Blondey McCoy: Life of a 20-Year-Old Fashion Icon, Artist and Skateboarder | HYPEBEAST Diaries

People going mental about that taxi slam I was getting hit by cabs like five times a week at that point The cabbie was livid because he saw that I landed straight on my feet So him and the general public around me on the crossing just skipped sympathy and it was just straight to anger, they called me an asshole and I was just like, wait wow I’ve got a lot of adrenaline in me right now just waiting for just to sort of realized that I’ve broken a rib or something but it was totally fine, I went to see Mathilda at the theater like two hours later Loads of things about my life
I’ve found that I’ve had to change or stressed out because I’ve been skating
and I’ve been trying a trick for six hours and not done it or it started
raining and I’ve got all of this pent up aggression or anxiety and I’ve over sort
of my teenage years found lots of other ways of suppressing that In creating artworks and clothing
skateboard videos or whatever it is but creating itself is the only thing that’s
provided some immediate sort of relief for me I always just think of that Keith
Haring quote that art is for everyone because all of my favorite art is not
pretentious and pretty easy to understand and easy and free to enjoy so
to have been given the opportunity to create the three murals in New York well
it’s amazing obviously and I hope people like them as much as I do because
they’re pretty fucking hard to miss I never at any point decided I want to be a
designer I want to be a model or I want to be a skateboarder or an artist it’s
just all falling into place very naturally What did she say? Oh that’s kind I started skating for Palace when I was
probably 14 or 15 in the last couple of months of filming for Palasonic the
big video you know there was a lot on I had Thames main line the Fred Perry
project the jewelry project Us and Chem which meant a huge amount to me squeezed
in an Arena HOMME story and the Burberry campaign and all the Burberry stuff the
only time I could really possibly find to skate was between the hours of about
midnight and 5:00 in the morning which is why a lot of my parts filmed in
Piccadilly Circus in Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square areas that would
otherwise would be flooded with tourists during the day As time’s gone on it
used to be total relief for me from everything else and now the standards
are so hard particularly with like when you go on trips like the best
skateboarders in the world are there you have to perform some sort of certain
standard and it’s like kind of not so much fun as it it’s like work a little
bit I’ve what I really like to do is go skating on my own for like six hours
with no one filming me I don’t really think of myself as a 20
year old I don’t think a lot of people do which is quite to make things easier
because people definitely taking it seriously seriously I banged on it before a gypsy started
talking to me it’s such a high concentration of fun in a low surface
area it’s not even open should go home I’d like to be arrogant enough to say do
as I do and yeah don’t bother with school and do whatever you want it will
work out probably but I think it’s probably safer to say just don’t do
anything you don’t want to do or feel pressured or forced to be anyone but
yourself No I don’t really feel like I’ve got time to be overwhelmed by anything I do get stressed out obviously quite often I have like sort of five
or six things on the boil at the same time but I’ve no one to blame for that but

100 thoughts on “Blondey McCoy: Life of a 20-Year-Old Fashion Icon, Artist and Skateboarder | HYPEBEAST Diaries

  1. Not sure why this guy is glorified so much.

    His artwork is sub par at best and all he ever does is talk about himself and how ‘hard’ his rich life is.

    It must be so hard having to skate all the time and have people take photos of you. He’s one neeky middle class white boy who enjoys playing the melancholic card.

  2. Of course he was livid. You were riding through a box junction on a skateboard and he could have very easily been responsible for ending your life. Fucking speng.

  3. …for young people i think its very important to do things you don't want to do. the lessons you'll learn from it may spare you having to do things you don't want to do as an adult.

  4. Side chick can you come over ( main texts "on my way to suck the soul back into you" ) Me expelling what append to us hanging out at 0:09

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  6. 3:18 this is totally true, skating is at its prime when youre on your own and not trying to impress or show off to anyone! the key aspect of skateboarding is doing whatever you feel like is fun

  7. Super inspiring to do this much in all of these different creative fields. And only at 20. (Also I see you with that joji music, Hypebeast)

  8. 0 talent…and he was never a relevant skater, his skills are pity but the hipster blogs love fake people like this guy….

  9. Bro that thing about the cab driver and the other people skipping sympathy was so real. If he would have landed on his back or something or would just lie there bet they would have came in rushing to see if he's okay and if he's hurt or some shit but just because he landed on his feet he's that ignorant arsehole skater who doesn't watch where he's going and it's all his fault.

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