B068: How to take a social media sabbatical

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And today, I want to talk about how to take a social media sabbatical. Oh my goodness,
this is one of my absolute favorite topics to chat about these days. If you’re feeling a bit
crispy around the edges, overwhelmed, burnout and just feeling like you don’t have any
time left to do the important stuff in life, you might need a bit of a break from the mindless
death scroll of social media. You might remember back on Bonus 054, where I taught
you how to take a mini digital detox for 48 hours. That’s like the training wheels version
of what I’m gearing up for with my next sabbatical. If you did the mini digital detox,
you can totally do this for a full month. Here’s how:
Create your boundaries – Are you saying no to all social media channels or just temporarily
quitting a couple? You get to decide. For me, I like to go all in… it keeps it simple.
No social media for the entire month and while I’m not deactivating any of my accounts,
I’m simply deleting the apps from my phone and vowing to not visit these websites on
my laptop. So… ‘bye Felicia’ to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and
YouTube! And if you see The Simplifiers post anything on those accounts next month, know
that it’s been added by someone else on the team or created and scheduled before my
break. Identify your rewards – You are totally going
to be shocked by how much free time you’ll all of sudden have, in your work day. I mean,
absolutely SHOCKED. So, what are you going to fill your time with instead? Can you sprinkle
in a few rewards that’ll nourish yourself like:
meditate, go to an art museum,
sign up for a workout class, paint,
go for a swim. In addition, what higher yielding tasks are
you going to tackle at work with this extra time? Whether it’s focusing on sales, client
relations or mapping out your strategic plan for next quarter or pitching to speak at future
events, here’s your chance to try something different. You might be surprised how your
brain thinks much clearer without the distraction of social media and comparing yourself with
others. It’s time to #Dothething! Tell your peeps – Just the same as when I
did my mini digital detox, you need to let your loved ones and inner circle of people
know what you’re doing, before you do it. Also, if you’re in charge of your brand’s
social media feed, consider putting a placeholder post on every channel that says, ‘Hey, I’m
taking a social media sabbatical with The Simplifiers Podcast this month! Connect with
my team and I through our website, we’d love to hear from you!’ You’re not closed
for business. You’re simply not generating new content on social media. Tell your audience,
be open and honest with them. And take this time to have coffee with your very best clients,
ask for referrals and build connections through in real life moments. It might shift something really
big for you! And just one final whisper, just from me to
you, dear friend… come in closer. So, do you want to know something crazy? I
did this experiment last summer, removing myself from every social media channel except
for Instagram. Why Instagram? I have no clue… I felt like I needed a lifeline to the outside
world and my overseas friends and clients. And here’s the crazy part…
We exceeded our monthly revenue goal that month
We didn’t lose a massive amount of followers on any of our social media accounts. In fact,
I gained so much headspace that truly nourished me and my mental wellness, I found myself
sitting more on park benches in the sunshine, rather than hunched over my phone obsessively. And yes, spoiler alert, the world didn’t come crumbling down around me.
In fact, given the way the algorithms work these days and only like 1% of your following
sees your posts anyway, I’m not sure anyone really noticed I was away.
This month-long experiment is really a tool to help you step off the hamster wheel, take
an assessment on if social media is really driving business towards you (or not), nourish
yourself as a leader, and decide what you want to integrate back in to your work day
once it’s done. I certainly know that I felt calmer, happier
and less stressed after completing this sabbatical the last time. And I look forward to giving
myself permission to unplug so my own creative juices can flow once again.
Give yourself this gift. It might be just what you need next.
You can do this, I believe in you. It’s time to SIMPLIFY.
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