Arkansas Has A Thing Or Two To Teach New York About Fashion

– If I’m showing you a
woman who is 260 pounds and in a two-piece and feeling herself walk down that runway,
you may ask yourself, why do I not think that would be there? We have a very privileged opportunity to create new images for
how people understand like, who’s around. I’m Robin Atkinson. I am the CEO and Creative Director of Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. – I am really into tailored fashion. Suits, businesswear. I really love men’s tailored suits, but I feel that women can
rock them just as well. And so a lot of menswear
actually inspires me. – I like to use a very
diverse group of models models that kind of stand out,
that have like, personality. Very colorful and fun and energetic. – My clothing is a multi-look clothing and reversible clothing. So basically, they’ll change their looks on the runway itself. – Clothing itself shouldn’t have a gender. Doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl. If you identify with the
clothes, you can wear it. My whole business is upcycled materials. All the fabric I get is
from discarded cutoffs that otherwise get thrown away
after clothing production. – Big Sister is a brand
that I started as a play on the newfound feminist movement. You know, just a big sister. You always thought she was cool. You always wanted to be like her. – When I took this role over, I was concerned about being
in northwest Arkansas, because I thought, you
know, it’s not New York. It’s not, I thought, at
the time, not as diverse. What I was really pleased to find out was that if you open up the opportunity to include more people,
the people are there. – There’s all these designers in the area, and makeup artists, and models and things, each kind of plugging along separately, trying to make a name for
themselves, or whatever. And suddenly, we’re all brought together and we can like, help each other so much. – I love the dynamic
here, and the community is so supportive, especially
like, the arts community. Working with people, it’s like, come, yes, do this, let’s do it together,
let’s build each other up and like, make this a thing
and like, get ourselves on the map for that reason. So that’s why I’m excited
to be a part of it, to do that, as well. Like, get everyone pumped about it. – People should know that there is an intense art focus here,
and that is probably something that comes as a surprise to
people who live in New York, ’cause you just think, ah,
like, what are they doing in Arkansas? Well, they’re supporting a lot of art, and that includes fashion. (upbeat music)

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  1. I'm glad these fashion designers show plus size woman could be models. They're showing fashion industry a thing or two about biases of they're don't need be skinny be models.

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