Art Nouveau Style Birthday Card | Watercolour DIY | Floral Letter Art – E

Hey guys, thanks for coming to check out
this video of an Art Nouveau styled letter E. That I do in watercolor for a
birthday card. So I’m doing this card today for my friend’s baby’s birthday
she’s turning 1. Her name’s Emmy so it starts with an E. So I wanted to do
something decorative that she could potentially frame and put up in her
bedroom. So I’d already done a sketch of what I
wanted to do and it was all very Art Nouveau style with lots of flourishes
and flowers. First I start with the map of the E. So I use a ruler to get in the
shape and I’m using a 5 x 7 inch card because that’s great for framing.
Next I am starting to sketch in all the flowers and the leaves the petals. Most of them I keep to the shape of the E but then in some parts I like to
come off slightly to just give it a bit more shape and makes it a bit more
interesting. I’ve been loving working with flowers
lately and if these flowers look familiar to you it could be from my
Mural that I posted a couple of weeks ago. I’ve done a giant mural on my lounge
room wall using these kind of flowers so if you haven’t seen that video I’ll link
it down below in the description box for you to check out. Took me a few tries to
get this Daisy and actually what is it it’s a Sunflower took me a few tries to
get the Sunflower working but we got there in the end and I’m just filling in
the rest of the gaps we have lots of little petals and intricacies. Now I’m going in with an art line it’s
water-resistant so this will be a perfect outline for when I go in with my
watercolors. Next this one that I’m using is 0.1 ml. So nice and fine and then
later on I thicken it up by going around some of the edges to give it more depth.
So while we’re watching me outline the rest of the flowers I just wanted to ask
you guys if there’s anything that you want to see from me on my channel? Would love some comments and feedback on how you’re enjoying it or not enjoying it. If
you’ve got any requests or if you’re liking this I can always do more letters.
Just please let me know in the comments down below! So after completing the
outline around all the sketch. I clear away the lead pencil and then move on to
the watercolour. I’m using a watercolour brush for this one which I haven’t used
that often but it was very handy for this. Did the trick. I chose to use purple
shades for this just wanted to keep it very soft like a soft palette and I was
also keeping in mind the theme of her bedroom. So I wanted to use purple berry
sort of shades which ended up, yeah, looking really nice. And I just kept them
nice and light by using a fair bit of water in with the paint.
You can see my very fancy palate on the side that I’m working with which is
actually just a piece of Watercolor paper and I’m just trying to mute them
as much as I can by adding more water. This brush is weird. You kind of squeeze
it in the middle and it brings out more water onto the tip of the brush. So if
you’re not used to watercolor it’s a great way to to start because it’s quite
easy to get a handle on. You don’t have water splashing everywhere. Now after
using the purple shades I wanted to add a little bit of like, a pop of color. I
felt like it was looking a bit flat so I used a slightly more Orangey tone to
bring out some of the other flowers and then I think it starts to come to life. Now I’m using the same fine liner to go
around areas to give it a bit more dimension. This is where it really pops
because you get that variation in it and I don’t know why it works but it almost
acts as a shadow. It just makes the the whole thing come together. The whole
piece. It now works and I’m happy with it! So this is the final piece and luckily
my friend really liked it and she has already framed it on her wall. Which is a
great outcome. If you liked this please give it a thumbs up! down below and if
you’re not a Subscriber, please do subscribe to the channel. I give out art
videos and tips every week and please leave any comments or feedback that you
have down below. Thanks for watching!

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