Bea Johnson's Zero Waste lifestyle on CCTV America

to me the joys life side is not about complicating your life it's about simplifying it I think people have a tendency to picture me as a stay-at-home mom that spends all day doing zero waste it's not true at all I mean I have a full-time job and if he wasn't for zero waste I probably you know would have a super hectic schedule but she always has simplified my life to really make what matters most focus in our lives my husband quit his job to stop the sustainability consulting company and I tackle the home I started bringing in grocery totes to the store instead of using the plastic bags then I should I bring my own crotch bags which I made from all ships to buying a book thank you like okay if you could feel like that'd be great and then I thought why can't probably push it further and bring jobs to the county elsewhere you need the cheese meat fish record yeah thank you so much when I felt decided to bring a glass job to the counter they looked at me and they said you know why are you doing this so why do you want to put it in here and I said I don't have a trash can they're like oh okay then they put it in I thought it was the easiest way instead of going into longer no long speech about what I do and why I do it is great actually I found also that this way of shopping is a more human way of shopping because it forces you in a way to have a contact with a person behind the counter do you have a nice weekend I have to speak to the person behind the counter it's a we know each other we have a conversation go make some sandwiches look really it gives a better sense of community because you can't know about them they can know about you are you thank you and instead what of going in the middle eyes I only do the perimeter of the store and the perimeter of the store is also what's healthier for you I'm actually looking for the fruit with other stickers it's really hard to find that's well you're gonna have the unprocessed foods that are that don't have packaging I used to buy lots of different products because I was listening to marketer that told me that for each application we need a different product to clean the floor we need the product to clean the mirrors we need a different product took in the bathrooms a different product the kitchen a different product and in the end I had you know a couple full of cleaning products which actually were even toxic for me once I started this website I've really questioned my need for all these products and eventually I found that I didn't need any of them so to achieve your with our home we simply follow five rules in order so when we refuse what we do not need to reduce what we do need three will be used by swapping anything that's disposable for reusable alternative and buying secondhand four will recycle only what we cannot refuse reduce our use and fought with rot and that is composed to rest so these are all the things we need as far as hygiene cosmetics on the cheeks I use a cocoa powder straight from the board pin and to fill this job cost me 72 cents and it's organic powder and then I make my own mascara which is full ingredients you you think it was back in 2010 that we watched my husband take the trash can down to the curb with like almost nothing in it and then I I told them well how about we keep our way so then we'll see how much waste we generate in a year so we started throwing it in a in a glass jar and and so today we found that we only generate you know a quart size of waste per year so this is the waste that my family of four collected in 2014 there is a passport cover also in their fruit stickers all cutting that we had to remove from behind the same my husband was actually not truly embroiled at first because he said you know what just one near a household they produce your words at home it's not going to change anything I think I've been able to prove him wrong thanks to the book and the blog I've inspired thousands of people to adopt the zero waste lifestyle throughout the world but also my husband was not really convinced at first because he was afraid that this lifestyle was costing us too much so I urged them to compare our bank statements before between a pre zero waste lifestyle with the COS lifestyle and that's where they found that we were saving 40% on our overall spending this is due to the fact that we consume way way less than we did before my kids consider that gos is my job and in a way they're there right because I am the consumer for the household I'm the one that makes those decisions and the one that buys for the household and zero which is actually more what we do outside the home than what we do inside a home a lot of people have a tendency to think oh it sounds complicated it is at first because you have to figure out a system that works for you you have to figure out where the ball rotations are and it takes time also to declutter your life and adopt you know voluntary simplicity you have to go through every drawer everything you have this is my husband's column in the club this is mine right there it's important to say that when you have things that you don't need you're holding them from other people you're keeping them from being useful to other people when I started my blog I would have never been in a million years could've imagined launching a movement that would be adopted throughout the world today the book and the blog have inspired thousands of people thousands of families throughout the world to adopt this lifestyle some entrepreneurs have taken it further through their jobs they've opened your ways every day it seems like I get a email from some entrepreneur somewhere in the world telling me that they've been inside of to open a zero-waste store and I think it's it's just amazing and fantastic

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