Balaa Episode 34 – 24th December 2018 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

oh my baby, hello how are you, its me asalam alekum, its your number yes, save it well and what are you doing ? I was remembering you how is Saad? he is fine, also remembering you and mom? she is also fine, you know she does not remember anything do you take care of my mom? yes, I gave her breakfast, and medicine, made her hairs really yes, am I telling a lie? what you were saying? I was saying that I gave him breakfast and medicine and also changed her dress dress of which colour ? don’t you believe me ? I am just asking… off white very good….do one thing, take the mobile to her room, I want to see my mother are you making my fun? no Niggar I want to see my mother, you are taking care of my mother okay , I am just coming… may be she is sleeping I am switching towards her its blue dress Tabasoom, Tabasoom yes mam.. why you changed mom’s dress, I have changed her dress no mam, I did not change her dress, its the same which was changed by sister Saba Niggar….Niggar its better you would died instead of given the birth to a son like him are you mad? do you have some intelligence? its broken into pieces if you bring a daughter in law like her, then It must break, I could not believe you spoiled the faith of your son what are you doing, I am bringing the glass should not drink like this not drink like this,,, not drink like this, should drink in glass, I am very thirsty .. its all broken I am thirsty you are here asalam alekum papa he came to know I also think so …… it is so,….. don’t know, what is the lacking in his life, I love him so much …… his life has ruined he has a beautiful wife, I gave him a cute son, I am an asset for him, I have so much property about whom you are talking ? about Tamoor, who else I am talking about Junaid,,, he came to know that we gave the money to that boy and we did blame Zeba then? then what? he is totally ruined, we finished him will he not tell to Tamoor? not told yet, we ruined him Junaid. Junaid. Junaid….. I am not visible for you Niggo ,I was seeing you only, that’s why this happened to love your daughter is a punishment for you….. we love you, but your selfishness made it a punishment ….. papa I am the bad, all others are good, I passed the doom of mother and sisters in law ,you forgot that which sister in law? which mother in law? they did cruelty on me which cruelty ? Tamoor was about to slap me. he dropped me at your home you were taken me to the doctor, and you said that they are doing cruelness on me, you forgot all .. Niggo, people said true, that say the lie as much as you can, that it will prove as truth you are changed, everyone is changed yes only you are not changed… see , till yet you were in the shelter of your father, who was not bearing any cruelty on you but we can not make other fool thanks a lot for your respect, now tell what you want to talk about your son I beg you, be elder, girls has to do a lot after marriage I know, I am fighting alone I was told you to make this home as heaven, you made it a place of war its all my fault, all are good, only I am bad, now tell me what you want to talk? tell me what should I do with Junaid? give him poison Niggo, people said right, when a human became snake, then he can not recognize any one is someone in this world, whom you love more than yourself? sister in law. asalam alekum, where are you going ? Rasida’s home go…… that Villon came do not say like this, this can be create a big problem, she is his mother son does not bear insult of his mother you are not seeing that my home is going to destroy, she used to sit there whole day .. when his son was there, she was taken him to his old lover Niggo, its too late, you can never be changed, what shall I ask from you, you became a problem khuda hafiz…. aunt meal,, eat the meal aunt you stay with me mother should die at the place of their son….. why? its good…. is dying good? better than living ….. why you live so sad…. should say something …. eat the meal properly, why are you in so hurry ….. its night, its too late …I have to go home bride …. when Tamoor will come, then say him that mother has gone, you eat the meal, then I will drop you to home where, whose home? shall I drink water ? you are a good daughter in law.. stay bless, stay happy where you gone? sister leave this, you know very well you keep quiet…… where you were gone? I am asking something what do you think ? why you stay there whole the day? what you want to do? you want to ruin my home? you want me to get divorce, you think if you stay in her home, then Tamoor will become closed to her you think that Tamoor will do second marriage with her? you think that……. now I remove your smile if Tamoor your only son,if Tamoor will do this then I will kill him.. you slapped me, now you see what I will do with you.. I will drink your blood I will kill you , you move away the maid…. I will give you such pain, you will pray for death…. you slapped me if you will live then you will tell, you slapped me, my father was saying right about you. I will bury you alive do whiff (DUM )on it, my father says that a person who spent his life in pains, his prays will fulfill mam please pray for me, that I will get married I will get married with my cousin, my father fought with my uncle, that’s why there is no chance of my marriage you please pray that my father and uncle will may together again do whiff(DAM) on it now do pray, I will get married with my cousin Jamal may she will get married with his cousin if saba it will Saba, then do not open from where he came…… aunt, are you talking with Quran? you don’t have complains to God he punished you in the form of Niggo and me….. Junaid, come inside, her brain is not working, no use to say philosophy in front of her you go, I am coming go to hell….. never obey anyone…. idiot you are so peaceful, God took your memory Tamoor should not left you alone sister you are a saint , I just asked you to pray papa just arrived to take me, he is saying that he and uncle gathered again… I am getting married elder sister please remember me in your prays, I am getting married papa came to take me, I am going Allah Hafiz are you became mad? how can you go like this? why I can not go? my father came to pick me, its the start of month, give my previous salary you are asking for salary, you have not given me notice before, who will look after Saad and the old lady I am helpless, I am getting married what you will do after marriage ? I will settle my home tell your father to delay your wedding, till then I will find new maid, I will give you double salary no, not at all, it can not be happened, give me my salary I will give you curse, I will not give you money, go to hell sister its my whole month salary so what? maid who left the jobs without giving notice. does not get any thing have some fear of God, its not necessary that your all cruelness will suit you is it done?, stop your rubbish and get lost your behavior with poor and your mother in law, you will get the punishment are you going or I shall call the police, do i give you the blame of stealing what you can do beside blaming other, it will not make a change in you, but I tell you your mother in law is saint, God listens her prays may God destroy you stay in your limits …before I will destroy you what happen Junaid? how much money? are you became mad, Junaid this woman is cursing me, what are you doing 40,000 ,rest is for your wedding thanks a lot, may God keep you happy stay bless and happy, whose family does ruin him, they can not be happy nor they stay blessed what is this? your wish what rubbish ? you did not want this? I gave you my everything hmmm I am going, you wanted to be papa’s only child… God fulfilled your wish, the thorn of your way has gone , papa was saying right you are really very lucky, fortune makes your every wish true but sometime wish fulfills, but does not get the happiness prays become punishment you are threatening me…you are threatening the sister who saved you may I can threat my sister who blamed my wife she died with sorrow I did not kill her, and what are you saying to me, I brought more beautiful wife for you is it my mistake that you killed her how butchery you call the names of people, as they are not human, they are some dolls you know how to play, you are not even guilty that two lives are gone why should I guilty, i was not there at the time of their deaths, you were there the person who fires the missile does not go with missile. he only gives commands as you gave the command and ruined me.. forgive me, I am already so stressed your problems are finished with other’s lives your file is your asset, when you will become conscious, come and collect now go… what are you looking I am seeing that is humanity is left in you or not its not yes , not at all, now forgive me and go I am going Junaid, you don’t have forgiveness in your faith, there is no door of forgiveness is seems sir his phone is switch off then call the tracker company, they must know where is the car his car is parked here where he gone? hello, yes I am…. what? yes I am coming …. send message aunt Tamoor’s call asalam alekum you don’t recognized me you are looking blur are you so far? I am not far from you does Naggar take care of you? yes, so much everything is good, do you have any stress? no, everything is good come to me why? are you remembering me ? yes, so much I am remembering all of you I was telling your father that everyone left me ….. then what papa said? he was saying that he will come and he will make altogether what he said more ? you come soon, when he will come, he will be angry, why you left your young sisters what I will say to him,, come when he will come? yes I am telling you one thing, when your papa will be annoyed, then I will not safe you do you take your medicine ? yes, all who gave? Batool… Batool gave you you are looking good, take care , I will talk to you later

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  1. Bilal has done really well in this drama… he has delivered great acting in a romantic role, doting son and also in serious roles such as being angry young man. Different shades performed well

  2. so beautiful drama …awesome.. bilal is awesome acter… i like his acting 👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏

  3. 38:00 رلا دیا مجھے کیوں کہ میں بھی پردیسی ہوں 😢😢😢😢😢 ۔
    اور میں نے ماں کو بھی کھو دیا 😢😢😢😢😢 چند پیسوں کی خاطر 😭😭😭

  4. Ek ama ka bhu kheyal nhi rkh skti…. Bhut Bura….. Bilaal Abbas khan ka.. Ye drama Masha Allah.. Bhut Acha h…

  5. One comment fot only sameena peerzada she is versatile actress, superb acting. You are really awesome mam'm love u from India

  6. Such kehte hai old is really gold.samina peerzada ki acting ka jawab nahi hai.mai to kanp janti hu.

  7. Ishq ek aisi bimarii hai
    Jise ho jay to duniya ussa dafnana ki tayari mai lag jati hai.😔😔😔😔

  8. بلا تو ڑرمے میں ایسے ہے وہ اپنے زندگی میں تو آیسے نہیں ہوگے نا

  9. Jub Koi Kisi Ka Jism Ghayel Krta Ha To Qanoon Bhi Saza Dety… Mohashra Bhi Bura Bhala Kehta Ha… Lkn Jub Koi Rooh Ko Qatel Krty To Koi Kuch Nhi Kehta… Es Bala Ny Bhi Logo Ko Jismo Ko Nhi Rooho Ko Na Qabil e Mafi Nuqsan Ponchaya…

  10. kamaal acting hy samina G ap ki kamaal hain ap boht hi omaada. God bless you. or Bilal ap ny tu sab k record todr diye hain koi ap k jysa actor nhi drama industry mai. boht boht boht achi acting hy Bilal ap ki. or boht cute ho ap.

  11. Taimur ki ammi to her waqt is apne room mein Allah ki ebadat karti dikhai deti hain per unke room mein TV kyun lagaya h or woh niche kalam paak pad rahi hain very bad kon Kon sehmat hai👆👆

  12. Khud shey di beti ko aur ab use sahi ghalat samjha rha hai jab woh ek jhoot makkar ladki se gunahgar qatil tak ban chuki hai..apni nando ko marne wali yahi balaa aurat hai

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