1. bodybuilding is the greatest thing that ive known in my life , its not a hobby, not much for vanity purpose but its a fuckin' lifestyle..yeah
    thanks for the good motivational videos @makaveli

  2. Great edit!! What app or filter do u use to make the cover look like a comic book? I found some but they suck

  3. Its 100% fake….this steroid user always show the food,workout and posing…should show the real daily life the part when their injecting the steroid into the body…revealed the truth….

  4. Good video, I wish there was some new footage from Ron though. I remember seeing all that quite a few years back.

  5. I punish my self with legs yesterday and my body is broken right now haha. I almost stayed in bed this morning . Until I saw this!!! Fucking woke me the fuck up!! Thanks bro!

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