BTS: The K-pop Group Reveal Their Go-To Karaoke Songs, First Concerts & More | Entertainment Weekly

RM: Hola, somos
– ¡BTS! RM: Y estamos aquí en nuestra
BTS: Sesión de portada para Entertainment Weekly V: Sesión. BTS revela sus favoritos de la cultura Pop
trad : bradie.subs ✽ ✽ ¿Cuál fue la primera canción que escuchastéis? RM: 애국가 (Aegukga)
(El Himno Nacional de Corea del Sur) ♪ Cantan Aegukga ♪ ✽ ¿Cuál fue vuestro primer concierto? S: El concierto de Eminem RM: Él visitó Corea en 2009 RM: Suga, J-Hope y yo RM: Lo visitamos (fuimos al concierto) antes de que debutaramos. RM: Yeah, digamos Eminem. ✽ ¿Cuál son vuestras canciones favoritas para el karaoke? RM: Without me (Sin Mí) de Eminem S: Rap God (Dios del Rap) de Eminem JH: ¿Rap God? RM: ¿Eso es posible?
✽ Eminem rapeó 101 palabras en 16.45 segundos cuando lo promedio es 6.14 palabras por segundo. ✽ ¿Qué es lo más embarazoso que os a pasado en el escenario? RM: El color de la ropa interior que llevemos ese día es realmente importante. Por lo que tratamos que sea negro, pero a veces, usamos blancos. or rojo, si es así entonces será realmente vergonzoso. A tráves del cierre ✽ Todos vosotros son bien conocidos por vuestro único sentido de la moda. ¿Hay algo que nunca usariáis? RM: Soy muy abierto de mente.
Así que puedo usar lo que sea. JK: Ropa transparente. ✽ V, ¿Cuál película vieja tu crees que todos deberían ver? Cadena perpetua en España; Sueño de fuga en Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, México y Perú; y Sueños de libertad en Argentina RM: Una vez más ✽ ¿Qué está actualmente en vuesta lista de deseos? S: Siempre he querido presentarnos en los Grammys

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  1. USA entertainment. Could you give BTS about something more private please, like when is ur first kiss or when is your first date, or how to pick up line. Something cringe to hear about by fans. Im sick of it, hear some fuckin same questions. I want more i wanna know more about them. This is my ODC i think…

  2. Joins I'm open minded to any fashion choice was so in here good, I'm so proud of him, other guys would say heels or skirts but Joon ha soiteralky wore a skirt on top of his pants , he doesn't care, we love!!!

  3. Definitivamente ,Tae siempre se ve más relajado cuando está al lado Jin 😍, creo que esa seguridad no se la da nadie más #TaeJin 😍💜💘💜

  4. Everyone so desperate to meet them to hug them to kiss them because they're cute and handsome but there are are thousand of thousand helpless people or child who wants a hug a kiss no one cares about them they will die one day everyone will😒😒😒

  5. 💙블루태형💙심쿵사다..진짜 사람이아닌미모 같다ㅠ.ㅠ💙💙💙💙 blue V💙💙💙omg💘

  6. I'm sooo saddd maybe we can never get to peek what's hidding behind Jungkook's shirt cuzz the question was (in short) what would u never wear and my Kookie said TrAnSpArEnT clothes… I wanted to see his whole top…..but I'm not cookie I can't just force him.
    By the way: Share Ko Lng
    Philippine ARMY!!!

  7. 1:43 photographer: okay now everyone cover eachother's faces and eyes

    jin: keeps face revealed because it's too handsome to cover

  8. I am genuinely so happy that Namjoons and Yoongi's Karaoke songs are "Rap God" and "Without Me" because I love Eminem so much.

  9. I watched the movie he was referring to at 2:05. There is a lot a life messages in it. Sad movie but very good. Thank you Taetae !!!! Art, Music, 4D, this is you 🙂

  10. I know they all stayed relatively silent but I wonder if anyone's first concert was to see Girls' Generation (I know they'd be too embarrassed to admit it but just a sneaky thought :P)

  11. Tae singing at 0:25 low key sounds so amazing and he did it without much effort and now I want to hear him sing opera

  12. That fact that While they're singing the South Korea's National Anthem I got flashbacks that reminds me of the intro of their Rookie King Episodes 😭😭😂😂

  13. Taehyung saying “Shawshank redemption”’is my everything. That’s my absolutely favorite movie 😍😍

  14. 2:03 OMG V likes The ShawShank Redemption movie, my favorite of all times as well . Love you even more V 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. When they were talking about most embarrassing thing on stage i thought they were going to talk about when Jin cried when his pants fell on stage lol.

  16. I'm watching this at 1am so Jimin's spin during the photoshoot will keep me awake for months of how funny and cute it was 💜💜

  17. Namjoon: The underwear colour is important.
    Jimin: opening imaginary zipper

  18. You heard SUGA say "Perform at Grammys"


  19. Kookie, please, don’t refuse to use transparent clothes, I mean, I think everyone would like to see that🌚😂❤️

  20. namjoon..i m open minded i can wear any clothes..
    Did kookie just said "transparent clothes"??😂😂😂

  21. BTS saying Eminem , Jin saying ‘rap god’

    Jungkook looked at Suga, Suga looked speechless, the whole group laughed T^T

  22. Normally, in these types of interviews, I don't pay attention to photos they take in-between questions – but Yoongi is so cute at 1:43

    Everyone is either covering their own face or someone else's, but our Min Suga Jjang jjang Man Boongboong just grabbed Jin's hand and covered his eyes with them and then just sat there.

    We love our lil meow meow-

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