Blood Sweat Tears to make a perfect fashion show [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.01]

(The mecca of Korean fashion, Seoul Fashion Week) She’s causing trouble. Why did she pick something so difficult? He said that she’s causing trouble. Careful. What is that? (Something enormous enters the scene) (What is this enormous thing?) It looks like they hung up blankets. Yes. It’s a tassel made from paper. A summer feeling. They changed the stage for Miss Gee’s show… – Two days before the show. / – Yes. We’re planning on making all of this by hand. (I’ll be the one making it) (The paper tassels were made in 2 days) They’re massive. How did they make it all in just two days? (100% handmade by the Works team) Goodness. Every time we see CEO Kim’s video, it always starts with CEO Choi sighing. My lovely papers. I cut each piece of paper, one-by-one and… The important thing is that it was all done by hand. – Seriously. / – One-by-one… I cut it, folded it and glued it. You can speak honestly. You worked your butt off. My hands are shaking. The models always see the stage… – After it has been completed. / – Yes. – I didn’t know that the employees… / – You didn’t. Worked that hard. (About 2,100 pieces of paper per line) 12 thousand pieces of paper? (A total of 12,600 pieces of paper) Do you feel sorry when you see things like that? No. – No? / – Yes, it’s work. If the results are good, it becomes a great resume builder for her. It’s a problem if I can’t give her that kind of chance. – That’s her role as the PD? / – Yes. (Creating the stage is the PD’s job) CEO Kim. You caused trouble again. You caused trouble again. That over there though… (Something catches CEO Kim’s eyes) – The curly part? / – Yes. Which part is curly? (What is the problem?) It’s paper, there’s nothing wrong with it curling up. You can’t see it. She’s amazing at finding things like that. – Only this part pops out. / – Yes. Can’t we just spray some water on it? I tried it before but it absorbs too much of the water. (They need to unfold 3,500 pieces of writing paper) – Writing paper. / – Writing paper. Writing paper used to draw blueprints. You should’ve put this down here. Goodness. You picked the most visible spot to put it. (She’s too much…) It’s ruined. The difference between a pro and an amateur… – Is their attention to detail. / – Yes. Professionals never miss a detail. Details are what decides victory… – Between professionals. / – Did you… Speak to each other before we started the show today? No, we didn’t. You’re protecting each other really well. No, I’m sympathizing with her. That’s right. What are you agreeing with? (He tries to hop on the bandwagon) Writing paper can easily curl up. They’re uncurling each one by hand, right? (There are even pieces of it floating around) (Goodness) (On the other hand, CEO Kim) (Has moved to the second floor) Jimin. A few pieces fell out. Where did it fall out? At the top. Honestly, you can’t even see that part. A few pieces fell out. (Even her vision is unbeatable) Jimin, you need to remove the top portion. That does seem to be a problem. It looks problematic, even to us. It got folded backward. They should take that out. It’s very high. (Out of the frying pan, into the fire) Please unfold this area first. (Paper hell for all the employees) It’s always like this. CEO Kim’s shows are always like this. Why is this so difficult? Is everything fixed? That part is missing as well. (When they finish putting the final pieces of paper…) It’s done now. (12,500 pieces of paper) (The stage is finally complete) It is really nice though. Change the color slightly to match the floor. Blue. (Why were you so concerned with the lights?) It’s too dark. In other shows, there are only about 30 outfits. However, Miss Gee has 75 outfits. That’s almost double the number of outfits. Models walk out 75 times. It gets boring for the people watching, so there needs to be something rhythmical which can uplift the atmosphere. That’s the function of the lights. If there are 75 outfits, does the show last for longer? No, the time remains the same. – The same as 30 outfits. / – So it progresses faster? Yes, the models are much faster. They probably have no time at all… – To change their outfits. / – It’s much faster. It’s 75 outfits after it was reduced. In the past, she used to have 100 outfits. If you’re showcasing 100 outfits, aren’t the models practically running around? We just go and… She’s standing up again. It’s her occupational disease. You come out from backstage like this and if the stage is up here, you do all sorts of poses and then come back in. The moment you get backstage, you run like crazy because you need to change 5 more times. (The thrilling backstage will be revealed shortly) Do it outside. Line up correctly. Walk like you normally do. (Oh, no) (CEO Kim suddenly goes downstairs) (She’s here) – It’s nice, right? / – Yes. (Boss Kim’s boss, Miss Gee, has arrived) She’s an amazing person. She looks satisfied. (An Avante-Garde stage) This is how it usually is. This is nice too. Last season. This is nice as well. (A completely new stage every season) Oh, this is nice. (A luxurious stage) It’s very majestic. You did a good job. Thank you. That’s a relief. Jimin worked on this all night. She can’t hop very well. She should be hopping up and down but she doesn’t have the strength. Goodness, she lost so much weight. I felt like the world was mine. It’s a very important show for us and it was a very burdensome show for me. People like Miss Gee make the inner parts of the clothes themselves. – Starting from the lining… / – Oh, really? To the buttons, she makes them all by herself. Even underwear. – I heard that as well. / – Even the underwear? – Yoonju has consistently been on her show. / – Yes. Miss Gee even stitches the stockings. – Yes, everything. / – Really? She even makes her own thread. She stitches the stockings? I’m getting very curious about the show. (Meanwhile, the models for Miss Gee’s show…) (A welcoming face, Lee Hyunyi) (And Jang Yoonju) That’s Jang Yoonju and Lee Hyunyi. (23 models are being transformed) Should we open the tips a bit more? – Do you like it? / – Yes. (Miss Gee checks up on the make-up) (In the meanwhile, the spectators enter as well) A lot of celebrities came as well. – Isn’t that Son Taeyoung? / – Son Taeyoung. Oh Yoonah. A lot of celebrities came to watch. Kim Sungryoung and EL. (The seats for Miss Gee’s show are sold out!) Looks like we’re about to start, line them up. Alright. I’m nervous. Quickly. Work a bit faster, please. (Jimin checks on each model) Yoonju, Jihye, Sunghee. Jihyeon. – Finish up at the end. / – Yes. Make sure to walk in one-by-one. Is CEO Kim listening? Jang Yoonju. Kim Soyeon. Respond, Kim Soyeon. Oh, mother. Kim Soyeon, are you listening? Housekeeper Jang. Does she end up laughing on stage as she jokes around like this? She’s always very playful. Yoonju never laughs herself. She makes other people laugh? But she makes people laugh on her way back in. Oh, as she passes them by. I can imagine that. The models that are next after her always laugh after seeing her face. It’s okay for her as long as she’s done her part. That’s right. CEO Kim Soyeon. Do well today and don’t mess up the show. If you do well, everyone will do well. Can I tell you what she said? What did she say? She said that if you do well, everyone will do well. (They’re relaxed because they’re veterans) When the show starts, make sure to cheer. Alright. Why are they cheering? Is it to get riled up? It’s something that’s been passed on for generations for Miss Gee’s shows. – Is it a superstition? / – A ceremony. – A ceremony? / – Yes. There are younger models between… – All these top models. / – Yes. – They’re all standing like this. / – Frozen. Miss Gee thinks that if they cheer beforehand, these new models will be a bit more… – Relaxed. / – Yes. That’s her intention. That’s nice. (The time of the show approaches) (Miss Gee’s show is finally starting) It’s starting now. (For the 15-minute show…) It’s exactly 15 minutes. They prepared for this for several months. (Finally) (The anticipated show begins) Let’s go. Let’s start with the lights off. (Lights off) – 1, 2, 3. / – 1, 2, 3. (Make some noise!) – They can hear you outside, right? / – Yes. Yes, the spectators can hear it as well. Do you do this every year? Yes, every season for Miss Gee’s shows only. – I see. / – Only for Miss Gee’s shows. (Cheering) Music, cue. (Lights, cue) Oh, how cool. Come out. Alright, turn the lights on for the floor. (Nervous) – Jang Yoonju is so cool. / – Jang Yoonju. How cool.4 She’s no longer playful… – Like she was before. / – She’s so pretty. She’s playful on her way back, right? (As expected from Yoonju, Miss Gee’s muse) You need to not look at Yoonju’s face here. – You shouldn’t look at her face? / – Yes. Here’s Park Jihye. – It seems like they’re posing at the end. / – Yes. She’s been a model for 12 years. Kim Sunghee. Oh, this is Kim Sunghee? Yes, the Prada model. (So far, so good) She’s even famous abroad. – A model for 15 years, Lee Hyunyi. / – Lee Hyunyi. Those eyebrows weren’t a mistake, right? No, her makeup was completed. – It was? / – Yes, it was. All my makeup was completed. (Lee Sunhee, Hong Eunhee, Lee Junghyun, EL) (Kim Sungryoung) You look pretty. (She straightens out the model’s dress) It looks good on you. Thank you. (She didn’t walk up to the end of the stage) Tell the models to walk a bit more to the end. Walk a bit more to the end of the stage. (She immediately relays the message) The models haven’t been walking to the end. – Come out. / – Go. So that’s how they do it. (Lee Sunjung’s walking shows off the outfit) How pretty. (A design which shows positive energy) You used the outfits and the props to design the stage. Yes, there’s glitter. – Please stop them… / – Are they one team? From rehearsing their script. I think that they rehearsed a script. – They allied up. / – They made a promise… To help each other today. (Only the bosses know what they’re thinking) (Park Jihye’s charismatic gaze) (Choi Myunggil) Let’s go. (It’s chaotic backstage) Where’s Yang Mira? (PD Jimin is looking for a model) Do it out here. – Let’s go. / – Do it outside. (She’s next up but she doesn’t have time) Hurry up. It’s alright, she’s done. Fix her shoes. – Are your shoes alright? / – Yes. Let’s go. (She checks, even though she’s in a rush) That was close. (The show is progressing smoothly) (But at that moment!) What? – What’s wrong, CEO Choi? / – It fell off. What did? – The accessory. / – Oh, my. (The shoe’s accessory fell off) Oh, no. What is it? She’s the one that came out in a rush, right? The accessory from the shoe fell off. What should they do about that? Should the next person kick it off the stage? No, they just need to avoid it as they walk. For example, when Kate Moss was modeling in a show last time… – Yes. / – One of her heels fell off because it was big. Oh, no. But she walked like she was still wearing heels. – Oh, on her tip-toes? / – Yes. – She walked with one heel on. / – Like this? Weren’t the people laughing? The way I see it, I think it’ll be better if she takes off the other shoe and walks while holding it instead of walking tip-toed. But the moment you take off the shoes… – Your speed will fall behind. / – Right. She needs to maintain her speed. So she can’t. Look carefully at the shoes. Check your shoes one more time. One of the accessories fell off. Accessories. For people like us in the variety world, we would’ve picked that up. The next person, that is. We don’t get chances like that. If I was Lee Hyunyi, I would’ve picked it up and put it in my bag. Quickly. Her name is Park Jihye. She’s very famous abroad. (She participates in famous brand shows) Korean models’ bodies aren’t lacking these days. Yes, they’re no longer lacking. (The last model wearing ordinary clothes) She’s the last one. – The last one. / – Go. The last model has gone on stage. We’re going to be showing the dresses now. I’ll give you the sign to turn off the lights. – Oh, there were dresses as well. / – Yes. Oh, right. They wore flowers on their heads as well. Don’t walk slowly, walk like you normally do. – Hold on. / – What’s wrong? All the shoes were big. (She’s anxious about the big shoes) The shoes are causing trouble. She’s a veteran model though, so she looks natural. (After the last model for the ordinary clothes…) Turn off the lights. Let’s change the music. (Nervous) Even Jang Yoonju gets nervous. She does. – Yoonju, come out. / – Let’s go. The reason you get nervous about the dresses is… – Because you might step on it? / – Yes. Because the dress is long. How cool. The dress and the stage are perfect together. The background is coming to life. (Lee Junghyun) (As Yoonju shows off her grace…) (The hats are causing trouble backstage) (She goes out in a rush) Careful. (But she looks cool on stage) If you look… – They’re very busy backstage. / – They are. But on stage, they’re very elegant, as if nothing happened. I can’t take my eyes off of them. Their faces are a tenth of the size of their bodies. She has a very small head. We’re going to start immediately. Don’t turn off the lights. – They walk out together for the finale, right? / – Yes. (The walking for the dresses is finished) Are you lined up in the back? Are you lined up? (In a rush) Come out. – Go. / – Come out. Alright, change it, please. (They’re walking elegantly on stage) (But they’re running frantically backstage) No. Make sure that the dress doesn’t sag. Go forward. Oh, the designer joins them later, right? No, the designers come out alone these days. Oh, really? Yes, Miss Gee will come out by herself. (The final performance comes to an end) Turn off the lights. Alright, give me white lights now. Alright, come out, Miss Gee. (Miss Gee decorates the stage as the finale) (Great job, Miss Gee) (Great job) (They finish well, thanks to her keen senses) CEO Kim is charismatic. – There weren’t any accidents, right? / – No. Do people buy a lot of clothes from fashion shows? Yes, they do. (An unforgettable stage) (A stage made by everyone) (And the one who managed it all, Kim Soyeon) (The show finished flawlessly) (How did the spectators react?) – It’s been so long. / – The show was so short. – It was? / – Yes. That’s Lee Sunhee. (No time for people to get sick of the performance) This show was the coolest. Lee Junghyun. The newlywed bride. (They’re cleaning up the stage) Miss Gee. – Great job. / – Oh, Miss Gee. – Great job. / – People said that it ended too quickly. I should’ve made it longer. I should’ve done it again if that was the case. – Part 1 and part 2. / – Great job. We’ll see you next time, Miss Gee. Thanks. – We should meet separately. / – Yes, Miss Gee. I’ll grab a date with my employees. Okay. (Itaewon on an autumn night) We’re all done now, right? I have one left tomorrow. Oh, right. Sorry. Anyway, great job. Yes. What is that? It looks like a traditional market. – Yes, we always go there. / – Is that Itaewon? I thought that you’d be going to a club or a bar. – We always go there. / – Where is that? The market? Great job. – Good job today, guys. / – Great job. Jimin, you stayed up all night yesterday. Great job. Eat some food. (They poured everything they had into the show) By the fourth day, if you do three to four shows a day, it gets very tiring. It was like that every season though. Whenever she finishes her show, she does a team dinner for herself. It’s not a team dinner for us. Oh, the other people. Do they still have shows left? She’s slowly… The other people aren’t done yet. Yes, but I’m done. (Goodness) Paper hell. (The food that they ordered is served) Paper hell. It really was paper hell. (The soy sauce marinated crabs come out first) Wow, this place looks good. She’s giving us all that for free. – Oh, really? / – Yes. – The soy sauce marinated crabs? / – Yes. – Even the mackerel? / – Yes, it was for free. Then what’s the main dish? We ordered this one. We also ordered the steamed stingray. Steamed stingray. (Boss Kim loves Korean food) That looks good. (I’m so happy!) (She tries a sip of the kimchi stew first) (This is the taste that I was looking for!) They’re here. Hurry up. – Nice to see you. / – Hurry up. (Who came to the team dinner?) Welcome. (They came after they finished their schedules) Sit down. (The three models are Boss Kim’s close friends) (What kind of boss is Kim Soyeon?) She’s the most cheerful boss from all the bosses that I know. She’s efficient at getting things done. She’s displaying her social skills. She’s a boss who’s like an older sister. – Older sister? / – She considers the smallest details. That’s the kind of CEO she is. To me, she’s an uncomfortable boss. (Astonished) – She says what she wants. / – That’s the right way. – That’s it. / – She’s the youngest one. After she said that though, the three of them look so happy. Because she’s speaking the truth. If she wasn’t telling the truth… – They’d say, “What are you saying?” / – Right. But they’re surprised that she actually said it. That’s what it looks like. Hyunyi looks like she won the lottery. She looks like she won the lottery. (Furious, having the most fun) I look so happy. Isn’t it obvious that she’d be uncomfortable? We’ve worked with her for 12 years. That’s right. How dare you. Sit down. Where’s Hyunyi? Hyunyi said that she has to take care of something, so she’ll come after she’s done. Hurry up and eat. You’re hungry, right? I’m a bit thirsty. Of course, you are. Alcohol? Jimin? When were you a model? Sunjung is the youngest. – Yes. / – Right, she’s the youngest. She should stand right up. That’s right. The adults are here. Are you still ordering the youngest around? You haven’t stopped doing that yet? Did you come after cleaning everything up? (She’s scooping up some stew for her) I’ll do it. (Restless) The person closest to the food can scoop up the food. The youngest one always does the work. (She’s trying to pour out the alcohol) (But she poured too much) (Oh, no) (Wary) (Let’s give it to her for now) CEO Kim. Oh. Are you trying to kill me? Are you trying to kill me? (She criticizes every one of her actions) – That’s right. / – She always has something to say. (Poor Sunjung) That’s correct. (You know that I meant well, right?) Hyunyi is here. Hyunyi, come here. – I’m sorry that I’m late. / – It’s alright. Hyunyi. – Hello, Hyunyi. / – I’m sorry that I’m late. (They automatically stand up) I’m sorry. I can’t yell at Hyunyi. (Hyunyi came a bit late to the party) I think that the three of us should drink separately. Did you drink a lot already? Us? No. We just started. Don’t you feel anxious though? Sometimes when I watch Miss Gee’s shows… – The poses are held for a long time. / – I know. I posed very simply today though. You? No, you didn’t. I felt like I was posing simply. – No, when you… / – The moment you came out… Your gaze. I couldn’t stand there with a hazy gaze. – I should have a sharp gaze. / – No. When she was coming out, her shoulders were going like this. (Like this) Your shoulders were moving like this. Do you know how you held the bag? (Are the models competitive on Miss Gee’s shows?) A lot of people were in the past, about 10 years ago. They’re not that competitive now though. They all just pose normally. (Other shows just have simple walking) (But for Miss Gee’s shows) (They have the freedom to pose) (A sexy provocation) Miss Gee likes when we hold those poses though. She likes it a lot. She tells us to pose more. It’s one of the few shows where I can show off my talent. – One of the few shows remaining. / – Seriously. I took a video… – Of each one of you. / – Let’s see. Show us. Hold on, who is this? Look at Yoonju. (They check Yoonju’s walking) She was walking very powerfully in the beginning. She was having fun. She was posing like this. Look at this. Look. (Rehearsal, actual show) (Shake, shake) She’s different from the rehearsal. They don’t show off their best during rehearsals. Yes, they walk slowly. Who’s next? – Jihye. / – Jihye. I didn’t pose for a long time. – Let’s see how long she posed for. / – You’re wrong. (What do you mean?) You posed for longer than her. (Jihye was right after Yoonju) (Oh, Yoonju is walking differently) She saw Yoonju. (She walks with strength, following Yoonju’s example) “Oh, so you’re going to walk like that, Yoonju?” (Even a relaxed, top pose) – She posed for a while. / – Yes. She almost looks like she wasn’t going to go back. (Her pose was longer than Yoonju’s) It’s much longer. Jihye, not only did you pose longer but you walked slowly about 10 steps before. You know what I mean, right? Starting from 10 steps before the pose. (That was my differentiation strategy) How much did she drink before she got drunk? Who is this? Sunghee. – She differentiated herself. / – She took it off. Sunghee took it off. Oh, she’s overacting. – She didn’t do that during rehearsals, right? / – Yes. (A much stronger performance than the rehearsal) They don’t do anything during the rehearsals. (Rehearsal, actual show) Will the last model do a girl group dance? – She didn’t take it off during the rehearsal. / – No. They didn’t do anything. She walked very simply. (She walked calmly during the rehearsals) She took it off. Sunghee took it off. You took it off. – I saw that. / – You do things like that. I saw you taking it off. – It’s a bit competitive. / – She’s old-fashioned. Oh, no. I’m next. Look at this. Hyunyi was clean and simple. – What did I do? / – Yes, I walked very simply. She walked like this. (She walked like this) (Did she?) CEO Kim, you look drunk. I wasn’t. She’s shaking her shoulders a lot. Look at her shaking her shoulders. She’s walking like a gangster. (She’s walking chicly) She’s walking like she dislocated her shoulder. (But she’s also shaking her shoulders) Why did I do that? (It’s not this bad) How many glasses did you drink? I didn’t drink. How can you be like that though? She’s like that even when she drinks water. Oh, really? (The competitive runway world) It’s really competitive. Sunghee did the most drastic walking. – When she took off the jacket? / – Yes. No one did any of that during the rehearsals. – They didn’t. / – Nobody did that… During the rehearsals. – During the actual show though… / – But… That’s how it always is. The way I see it, I think that all of you are… You were no joke though. No different from each other? – The youngest one. / – No. No, that’s not it. You were all no joke. We were no joke? No, you… Oh, we dragged it on for too long. Did we take too long? No. (No, that’s not it) I’m sorry. It’s always hardest for the youngest one. I’m sorry. What can she say to all those famous models? (How did you feel when they teased you?) It was nice. – She’s socializing now. / – It was nice and… (Laughs) She’s spitting. (Laughing) She realized that her response was fake. (She’s overwhelmed with emotion) She’s running into a mental wall. (She fails at socializing) Anyway… We do this show every year but every year, I get nervous and anxious. Did you write this speech down beforehand? I thought I was watching a play. I was speaking well, why did you interrupt me? CEO Kim needs to keep it brief as well. – She does. / – Let me try again. She shouldn’t get emotional by herself. She’s going to go again? I’m going to go again. We do this show every year… That’s right. But every year, I get nervous… – And anxious. / – Oh, really? It’s all thanks to you. I’m always so excited. You socialize really well. We didn’t have it during the rehearsals but during Miss Gee’s shows, I think that the models play a big role. Anyway, thanks. No, the director plays the biggest role. That’s right. – She’s good. / – Stop lying. She’s good. She’s no ordinary person when it comes to flattery. She does it like a mother. I understand, thank you. – Thank you. / – Next season… – Great job. / – Let’s do well next season as well. – Great job. / – Let’s survive! – Let’s survive. / – Let’s survive. For a long time.

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  1. Lmao people came for the title, actually the word blood sweat and tears even it was a song it can be used in other area, as much I want to say it wasn't clickbait it was clickbait for some people.

    I'm here for the video tho 🙌

  2. CEO kim should just make their model a variety show or something. I would love to see how they working during different season, different concept, different design, different model runaway etc.. I think I'm addicted to watching these kind of behind the scene of fashion and model industry. It's fascinating thoo

    P/s Is ceo kim will stay on boss in the mirror? Or just for a while??

  3. 4:52 – 5:20 i was like "wait i recognize this inst. it's from a song i hear a lot recently but which song???????" i listened to a lot of groups lately and ooff remembered it! it's instrumental of Blue Flame by ASTRO

  4. To all the people triggered about others coming to the video because of the title- I think we have every right to think it could be linked to BTS as we all know KBS world has made several,if not many references to BTS. The song is literally named like that,so on basic knowledge and mindset,people would link the title would the song then would be wrong- no big deal. Don't make this bigger than it has to be.

  5. As someone who has always been interested in the fashion industry, I found this highly educational. Thank you

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  7. Honestly I kinda don’t understand why they had to put “Blood Sweat Tears” in capitals, it just seems more misleading and putting “Blood sweat tears” would’ve been a more better approach.

  8. SO since when did "Blood Sweat Tears" become intellectual property of BTS. Maybe it's because I'm old but this saying has been around way before BTS were even born. Usually used in the context of hard work whether it's for athletes, career paths, or whatever.

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  10. I don't get why people came for the title as they probably thought it would involve BTS or something else, however (blood, sweat, and tears) also refers to how much work they put through this fashion runway.

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