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so in videos pascal gtx 1070 is set to be released on june 10th and it's looking to be amazing so in this video i want to give you up one thousand seventy dollar bill guide for the gtx 1070 this is going to be an epic gaming pc so further ado let's get it with an MSRP of $379 for non-reference edition this card is looking to be the new price to performance King and video comparing to the performance to that of a Titan X faster then a Titan X faster than a Titan X 300 and $79 mm the popularity of its Maxwell predecessor the GTX 970 I would not be surprised to see the gtx 1070 become one of the most popular cards on the GPU market so i'll put the exact specifications for this card on the screen is a cut-down version of the GT x 1080 using the same GP 104 chip a 1500 megahertz base clock with that SiC wicked overclocking potential 1920 CUDA cores that 25% less than that of the gtx 1088 gigabytes of gddr5 memory so the bottom-line consensus is that the performance expectations out of this card are around that of the Titan X so this is a bill guide picking the parts that I think give a great value and awesome performance so it's great prep for those of you that are anxiously awaiting the release of the gtx 1070 like I know myself and many others are so you're looking to build a new rig to get some absurd frame rates at 1080p get great performance at 1440p and even playable performance at 4k turning the settings down a bit and 4k for those more graphically intensive games so this $1,070 gaming PC is aimed for gaming at the 1440p resolution so I want to give you my estimates for the GTX 10 70s performance at 1440p by doing some extrapolation from all the benchmarks we've seen of the GTX 1080 so far from all our favorite tech tubers recently with their benchmarks showing the GTX 1080 to generally be about 20% faster than that of the Titan X so Nvidia saying that the GTX 1070 will be slightly faster than the Titan X a lot of us are thinking that the 1070 and the Titan X will trade blows with each other sometimes one being better than the other but for the sake of this video given that we don't have gtx 1070 benchmarks yet i want to give you my best guesstimate assuming a conservative 25% less fps than that of the GTX 1080 at 1440p being that the 1070 is a cut-down version of the GTX 280 using the same dye 7.2 billion transistors 25% less CUDA cores and a 7% lower base clock so here's some expected FPS at 1440p Star Wars Battlefront ultra FX a a 69 FPS Far Cry primal ultra SMA a 54 fps rise of the Tomb Raider very high FX a a 77 fps doom max settings 83 fps and witcher 3 max settings hair works on ssao 56 frames per second so let's dive right into this build links and deals below for all these parts for those of you that are interested for the processor the most important component besides the graphics card for a gaming rig it processes the game logic handles animation tasks and prepares all the commands for the GPU to create the gaming scene we are going with the newest skylake architecture from intel with the i5 6600 k quad-core processor clocked at 3.5 gigahertz for $250 having four or more powerful cores is a must in a new era of gaming where all the triple-a titles utilize four or more cores the i5 6600 K is really the sweet spot for our CPU in a gaming rig pretty much matching the i7 6700 k ds gaming performance by typically being able to match its overclock while the i7 does have hyper threading which is excellent for multi-threaded applications like video encoding and most newer games do utilize all eight threads the end result boost and FPS is still marginal not really justifying the $100 price premium and turns up SPS for a computer that's main purpose is for gaming the i7 6700 K is still considered the consumer processor King for gaming so if you aren't price conscious this would be ideal to pair with the new GT X 1080 King from Nvidia for the cooler I went with a really cool looking air cooler from Cairo rig the c7 for just $30 it has an abundance of raving reviews it's low profile at 47 millimeters in height has for premium heat pipes a copper base and is extremely cost effective at just $30 talk about bang for the buck this is awesome 2 pair with the i-5 60 600k given its lofty overclocking reputation keeping it cool under load for the motherboard we with the msi z170a sli + ATX LG 8 motherboard for just $140 on Amazon it's very premium motherboard looks sleek on the higher end of the motherboard spectrum from what I typically recommend but this build is on the high end so why not get more out of what a motherboard can offer having turbo m2 if you wanted to add a blazing fast SSD and also has turbo u2 connector intuitive click 5 BIOS for very easy overclock a USB 3.1 gen2 port and in the front it has 4 USB 3.1 gin 1 port 2-way SLI support so we wanted to add a gtx 1070 down the road for two-way SLI you are ready with this motherboard and has armor so there's no GPU sag also it has 3-way crossfire support if you did happen to go with team red in this build and it looks assassin like with that black aesthetic for Ram I went with the Corsair Vengeance lpx 16 gigabyte – 8 gigabyte sticks of ddr4 memory for just $70 so the difference is between 8 gigabytes and 16 gigabytes is very small max a few FPS and typically none in terms of gaming performance at this setup 1440p target gaming resolution so – a gigabyte sticks this system will have more than enough if you wanted to save $25 you could opt for 2 4 gigabyte sticks and you'll be hard-pressed to tell a difference oh and these sticks also match the black stealth interior theme we got going on in this gaming PC build for storage the best value option out there right now in terms of storage capacity and speed at 7200 rpm the Western Digital caviar blue 1 terabyte at just $50 so plenty of capacity for storing all your movies music games photos and whatnot and of course you'll always have the option to add an SSD down the road if you want a really snappy system and those really fast load and boot times so I'll leave some of those options in the description box down below for those of you that are interested ok so now for the graphics card as you know we are going with the incredible geforce gtx 1070 using the new Pascal architecture and I'm hoping to get it near the MSRP of $379 for a custom board partner card a custom air cooled atom board card from MSI is my target for some nice overclocking I'll be adding a link into the scrip box down below when it's available if it delivers that thousand dollar Titan X performance at a fraction of the cost at around four hundred dollars this graphics card really is an amazing value redefining the landscape of the GPU market for sure so we've gone over the expected performance that is perfect for utilizing your 144 Hertz monitor at 1080p and is 1440p gaming ready and ready to dabble in some 4k with settings lowered a bit and those more graphically intensive games all in all I think the gtx 1070 is looking to be the car to get for the case I went with NZXT s340 ATX mid tower case for just $76 it's glossy black although it comes in white if you prefer white might actually look better because it matches that Cairo red cooler we went with both are going to look pretty sick though it has a 90% steel construction and gives that clean minimalistic vibe that's definitely the trend right now it has a grommet list steel cable management bar its budget oriented but doesn't make any huge sacrifices coming from a company with a big reputation of that of NZXT I see a lot of these and the H 440 case on my set up challenge series on my youtube channel that you can check out if you haven't already and I always love seeing them it's easy to build in lots of ways to hide those cables and no complaints whatsoever at $76 lastly for the power supply we went with the EVGA supernova in II X 650 watt 80 plus gold certified fully modular ATX power supply for $78 it has 90% efficiency other typical loads a big plus that it's modular so you get an even cleaner look inside the case with a big side window that we went with in the NZXT s340 case it's got a 10 year warranty those high-quality Japanese capacitors a silent 135 millimeter fan and it's perfect for this build at 650 Watts way more than enough given the power efficiency of the gtx 1070 and the i5 6600 K you could get away with much less but the big selling point about this EVGA gold-certified power supply is the quality in this power supply which really is crucial given all the expensive hardware that we went with in this gaming PC build alright guys you let me know you of this thousand $70 gtx 70 games pc filled i really hope you liked it really hope it helps you out if you are looking to build a new gaming pc or just like watching build videos let me know if any of you guys are upgrading your graphics card to the 1070 or the 1080 or waiting to see what polaris has to offer us thanks so much for watching please be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it comment if you have a comment and hit the subscribe button right here here here or here really helps me out a lot and will help my channel grow this is John from off Tech I'll catch you guys in the next video

27 thoughts on “Best $1070 GTX 1070 Gaming PC Build

  1. Hi, I have gtx 1070 founders edition and now I'm looking for case, that can give me low tems and noise level from this hot gpu. I think about fractal design define c or fractal design meshify c. Which one be better, or may be you can advice any other?

  2. That's funny. I was assembling my own pc just now, and for almost every component I chose the exact same one! Only different RAM.
    Too bad that it is 1200 euros (1280 dollars) here in the Netherlands

  3. I'm literally buying this build Thursday, but I've never built before. Is there anything else that I will need that isn't included in this list?

  4. Hi there thanks for your video! But there is one thing i want to know…. Can 1070 hold 2 k resulution screen in high settings?

  5. Right now I search for 1100~1300 rig. No sure if use that cpu or i7 6700k, GPU hard choice 1070 or RX480???
    board think 3 (Z170A Gaming M5 or ASUS TUF Motherboard ATX DDR4 2667 LGA 1151 SABERTOOTH Z170 S or MSI Carbon).
    if possible help is really apreciated.

  6. Need to buy any additional cables? Nothing to hold stuff up on the inside? Been doing my research and this build is looking like about what I'm going to go with. First one :p Little confused about how stuff stays put inside. Need to go look at a friend's lol

  7. thanks, I was also researching and I found these.×1080/dp/B01C05C1OK

  8. I want to build my own pc around this price and I liked the pc in the video alot but can it run games at 2k very high sittings .4k at mid sittings I didn't try 1070 because of that I don't know games like crises .call of duty .doom and Battlefield. sorry for my bad English and questions

  9. wondering if there's a webpage where i can make the website build this for me? this computer is exactly what im looking for

  10. Which processor is better? Intel Core i7 6820HK , Intel Core i7 6700HQ or Intel Core i7 4980HQ? For gaming laptops.

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