Balaa Episode 31 – 17th December 2018 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

elder sister eat the meal Tabasum, Tabasum…. yes sister where have you been was giving meal to big sister you always do her work, my husband gives you the salary, you know it I have also some works, fill the water in Saad’s bottle , hurry up we are your sisters, its your duty and tradition give the money, I will not let you go, what are you doing … mom marriage will be done with simplicity , angels will come to our house, it will be so good I am just coming…. if you will be busy like this , your son will not recognize you I am doing everything for him , how is mom? sometime ask about me why? what happen with you? nothing with happen with me but I also wish that sometime my husband will ask me.. will you ask about me? no one talks with other in this house everyone talks where? are these are talks, “”yes, no, go, okay.””.. these are not talks you want to hear this are you doing taunt ? no Niggar I come tired from office. I don’t have courage to talk according to you come here
Niggar I come tired from office. I don’t have courage to talk according to you come here Tamoor , look at him Tamoor shall we go abroad ? no my promotion is due I think if we will go to holiday then we will become again a family don’t worry about mom, we will leave her with papa can not go yet I am coming from mom, shall we go? asalam alekum mom how are you Tamoor………….i am fine .. are you fine? I am also fine mom, you shall go our, don’t sit at home like this, I am reciting TASBIH its right but you should sit with Niggar I also want this ….she always recite quran or Tasbih she does not come out from room you should sit with her, take her for outing who takes me out, all day I take care of my baby, its not easy Tamoor after that I always come here, and take care of mom mom, with your permission shall I go? go….. take care my son, my loving so, may God bless him sister. brother Tamoor has sent your medicine by driver …. place them well….. all medicines of last month are still left I don’t remember sister you will get ill by this I forget to eat medicine what she is telling to me, you are not eating your medicine I forget to take the medicines so this is my work to give you medicine daily, is it my only work? I don’t have any other duties in this house, you are not a child, grownup now… why you don’t realize the reality , your daughters are dead ..but you are alive why are you rusting your brain,, and these medicines are very expensive, they all lost what are you doing, your daughters are dead, you are alive do something give it to me…these are the clothes of your grand son, do iron on them do something, you go and get the iron….. go….. get up mom …. come inside, come please no…….. I came yesterday I had to come to meet you but I could not courage to do so how are all at home ? all who? Batool and sister Suhalia ? died……. are you annoyed with them aunt ? no I am not annoyed , they did not give chance of it then why are you saying like this ? when people died, we have to say like this ….. died…….. are you saying truth ? yes …… yes saying truth ……… she made my mind lost, why does not she die why you did not ask where she is going ? how can I know this I thought she is used to go out may be that you showed anger on her …. ohh when I showed anger ? on the matter of medicine don’t try to be over smart don’t talk about this matter in front of Tamoor, go and switch off the iron okay well all together made me lost …. she does not do any work, just does gossips all the day but sister I have not seen her going outside , I have been there since a long time why are you talking? I am already upset, don’t make me more upset put the clothes, and search her in the street okay my daughters are died I became alone completely alone what to do? are you Saba? I am Saba aunt….. I am so hungry.. nothing to eat in my house ……give me some money I am sorry, this is not the moment for this….. but I am so hungry big sister …. one minute ……. what was this act? what? you gone without telling, I was so worried , I damn care….. but at least care about your son, if something will happen to you, he will die may God no do this…. may God no do this? if my talk has so much power then you would not be stand here sister where are you going ? sister ….. elder sister is going again …. aunt please forgive me, Mateen has divorced me . I am so regretting ….please forgive me aunt ….. please forgive me…. please for give me aunt listen me …… its so hot in grand pa’s house my beautiful baby…….. Niggo my son became a statue , just a statue he is not in conscious .. my son is missed somewhere you only care about your son, you have not seen my son even once your son is so cute his eyes are just like grandfather Niggo tell me , what should I do, search a doctor for him since I came you are talking about Junaid only, I am fed up of him papa I am also here , you have not seen me, I don’t care about me about what I should care for you, you have everything, all are died now only your mother in law is left she also became mad, Tamoor has given all the facilities of world to you I wish you may know it , as you are saying that Junaid became a statue , my husband is also became a statue, I am not happy …. then you are the statue maker, who comes in your life, becomes a statue I knew it that it must be you aunt shall I make tea for you ? aunt are you fine ? aunt take the pillow brother why this door is opened ? Mr daily 100 of doors open and close, who opened there door how would I know .. how are you ? what mom is doing here ? Batool and sister Suhalia, I am very sorry about it is mom fine? she is fine … what happen to her ? don’t let her wake up will you drink tea? no need …. sit at least two minutes If I have not care of my mother I would not stay here for a single minute you maintain my house as …. as you left it , isn’t it ? please forgive me Tamoor forgive about what ?? Tamoor I am so alone, please forgive me no need to do all these I am already stressed I came here to pick my mother aunt has waked up , aunt shall I make tea? tamoor has came you came ? yes mom ……
you came ? yes mom …… what are you doing here ? I came to pick Batool, and started talk to her mom. Batool is not living here… is Batool not here ? yes she died ….. and Suhalia is also died …. only I am alive don’t say this mom … mom, shall we go home ? yes lets go home, otherwise she will shout, she shouts a lot eat your meal and drink tea …. and tell Rashida that I came aunt ………mom.. Rashida is not here …. yes Rashida has died …. only you are alive .. only I am alive …… you are alive and alive and all are died…..

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