Bewafa Episode 13 | 2nd December 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

what is this? what are you doing? hmm… what happened? you always, keep playing game with your phone what else shall I do? tell me how will this house run? how will this house run? the same way, it was previously being run may be you have forgotten that after a month, your job is going to end Zeeshan doesn’t have any job and if Sharmeen cooks food for this house, that’s even more than enough for us all our hopes were from Shireen but she has ruined all our hopes call her then what was I doing then, since long? I’ve called many times but madam, doesn’t care to receive the call she went there to become the queen of Jhansi Ahaan’s first wife has kept her as her care taker leave us… it will be an achievement, if she does anything for herself only why she doesn’t start doing her job again? the first wife has restricted for doing the job she says, if you want to live in this house
then you won’t be doing the job God knows… what will happen… I’m really getting worried for her really! for what you are worried? I’m her father, if I won’t get worried for her..
then who will? do one thing, why don’t you visit her? oh yes!… I should visit her right? why shouldn’t you visit? you are her mother also, you have never visited her after the marriage you are absolutely right let me talk to Sharmeen, we’ll go to her house tomorrow *phone ringing* it’s Shireen calling….
finally, she called me yes, daughter Shireen I tried to call you many times,
why weren’t you responding? yes? I was just calling you to inform, that we are coming tomorrow to your house yes… alright then
bye! Sharmeen… Sharmeen! oh!… you are sitting here and where-ever did I not searched for you where have you not search for me, mom? as if we live in a very big palace there are just two places, in this house to die in always utter bitter words, never gets happy… han leave me… tell me about you since you are chirping a lot, what’s the reason behind? listen! we are going to Shireen’s house tomorrow Shireen’s house? hmm…. why?
why do we have to go to her house? your dad, was so much worried about her he is saying, pay visit to her oh God! tell dad, not to get worried everything must be alright, at Shireen’s house if anything had not been OK, then there would have been a news in the news paper that somebody has died… but all is OK your dad is too much worried, so I’ve talked to Shireen we are going tomorrow does Shireen knows about it? No, she was a bit reluctant but we’ll go there tomorrow wow mom… is it a zoo? as we are going there? I don’t wish to go to her house,
if you want to go, you can go… but I won’t look, I’m not asking you
I’m informing you your father has decided already huh… dad can’t even breathe in this house, on his own will so what decision he has made, that we are going to Shireen’s place? please mom, just leave it look! I’m telling you we are going there tomorrow, and this is decided and that’s it! *TV noise* at least, leave this for some time what Shireen has done now? it’s not necessary that we always talk about Shireen, whenever we talk it’s been like this, from past few days by the way, you are so weird you make a mistake, and then you argue may god, spare me you are looking normal today you are also smiling why? do I look abnormal to you? No… no you usually curse me on my mistakes you are very stubborn why are you repeating the old matters again & again? alright, I won’t you won’t repeat also? I will try, not to I want to give chance to everyone, myself may be, mom is right what does mom says? anyways… leave it won’t you take your disabled wife for outing? don’t say like this you aren’t disable you will get well soon alright then, please take me for an outing…. where? I don’t know… anywhere
please, come on… get up get up! get up… do you plan to get my other arm also broken? Argh… come… of course let’s go how can you stay alive, without this Oh! one second…. thank you… you are welcome where is Hashir? Umm… he has gone to sleep slept already? too early… yes! first, I played video games with him then… he was insisting for chocolate milkshake…. so, I made for him after that, he slept quickly look! I don’t fulfill Hashir’s every wish I’m his mother, and I know at what time & when which wish needs to get fulfilled and when it doesn’t needs to get fulfilled you also, take care of this I am already taking care of him till the time, your arm doesn’t gets healed I know, you are his mother who can think better than you, that what is better for him? next time, do ask me alright *car horn* we are coming in a while what have I done? why have I told her? when we’ll reach to this age then we’ll be same, like them like whom? like these uncle & aunty will we be together, for that long? you have got any doubt? by looking at them, it seems they are madly in love with each other and you don’t even talk to me properly Ahaan, if you’ll look at yourself… with my eyes so, you’ll start loving yourself I love you to that extent then why can’t I see it? you know… the love, which a wife does to her husband it’s not that kind of love, that is been done between college boys & girls A husband is wife’s pride he is her trust I have trusted you, more than my self what do you say that… yes…. lover’s funeral to be taken spectacularly you have destroyed my love for you, spectacularly how many times, will I apologize? how many times, will I make you understand? it was beyond my control I know Shireen always says the same by the way, she flatters me a lot she doesn’t flatters she takes care of you she is worried about you she thinks herself, your criminal you both have very good understanding usually, she says the same to me now, mom is also saying … that she is very nice if everyone is saying the same thing about one person and mom is also saying the same thing then… may be, the image that is set in your mind may be that’s wrong Ahaan, I cannot hug her suddenly, by waking up the next morning both of us, need time in order to give space to each other may be, a lot of time although if I keep in mind about her all the good habits & good attitude but when she comes in front of me, it agonies me give her one more chance, at least I’m already giving her I’m not giving her chance for her character I’m giving chance to her, for you Ahaan, I still love you the same way, that I use to do before she came I can’t see you being worried sometimes, I feel like… I shall break your head but I’m tired of fighting again & again Kinza, whatever happens your place, is just yours only what do you mean by, somebody else? somebody new has to come as well? Oh… Shireen didn’t informed about you guys coming didn’t informed… means you people have started talking? in our house, everyone is busy in their own work alright… OK Umm…. how is your health now? what has happened to my health? nothing happened? this is really good, then Umm… actually your medicines got ended so I thought, that your health must not be good now just see, only an ill person takes medicines you have so much information, about our house what are you talking about? now, if a daughter will not tell her mom,
then to whom shall she talk to? she does everything, by asking me also…. the food in your house, gets cooked from our house from the time,
when your elder daughter in law’s arm got broke just understand, that I’m running your house…
by sitting in my house also… it’s same though right? if you want anything, you can let me know directly not at all we can do our own work and no one has forced your daughter, to do work she does, with her own choice go, child I had stopped you… I had told you, not to come here you have ruined all my hard work so, what happened? it’s my right we have given our daughter, it’s our daughter’s house mamma, I’m here…. where are you? mamma….
mamma’s life how is my baby? who picked you? aunty… aunty has picked you… hmm… alright tell me…
sit with me tell me the truth do you like aunty? yes I like her a lot she accepts, whatever I say but you don’t like her who said this to you?
aunty has said this? no, no… no
she has not said to me she says, you are a really good mama really! alright, what else aunty says? Umm… she says you both are friends but I don’t think so why don’t you think like this? friends go around together, and they talk a lot and plays football too alright… alright… alright
tell me shall I get the lunch for you? no, I will do lunch with aunty Hashir… tell us one thing you sit in the class with him… or you have just started the work to pick & drop him I had told you clearly, not to come here why have you come here? tell me, why you have come here? I… I wasn’t coming your dad has sent me forcefully he was so much worried about you tell her Sharmeen mom, what are you saying? yes… why are you getting dad in between this? he is not at fault on this without any reason also, if I would have been at your place so, I would have also stayed in this big house I wouldn’t have lived in my small house but I would have never tolerated that much insult I’m not getting insulted here whatever is there is this house, it’s mine I order here…. I was just helping her really! what are you saying?
you order is being catered here? yes! I will tolerate insult for a little time, and then everything will get alright you think like that, right? this is just your thought Kinza, didn’t came for a second in front of us your mother in law’s attitude, and this house has revealed everything that whose order is catered here also, this the difference between the real owner & the opted one when the real owner is not there, then the property remains in the name of the real owner only and the people like you, even if they shout & tell…
but no one trust them aunty aunty… make me eat the food
then I have to take the shower too she is struggling day & night
what was the need to annoy her? your daughter is a spark and a spark, lowers down by airflow, and likewise it gets more anyways, I’ve just provoked her now we need to see, whether it creates fire or not let’s go?
we should go now you sit in the class with him… or
you have just started the work to pick & drop him also, if I would have been at your place…
so, I would have also stayed in this big house I wouldn’t have lived in my small house…
but I would have never tolerated that much insult I will tolerate insult for a little time, and then everything will get alright… you think like that, right? this is just your thought I had made a mistake, while understanding this girl she is pretending to be helpless she tells everything to her mother have I weaken the roots of my house, by my own hands? tomorrow is Hashir’s parent teachers meeting I was thinking, if you can reach him by 11’o clock,
so it will be good Kinza, you have got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 11′ O clock so what? I can go there alone myself how can you go by yourself? look, I would have not gone…
if it wasn’t Hashir’s meeting but it’s important I will go alone, so please go to Hashir by 11’o clock Umm… Shireen! come here for a while, I need to talk to you yes? you can go to office I don’t have any objection on this anymore in fact, you don’t need to seek my permission
for any of the work whatever you feel is right, you can do are you listening, what I am saying? yes, what? I’ve said, you can go to office if you want to…
it’s your choice but you have asked me not to go yes, I had stopped you but I’ve changed my mind yes…. I won’t go, till the time your arm gets healed don’t worry about this… it’s much better now but, if it’s about my wish… then I won’t go at the moment alright…
as you wish and yes… Hashir was insisting that aunty should come to my school tomorrow is his parents teacher meeting,
if you want to go.. you can go by 11′ o clock alright… what happened? thank you why? a wife can only bear this trauma, in order to get a smile on his husband’s face that’s why you are allowed to get married twice,
but I’m not because, if you were at my place you could have died but look at me…. I’m alive
also smiling because I can’t change, what you’ve done yes, but I can get a smile on your face oho, when she is saying, then go to the office you don’t have any idea, what is the situation here mom! I’m not in the mood to spill water on all my struggles she has given me a chance, that I haven’t taken….
and you are asking me to take the advantage? I don’t know, what do you keep saying…
I really don’t understand anything at all Sharmeen is right you love to take care of Kinza mom, she has offered me her hand for friendship but she has forgotten that with the same hand she has slapped me… I’m just waiting for that day… when I will shift from this room to the ground level room….
and she will be out of this house and … what about your mother in law? Um… my mother in law… my mother in law’s last days will be in so much pain alright I’m disconnecting the call, Sharmeen is coming she will get angry on you, uselessly ok… bye! mom… mom…. that enough!
don’t say a single word I have heard everything,
how you are planning to give me pain in my last stages mom, since when you are listening to my conversation? I really don’t wish to listen to your conversation at all I came here to say thank you for my medicines I never knew, that by giving me medicines…
you are planning to kill me to kill you? mom, I wasn’t talking about you I…. so, who else is your mother in law? to whom you want to kill, by giving her pain in her last stages Mom…. Ummm that was my friend… my friend was saying this about her mother in law I was just repeating her words… I I can never even think to say such words about you I was also telling her not to say such things about parents, mother in law… but she was not understanding I had just repeated her words,
why will I say this about you mom? OK, OK… no need to make up the things now now, I am able to understand the things what! mom… you can call my mom, to ask I pray for your long life, why will I say this for you?
you must have got some misunderstanding my son is alive now and the mother’s whose son’s are alive, their daughter in law’s like you cannot do anything mom, at least listen to me…
mom … Argh …. *door knocks* you? so early in the morning… why, is there any restriction to come so early in the morning? no… come inside come on, get ready quickly…
then we also have to go to the office I had told you I won’t be able to go to office,
till the time Kinza’s arm gets healed I will go to office, once it gets healed yes… yes… you can go at that time too there are some important documents that needs to be signed, there are some important issues too hmm.. Kinza doesn’t even have any problem,
and we have to go to Hashir’s school too we’ll go to school, straight from our office…
OK? alright, but…. these important issues should know,
that I’m boss’s wife I can get late actually…. your inefficient boss needs you therefore, you drink this tasteless coffee made by Zarina and make me a good cup of coffee,
so that I can go to office thanks God, madam
you know how to prepare coffee you don’t have to tell a lie, this time this is the truth, that you made the coffee really! I’ve got many truths,
shall I say? no, no, madam… I was just saying
I was saying that in how many days you’ll kick the other madam? who has said to you, that I want to kick her out? Um… these are very bad people
and we are from the same neighborhood madam, I know everything you have become friends with the elder madam and soon, you are going to kick her out I would suggest, you should kick Hashir, the evil from this house first if I would have to kick someone out so, it’s you whenever I’ll get the chance, I’ll kick you out of here you always speak a lot… always speaking huh … elder madam say right, she will eat everyone huh… Kinza… Kinza… come on, get up we are getting late I don’t have to go to office yes, you don’t have to go to office
but you have to go to the doctor come on, get freshen up quickly… so that I can leave after getting you ready you know, after so long I had a deep sleep it feels everything has become normal as before everything is normal you go to office, I’ll manage sure? hmm… sure thank you… listen, please tell Shireen to send the breakfast Shireen? yes, she makes it daily Um.. I forgot to inform you.. that Shireen is going to office with me today but when I said to her to go office, so… she was refusing again & again
you were also there oh yes… she had refused … but, I had asked her to come to office…
but, just for today only actually, she has got some important documents, so… so I thought, those can be handover properly
but just for today if you give permission… Ahaan… you & Shireen, don’t need to be scared from me she lives in this house she can do whatever she want to,
she doesn’t need to seek my permission hmm … Sharmeen…
Sharmeen, Listen you know, what happened today? what happened now? why are you crying? I think, you haven’t sliced the unions for the past 10-12 years, therefore, you don’t know what happens you know, Shireen went to the office today and both husband & wife, went to the kid’s school too it means, she has become friends to Kinza she went to office? went to school too? I believe…
Kinza’s mind has also affected along with her arm oh, girl… *urdu proverb means* (a fight can never be continued for life) furthermore, she is a wife when the husband of 1st wife,
gets married for the 2nd time the first wife has to comprise one day I think, Kinza has compromised it’s good that she has compromised
else your daughter, has already eaten up her husband she would have eaten Kinza,
along with house without any burp though never gets happy in your life,
always get jealous of everyone yes, I get jealous… all my life I was jealous, every time you know why? because you have ruined my life you have not let me able to live that’s why…. what happened to her? it’s all your fault today, I’ll tell Kinza madam everything very quickly so that she kicks her our of the house, as soon as possible… she is the bone of contention she will get happy with me madam… hmm … keep it here give me, I’ll make you wear them madam… hmm … I need to speak to you go ahead… I was saying… the matter is Um.. that girl, Shireen she is very diplomatic,
she always do conspiracies against you I have seen my self
I make the food, and she tells that she has made it also, I’ve heard from my own ears…
she says many things against you to sir she is a very dangerous girl I’ve tasted the salt of this house, I’m your loyal person so, I can’t see you in pain so, whatever I saw & heard… I told you listen to me very carefully next time, if you hear Shireen’s & Ahaan’s talk secretly so I will be very harsh with you alright I was talking about your betterment furthermore, she is your husband’s second wife she is my husband’s second wife
and you are a maid learn to stay in your limits alright… I’m going outside, upon my return….
the room shall be cleaned… understand? alright… Oh God! Shireen’s poison has already spread here… huh let’s do the dusting

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