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Hi I’m Mohammad from Baby Car Seat Installers,
and today we’ll be looking at the BabyTrend Flex-Loc infant car seat. This car sear accommodates
children from 5 to 22 pounds and up to 28.5 inches. The carrier part of this car seat
weighs just over nine and a half pounds. It isn’t the heaviest seat on the market, but
it is on the heavier side. This seat is narrow at 16.5 inches which allows the seat next
to it to be used. It has a triangular ergonomic handle which some parents find awkward, and
some parents really enjoy it. This seat can be used in an airplane without the base. When
the seat comes out of the box, it’s assembled, so there’s no assembly required and it’s ready
to be installed and used. Because it is an infant carrier type car seat, you are able
to detach the car seat from the base and leave the base installed in the vehicle. This allows
you to carry the carrier part with you or use it on a compatible stroller. Unlike other
seats, the release lever on this carrier is in the front. Like many parents, I also find
it awkward to release it from here and grab this seat from the back and lift it up. However,
some parents enjoy it, and it’s not the detrimental and the lever works really well itself and
isn’t sticky, so it does release easier. The car seat comes with a basic manual, that can
be easily understood. However, if the manual had larger diagrams, more clear information
on how to take apart the seat for cleaning, it would have made the manual that much better.
But that’s ok, because I’ve also made a video explaining how to take these seats apart to
clean, which can also be found on our YouTube page. There are two different models of his
car seat that share the same name: EZ Flex-Loc. There’s also a model named Flex-Loc which
is the same carrier, however it comes with a slightly different base. Kind of confusing
when you’re purchasing this seat, however the carriers are interchangeable amongst the
base. Depending on where you purchased this seat and if you got the travel system, the
difference between the two is that one has an adjustable back and one has a fixed back.
The adjustable back comes with a headrest which allows you to easily adjust the harness
without having to rethread like you would have to with a fixed back. The one we will
be looking at primarily is the adjustable back, but I will show you the differences.
The adjustable back has eight height settings which allow your child’s harness system to
always have a comfortable fit. It moves up in half inch increments, which I really like.
The fixed back has three settings, which is a decent amount, but it does require rethreading,
meaning you’ll have to take out the strap and place it back into a higher slot as the
child grows. It has one crotch buckle position, however the length of this buckle is adjustable,
which isn’t common amongst car seats. Most parents using this infant seat don’t know
about this feature, and it’s not explained well in the manual, and the strap will get
shorter fast if you don’t adjust it. But we also have a video for that as well. Like many
other seats, it also has two loops on the back which extend the harness strap length.
The harness is a one strap harness, meaning that if you pull on one side of the seat,
the other side will get tighter. This will require more attention in balancing the harness
straps. The harness strap on this seat loosens and tighten fairly well. What seems universally
disliked by parents and myself is how the crotch buckle works. It’s a plastic puzzle
buckle which you must hold both sides perfectly together and click it in in order for it to
secure properly. All other car seats have metal buckles that can be attached individually.
The puzzle buckle can be difficult, especially if your child gets fussy while getting into
their car seat. This is the only car seat currently on the market which has this buckle.
The fixed back model has energy absorbing foam here. And the adjustable back has energy
absorbing foam here. The fixed back model comes with a body support pillow as well.
This car seat has a decent sized canopy. The material can feel plasticy, and only a few
parents find that it causes their child to extensively sweat. The handle on this car
seat comes in three positions. The top position, which is all the way forward, to carry the
car seat and also this position can be used when it’s in the vehicle. It can also add
valuable safety as it could act as an anti-rebound bar in a serious collision. The manual with
the older models of this car seat states that you should not use this up position in the
vehicle. However, the manufacturer has gone back and changed the rules and now indicates
that this position should always be used when it’s in the vehicle. I like that they’ve changed
this because it is now shorter in length and therefore takes up less room in the car. Now
let’s look at the base of this car seat. This base is narrow, which is nice for passengers
or if other car seats or booster seats need to be placed next to it. However, this base
is problematic. It fits well in some vehicles, but in many vehicles it does not install as
snug as other manufactures car seat bases, and in some vehicles it does not install well
at all. This would be the single most reason why I would probably choose another car seat
over this car seat. The base on this car seat has four height adjustments, however I found
that using the base with the adjustment levels during installation makes the seat, in many
cases, much more bouncier because the adjustment comes down on a slight angle. The seat has
a built in level here. You’ll know it’s level when you don’t see any orange in the window.
However, I find this level not always accurate, as it sometimes gets stuck. The locking clip
is stored in a very awkward spot, and most parents don’t even know it’s there. The locking
clip is used in some seat belt installation methods for installing the base or installing
the carrier without the base. It’s good to have this clip with the carrier in case you
need to install the seat without the base in certain vehicles. However, I just find
it to be an awkward spot. Here are my final thoughts. For around $150, it is definitely
a lower priced seat. However, it may only be worth considering if you’re on a budget
and need a narrow seat to fit next to another seat. Compatibility is definitely an issue
with this seat. Plan to purchase it well in advance or have a back up seat ready. Make
sure you can return it from where you purchase it, in case it doesn’t work in your car. And
if you’re considering purchasing another vehicle while still using this seat, I would probably
just go with another seat just in case it doesn’t install in your new vehicle. Children
tend to outgrow this carrier much sooner than any other infant seat because of it’s low
weight and height allowance, and it’s internal seating space. Thanks for watching. If you
have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with us. If you like our videos,
please like them and subscribe to our channel.

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