Best Digital Picture Frames of 2017 Review – w/ Motion Sensor!

– I have an awesome deal on motion sensor digital picture frames that also play video. (cash register dings)
(upbeat xylophone music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I’m here for you every
day to save you more cash than anyone else in the country. I don’t know why I’m
holding a photo of myself. It’s really creepy and weird. But this was cool because
this is when this channel got on the wall at the YouTube studios all thanks to the amazing people watching. I give everything I test away
for free, all of the deals, which are all located right
under this video screen, are all at their lowest recorded prices, the second I find the deals. Man, can this photo change? Finally, the photos are changing. At the end of this
video I’m gonna give one of these digital picture
frames away to a subscriber. And I’m gonna show you how
easy it is to set this up and also what separates a
digital picture frame like this that plays video, and audio,
and rotates your photos, that also has a motion sensor, from many of the competing
offers on the market. You can transfer directly via USB, or if you just want to simply
put a card into your computer, you can transfer the photos
I’m gonna show you in a moment, and then put this right
in, and you’re good to go. You can transfer to the
SD card however you like. For example, this photo
right here, just updating it. Now that I’ve ejected the
SD card from the computer, all I have to do is put this
right into the slot here, power this on, and instantaneously, all of my photos are going to show up. As you can see, photos of my wife, and my amazing sister-in-law,
it just scrolls through. A giveaway I did not too long ago with three Beats by Dre with our interns, Casey and Dominique, all rotating through, with some really good transitional shots. There’s my wife again. These are the photos that I
have uploaded, and of course, I can pause, hold, skip more quickly, all based on my command or
the use of the remote control. In addition to the remote
control, which is solid, I like that there are controls on the back of this particular unit so
you can easily move forward, backward, pause a photo. There’s even sound so if
you do have a little bit of a digital movie that you want to use there is a speaker tied to this. I really like the menu and interface for this particular digital picture frame, it’s very Windows-like, and I actually, in this case, mean this in a good way. You can scroll to whatever mode it is and let’s go to video as an example. And I have several video
files which are on here and I just want to give
you a sense of the audio. – Sitting high above the best deals– – So I wouldn’t say the audio
on this is, as I mentioned, by any means phenomenal, but still, this is a nice feature to have included. It adds photos very
quickly from the SD card and you can make quick
adjustments, deleting, adding, or adjusting any of the photos
and their respective order on the menu itself. This deal is located right
under the video screen and what I love is this
also has onboard memory. You get 16 gigabytes of storage included so you don’t even need to buy an SD card. If you do want to buy an SD card, or you have one, it’s easy to set up. There’s also a motion sensor feature which is quite interesting. In the event that someone
walks into a room, video can play automatically, or photos can start
scrolling on their own. Although since this is
is so energy-efficient, it’s probably not a bad
idea to keep it running if you do like seeing your
family and your loved ones. That’s my mom, and I’m sorry, I don’t have any photos
of my dad on here yet, but instead you get a beach. And you also get a bargain. With a typical price of $80, and given the features that you get, this is definitely worth it in my opinion. It’s located right under the video screen. This is an awesome grab. Before we get to the giveaway, I’m always interested in
showcasing the reasons why certain items drop in price. This was actually supposed to be a part of a Christmas promotion, hence the box, and some of these staged
photos you’re seeing. It did not produce in time for Christmas based on factory timing, so that’s why as it hits market right now, there’s a huge incentive tied to getting rid of Christmas boxes. But at the end of the day this is something you can use year-round. (hands slap)
Alright, giveaway time. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection
tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months, congratulations goes to Bob Kihl, who’s congratulating Casey
on her recent 19th birthday. Just email [email protected]
with your address. Yes! You just got a digital
picture frame for free and I’m gonna make sure it’s not this one, unless you want photos of my family, I’d be happy to provide those as well. For everyone else, if you
want to get hooked up, with any other major deal
right around the corner, any of the freebies, it doesn’t get easier
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100 thoughts on “Best Digital Picture Frames of 2017 Review – w/ Motion Sensor!

  1. This would be a great Valentine's Day gift! Hmmm, maybe get one for my office too, and load it with all those vacation pix from Canada last year. I've never seen one that does video as well – plus a motion sensor. Nice! Thank you, Matt!

  2. Y'all should do a video on this cool flash drive.
    Kingston Digital 16GB DT2000 Keypad USB 3.0 ,256bit AES Hardware Encrypted (DT2000

  3. What a great idea! I like the idea of having pictures start when someone walks by….I can think of many uses, (and practical jokes) i can use this for….Thanks Matt!

  4. This is a great gift for grandparents that know nothing about tech stuff. It's great so they can share family memories with others in there retirement enviroment. More simple the better. Love the motion sensor idea.

  5. Hey Matt, if we see you walking down the street and we click your head, do we get connected? lol AWESOME deal for Valentines Day!

  6. Matt, thank you for the digital picture frame video. This would be a great gift for Valentine's date – if I only had a GF.

  7. Once again Maestro you've hit it out of the ball park when it comes to finding a great deal!
    I REALLY like this digital frame, GREAT features and not a bad price. I consistently take a lot of photos and some video (especially when I'm with my daughters) but they either stay on my phone or eventually get downloaded onto my computer. So, they kind of stay hidden. This would be an excellent way of sharing them with more people.

  8. Hi Matt. Sure like the Woozie balls ๐ŸŽพ got for my dryer!!! But they sure make a terrible racket. Get itโ€ผ๏ธ

  9. Digital photo frames are a great idea for that family that lives in another state or country…… another great deal. Thanks, Twila

  10. Just ordered this as a gift for someone starting a new job! You are saving me money but also making me spend it at the same time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Good revue. But. I bought an old Ipad1 for ยฃ10.00 secondhand and turned it into an amazing Photoframe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. My PhotoStick I just got crapped out so I'm trying to come up with something else. But I can't download any pictures out of my old computer. I've tried two other thumb drives. Oh well, I'll be taking less pictures in the future.

  13. Hey Deal Guy! Is it possible to have this set up like a Harry Potter style picture, where when someone approaches, a still shot of you begins to move like a living photograph? If you pre-recorded yourself sitting in place for a few seconds and then said "Hi" or something, does the video stay idle with a thumbnail that then begins to switch to video once the motion sensor is set off?

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