals food storage hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’m always looking for new types of foods to put away in my pantry for my long-term food storage emergency food stockpile a
new canned bean that I found is these by Bush’s beans they are Bush’s southwestern style pinto
beans they have a savory flavor it’s like a barbecue sauce with red chilies and
some mild jalapeno peppers and it’s very delicious type of sauce these southwestern style pinto beans have a real savory sauce
that tastes great with something like pork ribs but Bush’s pinto beans are also a great addition to your long term food storage emergency stockpile because with just a can of savory beans and maybe some
leftover chicken or a can of chicken or some leftover pork roast you can make a
hearty meal just from the foods that you have on hand in your prepper pantry
you can see on the back of the Bush’s southwestern style pinto beans it has 3.5 servings at 110 calories each and each
serving has six grams of protein as usual canned foods have a lot of sodium
so pay attention to the sodium level if you’re stockpiling a lot of canned foods
I can open the can of pinto beans and you can see the beans are nice and firm and the sauce is
rich and thick I ordered these Bush’s southwestern pinto beans from Amazon and they came nicely packaged so that none of the cans were dented and they were only one dollar per can the
expiration date is 2020 I didn’t get to choose the best by use by expiration date because what you get is what you get it’s not like when you’re in the grocery store
and you can check the cans to see which ones have the longest expiration date
just remember the best buy use by date isn’t really an expiration date lots of
foods can keep long past their best by use by expiration date beans are one of those
foods that tend to last much longer than the best buy use by date here’s a quick
recipe from your long term food storage from your prepper pantry for the Bush’s southwestern style pinto beans all you need is one can of the pinto beans one can of chicken and a
half a cup of rice boil your water add your rice then open your can of beans
and your can of chicken put that on to simmer while your rice is
cooking one of the nice things about simmering things like beans that come
with a sauce is because it thickens it up and enriches the sauces just like
when we make our own baked beans or pasta sauces the longer we cook them the more rich and flavorful the sauce has become 20 minutes have a scoop of rice a scoop of southwestern style pinto beans with chicken top it with something like
cheese sour cream chopped onions whatever you have on hand and your crazy cheap dinner pantry clean out recipe is ready to eat this is good it’s nice to have different kinds of flavors of varieties
of foods in your long term emergency food storage pantry so we don’t suffer from food fatigue we don’t want
the same old chili day after day so find ways to kick it up a notch vary the
foods that you have your most of all make sure that you’re stockpiling foods
you’ll always have the things you need no matter what comes your way learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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