Big Pink Dress

Hi, my name is Emma Lewel-Buck and I’m the Labour Party Candidate for South Shields in the General Election I’m here today with my good friend and one of our local heroes, Colin, Big Pink Dress Colin is going to tell us all about his experience of the NHS in the USA Yeah, I used to live in New Orleans quite a long time ago and I’ve seen that side of the NHS sort of working and I snapped my hamstring unfortunately when I was over there and I had to wait hours upon hours just just to get clearance to go to the hospital I see the working, if I didn’t have my insurances in place I would end up paying $100,000 it’s ridiculous how they work it over there I’ve got to be honest, I’ve seen it and I see this going this way over here and I’m terrified that our NHS will end up like that this is why I’m voting for Labour and Emma because we can’t let the NHS be destroyed Our local hospital, Emma campaigns endless for because they’re getting rid of the Children’s wards and all this and it is just beyond a joke I mean I use the NHS a lot, I’ve had a lot of injuries I’ve had a heart problem and all this and I am 100% grateful for the work they do So what I want is for you to get out and vote for Labour because that’s the only way this is ever, ever going to stay ok And Colin do you maybe want to tell people a bit about why you are in a Big Pink Dress Yeah, yeah that might actually help, mightn’t it See I raise money for various charities It all started in 2014, I run marathons, half marathons all in different outfits I’m nicknamed now the Big Pink Dress because the first few were the Big Pink Dress but there’s all various colours and all different charities I do a lot for Breast Cancer Now for Macmillan, all different kinds of charities but I try my hardest and I see the hard work other people do and I want to help as much as I possibly can and this is why I’m voting for Emma She does so much for this area and this community and that’s what I want people to get behind It is so easy to see, she works hard and that’s what you need in an MP So you’ll be voting Labour on Thursday? 100% Lovely Colin, always nice to see you my darling. Thank you sweetheart

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