Automated insights & alert notifications with Neticle Media Intelligence

Automated insights and alert
notifications checking your brand’s online customer feedback all the time is
very tiring. With a Neticle Media Intelligence there is no need to spend
your time digging for the latest insights and checking unexpected events our auto diagnosis engine does it for you. Neticle shows you the important
events for every keyword in every type of content automatically. Neticle
recognizes instantly if your brand reputation is unexpectedly failing.
What’s more you can easily check the detailed data behind. If a new trending
topic appeared in your brand’s Facebook mentions since you have blast logged in
you will be notified. You will not miss anything important: unexpectedly high
mention numbers and web opinion index rises are also checked automatically in
every content type. Neticle can also inform you in alert emails when taking
action is needed. Save time for yourself and stay calm with using our auto
diagnosis engine. Let’s take a closer look on other exciting and time-saving
functions that can support your business! Check out all of our videos on Neticle
Media Intelligence!

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