Hello, today we visit Krefeld Zoo. Eva Ravagni (great ape caretaker at Krefeld Zoo): Of course some things are different with Hujan as for example with human babys. It’s important to take care about the fact, that only we four caretakers carry him around and take care about him. He does not have so close contact with other people and visitors can’t touch him. He shall never be grow accustomed to being a human, because he’s a little orangutan child and we all four alternate, so that he doesn’t shapes to us too much. Of course I am his main caregiver, because I take him home with me ever evening, but he has to be aware of the fact, that there are only good things coming from all caretakers, so he can trust all of us. When he is living with his family, he will still need a bottle and so he should come to every caretaker, know his name and take the bottle. That’s why it’s important we all take care of him and he grows accustomed to that not only I am important, but all caretakers here in the ape house. Of course Hujan will not be with me forever. In the age of eight till nine months he will move back to the ape house. We will bring him together with his grandma. She has got a baby, which is six months older than Hujan. Both show massive interest in him, so we hope the reintroduction will work well. She already care about him and come to the grid, when he sometimes squeaks and looks if everything is allright. The forecasts are wonderful. We will first bring the three together behind the scenes and then sometimes the visitors can see Hujan in the exhibit, so that he can make himself comfortable there. Step by step we will introduce the other family members to him and take care everything goes well. At the moment I’m in good spirits it will work well. Now I will write it down. He develops very quickly compared with a human baby. This is easier as laying him down, because he then start squeaking and wriggles with his arms and with the legs and it’s not really funny to wrap him in such a situation. When now some pee would drop on my shirt, well, that doesn’t matter, there are worse things that can occur, and I can easily put on a new shirt. Today (23th of August) he first sat down by his own, so there’s a giant step in his development occuring at the moment. If you have more questions, write them down in the comment section below. If you enjoyed watching, please make sure you give this video a thumb up. If you don’t wanna miss a video, make sure to subscribe our channel.

32 thoughts on “BABY Orang-Utan HUJAN 😍 im ZOO KREFELD |

  1. Hujan ist ein ganz Süßer.
    Das ist eine große Aufgabe für die Pfleger.
    Danke für das interessante Video
    Ein schönes Wochenende! Anita

  2. Schaut auch unser erstes Video über Hujan: . Da erfahrt ihr nochmal mehr 😉
    We recommend to also watch our first video about Hujan to get more information: 👍

  3. Diese Affen sind uns Menschen sooo ähnlich, umso schrecklicher zu wissen, dass durch Palmöl Plantagen ihr Lebensraum nach und nach zerstört wird. Der Mensch ist ist das grausamste Wesen auf diesem Planeten.

  4. She stated that an important milestone in development had been reached since he sat independently for the first time on that particular date but i could not find anywhere that it was mentioned how old the baby was in this video (and of course therefore his age when first sat up alone)..could you tell us the age?

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  6. He is so cute. Hope he is always healthy. I want to see more of his activities rather than, the keeper interview 🙁

  7. Najszczęśliwszy, mały orangutan jakiego kiedykolwiek widziałam na YT. Eva to fantastyczna osoba – widać, jak bardzo kocha tego malucha i jak mocno on ją kocha. Serdecznie pozdrawiam panią Eva.

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