BABY Orang-Utan HUJAN klettert im ZOO KREFELD |

Hello, today we visit Krefeld Zoo. Eva Ravagni (caretaker): Hujan is now six months old. He has developed magnificently. Roundabout two months ago, when the last two videos were shot, he weighed 3.6 kilograms and now he weighs 5.6 kilograms. So he gained about two kilograms. As you can see, he has also made a very nice leap forward in development: He became very agile, climbs a lot, is more self-reliant and is on the move on his own. He sometimes moves away from me, but still has an eye on me, so that he can return in every moment he wants. He has got teeth: two in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw. The recent two broke through a few days ago. He is developing great and we started with solid food. So he gets soft-boiled carrots so that he can get used to solid food slowly. Everything is going great and we are really happy. The habituation to his family is still going well. His granny and aunt are still interested in him. So slowly we start to go with him to one of the exhibits, so he sometimes gets to know it. Also, the other orangutans can smell him in the exhibition. When we leave the exhibition you can see how the other family members smelling at the places, where he was. He likes it and can see some visitors. We are really happy and hope it continues to be so good. Hujan just started climbing and as you can see he’s still a little bit clumsy. He will be sure more and more and use his climbing room completely. There will be more and more solid food and as soon as he can climb well, we will start to bring together him and his granny. This will take place behind the scenes. We will introduce his granny’s bedroom to him during the day, so that he can have a whale of a time there and get to know the room. At some day we will open the door and unite Hujan and his granny Lea accompanied by her baby. They will spend the daytime together, when everything is fine, what we think will be. Sometime he will stay here overnight together with Lea and moves from my home to this house here. The daily routine with him didn’t change a lot. Only the breaks between his meals changed: At the moment we have feeding intervals of 5 till 6 hours. So this is more relaxed, but he sleeps lesser so there is more time in which he needs a caretaker. He’s still on the move till late evenings, so it’s not possible to go to bed before midnight. I think this won’t change much in the future, but luckily I can sleep through four or five hours during the night, which is more comfortable for me as a caretaker. If you’ve got more questions, write them down in the comment section below and if you enjoyed watching, please give a thumb up. In order to never miss a video, please subscribe our channel.

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  2. What an adorable baby…although those arms of his already look scarily strong compared to a human baby's of the same age. You can easily see why keepers don't go in with the adult apes. Hope he eventually gets to re-join his orangutan family, as planned.

  3. What an extraordinary experience you are having to help rear a baby orangutan! Thank you for this update. I was happy to see he does not have a diaper on anymore!

  4. I was just wondering will he have I was just wondering why he have a surrogate mother to take care of him when he goes bk in the group??

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