Bachelor of Theatre Media

Sprung Festival presents an opportunity for
final year theatre media students to lead and create their own creative works. It’s this really awesome collaborative opportunity
across all three years of theatre media to work together on a festival project that engages
not just the university community, but also the local Bathurst community. So we sort of make shows for the public and
it really sort of helps us get into the professional sort of side of things. And my role is a lead performer in Plumber
Man, The Musical 2519. Now set 500 years in future. It’s about a plumber man that has sort of
gone down the wrong track in life, wants to correct things before something happens. Don’t want to give too much away, but, and
it’s just about him going his day to day life as a plumber with some twists and turns as
well. My favourite thing about studying theatre
media is the family you gain, the friends you gain, and also the professional experience
you gain during the course as you go throughout your three years. I’m doing Carson AV for Plumber Man The Musical
2519. Love drama, I loved all the creative arts. Wasn’t really sure what I want to do exactly
whether it was performing or writing or directing or something like that. So I thought theatre media was just the best
option for that because it provides such a range of different opportunities. I just love all the experience you get. Around every corner there’s an opportunity
to come into the theatre and do any role you want, really. So just gives you so much hands on experience
which is the best part. I think the sense of community is really nice
as well as the industry experience. So you get to learn while doing things like
the practicality of it is really good and you don’t get that in a lot of courses. To anyone who wants to try anything to do
with theatre. It’s been an amazing course. Just do it. Honestly. It’s worth it. Just give it a go. You’ll come out loving it. Throw your hand up for everything. The more you do, the more you learn. So just get involved and you’ll be right. Just go for it. Be yourself, and if you be yourself, you’ll
get accepted anyway.

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