Brace Yourselves, Harry Styles’ Album ‘Fine Line’ Is Coming Sooner Than We Expected | Billboard News

♪ All the lights couldn’t
put out the dark. ♪ – Lights up indeed. After weeks of teasing
fans with cryptic tweets, Harry Styles has finally
announced his sophomore album is called “Fine Line” and
will arrive on December 13th. Styles hit us with the
HS2 info on Twitter, with the caption “Fine
Line. The Album. Dec 13” attached to this photo of his album art. I mean look at him, the pink
shirt, the flared pants, that pose. Fashion icon. We can’t wait. ♪ Step into the light. ♪ – Fans are losing it on social media, with this user saying, “Harry Styles said F toxic masculinity”. Taylor Swift is also trending on Twitter, because the album is released
on her 30th birthday. ♪ We never go out of style. ♪ ♪ We never go out of style. ♪ – December is gonna be that month. Now, for more on the album
and all the fan reactions, hit For Billboard News, I’m Tetris Kelly.

6 thoughts on “Brace Yourselves, Harry Styles’ Album ‘Fine Line’ Is Coming Sooner Than We Expected | Billboard News

  1. But what laziness is still using sexuality to capture public, that already change the subject … or do not believe in his talent? so much that he defends the gay community and yet he hides what he is, very absurd! Using this theme to create fame makes me very, very low… by the way, his look does not favor anything,VERY UGLY! if the he has reached the law of the small donkey!

  2. The song 'Style that Taylor wrote is
    really about Harry Styles for sure,
    just sayin..❀ love that song to.
    but I love Harry Styles more, love
    His songs, he such old charming
    soul, love his soulful vocal voice,
    He's so talented..β€πŸ‘‘

    Harry Styles use to be my big crush
    In One Direction, I still love him, and
    respect him more, He's very skillful
    Intelligent indeed, and knows what
    He wants, and fact He finds His true self now, plus He's so humble, and adore his fans to even tho He is abit over edge rock star guy…πŸ˜‚β€πŸ‘‘πŸ₯°

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