59 thoughts on “BRUTALLY HONEST BUFFBUNNY REVIEW | Legging dress?! Rosé collection, Luna leggings

  1. Been waiting a long time to be the first to like your video ❤️ you're AMAZING ❤️ Love your channel ❤️❤️

  2. Hey Kathryn! Great video again. Thank you so much for these. I'm just wondering… love the music in the background but it drowns out your voice a bit. Would you be able to turn the volume down just a tad? Just a question! Thank you again for so much hard work. 🙂

  3. I ordered from buff bunny a year ago and got everything in a xs and it was too small for me, I wanted to order again but was waiting for you opinions 😂😂😂😂

  4. I hate when leggings (like these and lulu) have that butt Seam that runs across and not over top your butt. Like I have a HUGE butt and those lines always hit me across the middle of my butt and it’s so unflattering!!! You look cute tho you always do ☺️

  5. I personally don’t like Buffbunny items. I feel like their items are CHEAP. They give me Chinese Wholesale Warehouse factory moment and I don’t like that because her brands prices are not affordable. Plus I have seen a lot of Chinese sellers have these exact items before in the past for way less which I find odd. I also find it strange how close the brand is to Athlepe (that other fitness apparel line) too. Like a lot of the Buffbunny associates would wear their shirts on in the background of her videos and she is still sponsored by the brand too on her IG. Plus she even goes to their gym too. So I thinking that brand owns some part of her company for sure.

  6. Before I knew better as a newbie gym goer I got a few luna leggings. Took me a while to realize that I don't have to live with leggings that sink down in the crotch area while I'm working out especially when they cost that much… But they are a newer company and I have plenty of other products from them that I absolutely adore. Besides I'm sure those leggins work great for someone else's body! Fun video!

  7. I got the marble leggings last launch and the shorts this launch and I love it and it's squat proof. I have learned to size up thou. Yeah you definitely need to size up for all buffbunny pieces

  8. This is the first time i see a non sponsored buff bunny collection review that doesn't dislike the brand, i personally really like their stuff, i couldn't care less about the past drama, i just want good and cute gym clothes that i can wear to the gym or casually, keep up the good work.

  9. Love your reviews! The dress looked great on you, but what were they thinking with no built in bra?!! And they sent it with pads to put in the nonexistent bra?! Perhaps the silicone sisters can go without a built in bra, but I think most women prefer some support.

  10. I had those Luna leggings and I completely agree w you on your review. I sold them because they weren’t as flattering as they should be for that price

  11. Definitely size up! With victoria secret, gymshark, bombshell, and all other brands im a medium in leggings! I got a medium in the black rose gold leggings from buff bunny and its tiiiiight! Im able to wear them but i definitely need to size up next time 🙁 its a struggle getting them on!

  12. In comparison to others who tried the dress that I have seen you wore it better even though you didn't like it

  13. I really don't like seams, or the "contour" like in the back of the first pair, I feel like it does nothing for the butt. However I feel like sometimes these seams have to be added to support the pockets on the side

  14. If you are going to make a video about activewear care, I would like to add my tip. Wash your activewear in a microplastics protective bag or get a filter for your washing machine. There is so much microplastic that releases from activewear (which is basically all plastic) in the wash and just goes straight to the lakes, rivers and oceans. Yes, it's not much and might feel like an absolute drop in the ocean (get it) but it's something!

  15. Have you tried a strapless bra with the dress? (I like wonderbra, find they have super decent support for larger busts).
    Anyway, loved this video!
    Can you do a high support sports bra comparison video? That'd be pretty great! (Maybe some victoria secret's, shock absorber in it?)
    Really like Cleo Harper btw for medium support bra's, think they look super cute.

  16. I think the sizing depends on the fabric and fit of the leggings . Im usually between an XS and S and some leggings i can fully size down to a XS since the fabric is super stretchy and others i have to go with a S because the fabric is more compressive.

  17. I'd love an activewear care video! I just bought and tried using one of those lingerie/delicates laundry bags for some of my activewear to keep it separate in the wash, but I feel like everything didn't get clean enough 🙁

  18. I reviewed this line as well, and I'm glad I watched yours because I was curious about the dress! I also found the Rose sports bra to have a loose band. I thought maybe I needed to size down but after wearing it a few times now, I think the band is just loose!

  19. The Athena leggings were their best leggings imo. I bought a pair and Luna ones as well a few months back and returned the Luna right away. Sad they don’t have Athena ones anymore so won’t buy anything from them again.

  20. Great review. Any chance of finding cheaper dupes for the joggers? I’m in Australia and the exchange rate puts them waaaaayyyh out of my budget

  21. Could you do a review of Sweaty Betty? They're so expensive and I know you could tell if they were really worth it!

  22. Your channel is really good! loved watching! wishing you huge success with your channel and future endeavour!

  23. I guess sizing is different for everyone. Your legs aren't muscular or super thick but yet a medium so I'm so confused about sizing..I watched so many reviews. I'm obsessed with Buffbunny joggers want leggings but sizing is everything

  24. I wanted the dress but my mom boobs need support or we looking in different directions throughout the day. Thanks for the review

  25. Totally found a “dupe” on misswho outdoor store. Looks like crap quality tho. I’d totally love the rose short set tho.

  26. Legging dress? Interesting lol, I thought they were called body cons?! Anyways, can you please review cute booty next! I've been so curious about them.

  27. You care about fitness, fashion, and teeth…and that is just utterly amazing, and you're definitely a wonderful display of radiant success. Keep up the excellent work!

  28. Have you ever done a Til You Collapse review? I’d love to see you review them! Just found your page and LOVE your honesty and raw review!!!

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