An Honest Met Gala 2019 Fashion Review, oops

*Pose* *New Pose* *Pose* *Other Pose* I’m in my closet. Which apparently has like, no clothes in it. Do you see how empty it is?? Now, I can afford a closet like this now, apparently, but I can’t afford to fill it, bitch. I’m not James Charles… …yet MAC First off, I wanna start this video by apologizing for being gone for a week. See, I was like, doing things? Nothing really important, like, nothing /super/ important? Nothing gigantic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) happened recently, not at all. Nothing at all. Nothing at all happened… *silence* …shut up. Do y’all give a shit? No. Do I? Yes, so you’re going to sit there and listen to me talk about it. Yes, that is right! Me! MacDoesIt. The one and onl- -actually I’m not the one and only. Somebody has my Twitter @ The second and second, have been beSQUEEBED! *Gay silence* Besqueebed, bitch? Yes, fuck it. Have been beSQUEEBED a high honour by a group of people I do not know. and I’m going to brag about iiit! So I won the Shorty Award, “Best YouTube Comedian” Um, thank you? I guess? Didn’t think I was gonna get it, honestly. I thought it was gonna go to Joanna, but apparently I’m better so that’s how that works, right? That debate’s over. Put it right here so it just like, broods over this entire video. Like, my success is, like, constantly just in the background constantly reminding you guys to fear me. … *Thoughts Processing* That’s how that works, right? That’s how that works, right? Like that’s what- that’s what happens when you win an award? *discordant Micheal Jackson* fashionn gaaaayy The Met Gala is literally happening right now, this very second I am filming this goddamn video. Watch it come out like a week after. And oh my g O d, I just noticed how many gay jokes you can probably make in this moment, right now. I’m like a terrible gay! Okay, wait, we’re gonna do this again. We’re gonna act like none of this happened, we’re gonna redo this. Give me a second. Hey, guys! Today I’m in my cLoSeT! Haven’t seen this in five, eight year- how- when did I come out???(Mac, you’ve always been out) If you guys don’t know what the Met Gala is, congrats. So the Met Gala is, like, something where a bunch of celebrities, like, dress really fancy for the sake off- art? And every year they have a theme, and this year’s theme was “Camp”. I bet you all of you guys that aren’t well-established gay, black men in America are asking: “Mac” That’s me, I’m Mac. Hi. Everyone Else: “What the fuck is Camp, other than the activity that people, that think rolling around in dirt is a personality trait do?” “Camp” is also an adjective, Basically “camp” is just over-dramatic shit “Give us the *DRAMA*” The eXaGgErAtIoN. Blow the house up with your shit, you know? Theatricalness The horniness. Exaggerations that are like, really cool but are also like, kinda like “okay, bitch, stop.” If you don’t say that phrase, it’s not “Camp” enough, you know? Camp is like if RuPaul’s Drag Race was suddenly turned into a musical on Broadway. I’mma need to see elegance. No tuxedos, you know? Fuck a tie, wear a full-ass pig. I’m gonna need to see Beyonce walking in, wearing her twin babies as a bra. Like I need to see something weird, bitch. Frank Ocean smiling for once, like, something like that, you know? Let’s just get into it- Let’s just get into this? Penelope Cruz *Already Disappointed* sure Nothing really extraordinary about this, right? Except you’re wearing two skirts. Rita Ora *gay silence* Are you a Targaryen? She’s cute, but there’s nothing like super “oh my god” about it She kinda looks like the villain for some, like, weird Disney Original Channel movie, yknow? Like, the evil house mother. Like, the stepmother of like the child who ends up being like a long-lost descendant of *Wants to say RuPaul* Martin Luther King? I don’t know Halsey Wow [x2] Okay, no, for a second I thought she was wearing like a gigantic fake butt, but that’s just a cape, okay? She looks cute. Like a fashionable Wonder Woman. Also Is this made out of paper? Did you go to Michaels? Also, a lot of hair. Very like, X-Men. Very like, she has the power to bend matter with the gigantic butt. It looks like a butt! *ᶦⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜˡᵒˢᵉᵗ* Regina King has a dead owl on her shoulder, what’s going on? It’s like a shoulder piece that turns into a cape, like a shoulder cape? *Edna: “NO CAPES!!!”* Camp! Kinda looks like one of those really fancy like bows you get for Christmas because you want people to think you have your life together? I don’t do that obviously. I don’t- I don’t that, obviously! Hailee Steinfeld Am I not supposed to be looking at this photo? Is it rude that I’m now looking at a photo of her wearing a dress that says “no photos”? Did somebody get in trouble? Also, who is the person with the gigantic hair right behind her?? What is the Met? [x2] What are they doing there, like, what’s getting accomplished when they go in that building? Like, what are we, raising awareness for? *ᶜˡᵒˢᵉᵗ* Do they sit? First of all, like can they sit down? like What is The Met? Lena Waithe and Kirby Jean-Raymond Shoes look like McDonalds Joan Jonas and Sophie Turner Were extras in an 80s movie, apparently? C A M P! Emma Roberts, there it is! There we go! That’s what it happened, that’s what it looks like That’s camp [x2] See that’s like: “yes, bitch, work” but like, at the same time biiitch? That’s cAMP! Come through, ruffles. Come through pink tissue paper. Yas. Yaas. She has flowers on her head, ’cause there’s flowers outside and that’s where you camp. Sometimes. Most people. Not me. Janelle Monae *gay appreciation* *also cries in gay* Fuck me! [x3] Fuck me uuup with a good tiiiime, mommy yeeeeesss! Goddesssss! I’ve just became super gay, I’m sorry. The bitch blinks?? *Please reboot Machiazelli.exe* … cAAAAAMP She didn’t just come with one hat, bitch. She was like: “I’m gonna give you three choices” She couldn’t choose between three hats, she was like: “bitch, let’s just wear all three of them. It’s the Met Gala.” Who gives a shit? Violet Chachki Cute [x2] Solange Come on, girl! Where is the drama? Where is the exaggeration?? Where is the raAAH, you know? The raAAAAHH, you know?? It’s just like a oO, this is not a raAH, you know? Like I’m lookin’ for that raAH. *Someone please give Mac the raAH* Maybe I do crack, you know, maybe I do a little crack? Cara Delevegajini Deleveehngini? Deleveeenigeniii *gay rises* Okay but like, come through pride flag! Wait a minute. What is on her he- girl, is that a /banana/? That’s camp! On this episode of “What’s on Cara Delevegalagala’s head”, we see some eyeballs, teeth, gloves, bananas, and an egg. For the sake of fashion. She rocks it, I just wish it made more sense to the rest of the outfit because right now it just seems like she was like: “Quick, I need to look weirder. Let’s go to Party City.” Jennifer Connelly looks… tired. so we’re just not gonna bother her right now. Seth Meyers is wearing a ribbon? I don’t care, I don’t give a shit, I’m moving on. Chloe Grace Mortez *Where is the Camp?* *Mac would like to pitch a tent and set up a fire pit* *Roast some s’mores…and maybe a few celebrities* *No?* K Naomi Campbell Of course. Of course she does, like, of course she has to. Y’know maybe, like, she just, like, has to. She’s Naomi Campbell because she needs to, y’know? I don’t even know how to explain what that means but I feel like you just understand me right away. If you watch my videos enough you just like, know? *I’ve been learning a new language this whole time?* What? Y’know? Donatella Versace Are we sure that’s not Kesha’s mom? ZENday – a – h a hA HA BITCH ‘COURSE she did! Okay has she, like, ever, like, just not been that one girl that just like *has* to, y’know? She’s always been that bitch, y’know? We love a Disney princess, we love a storyline with the smoke and the light. And apparently she threw one of her glass slippers onto the staircase and, like, left it there? The d r a m a, bitch. C A M P She was like: “Y’all remember me on Shake It Up?” “Y’all remember when Disney owned my ass?” Lupita Nyong’o… …just really wants to be a butterfly in her next life, apparently. Like, we love it, it’s weird. It’s camp. But, like, what happened? Like, I wish the entire thing went all the way down to the bottom. Now it just looks like someone, like, ran out of time and threw something around your body, like: “Here, go out there” “Oo, I’ll put some stars on it ’cause you’re a star” And eyeballs? Are those eyeballs?? What is that?? Tessa Thompson Is her fucking ponytail a whip? She said: “Y’all ready?” She said: “Oh, y’all want weird? I’m giving y’all confUshen” Y’all remember S&M by Rihanna? *Enter Flashback Mode* Like, this is, like, a general question, do y’all remember S&M by Rihanna, because she’s had so many goddamn hits. like, some of them just, like, fly out the window. We, like, forget that period of time ever existed. Like, y’all remember Disturbia, bitch? Disturbia? Nicki Minaj, did she not wear this last year or am I just, like, on meth? It’s cute, but it’s like, just cute, y’know? Cmon, gurl. Ezra Miller. *Confuzed* Which one, bitch? *ᶜˡᵒˢᵉᵗ* Which one? Which on- okay no, I found them. Okay, they’re right there, they’re like in the center okay. But like, go off Scare the shit out of me, okay? Make me shit my pants. If I saw this in real life, and someone was walking towards me looking like this. I’d probably turn straight. Sarah Paulson looks pissed the fuck off. Who [x2] made you angry? (Invite her to eat s’mores at the CAMPfire) Cmon, girl, you’re holding a bottle of champagne, you can’t look that pissed. I believe that’s supposed to be, like, a bow that’s vertical. But it lowkey looks like a corset that’s binding her arms to her body. We stan, y’know we stan Am I allowed to stan it? It’s not really camp, right? I don’t know. We just stan Sarah Paulson in general. Sarah Paulson deserves everything that she wants in life. Sarah Paulson *should* get everything that she wants in life.(S’mores) Sarah Paulson could marry me if she wanted to.(Do you have a say in this?) I’d have to find a way to explain that to a lot of other people around me but you know what. I do. Kendall Jenner Everything changed when the fire nation attacked. okay? We love District 12. We love Katniss Everdeen in her interviews to save her goddamn life. Honestly, we love- a muppet. Big Bird goin’ orange. but no, this is camp. She seems like the main character of like, some off-Broadway version of Chicago. like, that’s camp. Gwen Stefani Is she okay? She looks like she’s about to fall. Maybe because of all that jewelry on her body. Girl, that must be heavy. Girl [x2] C A M P Cardi B … … … Girl stop. She looks like a sea creature from the Game of Thrones, but we stan that We stan Game of Thrones in this house, goddamn goddamn [x2] She also kinda looks like- have you ever like opened up a sleeping bag completely and, like, draped it over you like a blanket? CAMP OH MY GOD, SLEEPING BAG, OH MY GOD(S’mores) Sleeping bag ruffles, she’s- dude- she’s- oh bitch Thinking outside the box, she givin’ you both camps She givin’ you camp for the gays, and camp for the straights. She’s come for both sides, okay? Sleeping bag, but make it fashion, bitch. Period blood, but make it Vogue. oh, whoa, who-wah *insert demonic noises* Found the big-haired woman. Sierra, okay, go off. Does your neck hurt, though? Like, that’s all I need to know right now. Kinda looks like the evil villain for the Power Ranger movie, except she actually took the time out of her life to go do therapy? Cute, camp. The cell mate of the main character of the off-Broadway play of Chicago, okay? Come through, pom-pom. Emma Stone awesome congrats Tracee Ellis Ross decided… she was gonna do THAT “Bitch, I ain’t gonna come here to see art, I AM art.” “Mona Lisa? Don’t know her. Starry Night? Sounds terrible.” Portrait of The Artist of The Young man? wishes y’know? Kacey Musgraves, why does she look like a Barbie? With the oversized zipper and everything? Go ahead, that’s camp. Barbie: The Musical. Actually, wait a minute can we do that? Let’s actually start that. Barbie is gonna go save Ken from, (Being Gay – Cause that Boi) going to the wrong tanning salon, Barbie: The Musical. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas look like the villains from a Pink Panther movie. In a good way, in a good way! It’s cute, she’s cute. idk, he’s getting on my nerves right now For a second, okay. You shaved on a mustache. You’re lucky you’re cute, honestly? I swear to god, Nick Jonas. Honestly, she looks like one of, like, a Powerpuff girls arch-nemesis. Like, she just walks in a room and just, like, beats up those little girls and walks away- screaming laughing? Why did I explain that, like, so weirdly? Katy Perry Bitch said: “light” Bitch said: “I ain’t Beauty, I ain’t the beast. Bitch I’m Lumiere.” Bitch said: “Be our guest” Bitch said: “Sia, where you at? Come swing on me, bitch. Swing on me, try it.” “What? The red carpet doesn’t have chandeliers? Okay, I’ll bring one.” This is literally camp, like, this is literally- she got this off the set of the Phantom of the Opera and put it on her body like, a set piece from an opera house, and she was like: “I’ll wear it.” Last year, didn’t she wear, like, gigantic wings? And now she’s a gigantic chandelier? I swear to god, next year if she doesn’t come as a gigantic piece of fruit, I’m retiring. Cute, we love it, caaamp Kim Kardashian looks wet, why does she always look wet on red carpet??? Why is that her aesthetic? Like, she always looks like she just came out of the shower and was just like: “Oh, yeah, we gotta go.” Doesn’t keeping your hair that wet like, dry out your scalp- I don’t know hair care shit, okay? Have you noticed the hair I have? and then Kanye is just back there being a shadow. We love a supportive husband, okay? He was like: “I’m not taking attention away from my baby, I’m just gonna be her Roadie” Literally looks like he’s holding her up, maybe because her hair is just so heavy for being so wet all the goddamn time Cute, we love it, camp Gigi Hadid honestly could’ve played Elton John in that movie wearing this alone Michael B. Jordan It’s like a normal suit, except it sparkles sooo that meaaans he triieddd camp Cole Sprouse … k Shawn Mendes! uwu Oh boy, oh boy. He really walked on this red carpet and was like: “I don’t give a shit, I already know y’all wanna suck my dick no matter what.” He honestly did THAT He honestly came in here and was like: “b o o m” … (“My Good Side? Sure”) … … … Shawn Mendes- he’s tired. He’s tired. Shawn Mendes is tired, he’s tired from running away from all those little girls trying to do terrible things to his BoDy Okay, he’s tired. He needs some rest. Miley Cyrus, girl this is too safe, cmon. What happened to bangers?? You wore, like, an entire dead rat and fingered yourself with a foam finger on stage once and NOW you wanna pretend you’re family friendly? Girl c’mon. There better be a Hannah Montana revival happening in the mix or something. Some reason as to why you decided to tone yourself down out of nowhere. But as of right now, where’s the foam finger where you need it, right? But it’s cute, it also looks like a mint and we love fresh breath here.(Maybe she’s a fresh take on herself…?) Jared Leto is carrying his own head, biiiitch. okay He looks like the evil villain of, like, an Assassin’s Creed I’ve never played Assassin’s Creed so I don’t know Like, the dark sorcerer of Skyrum I’ve also never played Skyrim either, so I don’t know Like if Jafar actually had a sense of fashion, but the head is so random. That’s literally what camp is. Camp is, like, “okay so this is kind of a weird outfit, but you’re kind of working it?” But then they push it further to something even more weird like: “bitch I’m putting an egg on my head. Bitch I’m carrying my own head.” Rami Malek Didn’t you play Freddie Mercury, like, what’s happening here? This is the time he took to remind everyone that he is straight. He really wants you guys to know that he is straight, so he is gonna come on this carpet looking for vagina. I don’t know. Lena Dunhammm mmmmmm What? Rubberist? … Am I missing something? Is that Lena Dunham, or is that Lena Dunham? I’m confused now, like, I’m confusing myself, and is that girl carrying a gigantic pill what is happening here? camp Lena Dunham said: “Bitch, you finna read tonight” I forget, like, how many celebrities exist in this world. There’s over 176 photos in this slideshow. I’m not doing all of them. because I am not crazy. I just want you to know that there is 176 photos, so if I just suddenly seem just tired and over it out of nowhere? That’s because I got tired and over it out of nowhere, okay? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen shut up As the years progress, the more they just look like a clone of each other. I swear to god, they did not look this similar five years ago. But now, out of nowhere, they’re just suddenly twin-twins, y’know? Benedict Cumberbatch – I’m tired Leslie Grossman she- go off- go off, girl Leslie said: “Rug” Leslie said: “Shower mat. Make it fashion.” Leslie said: “Poodle, but on me, okay?” Darren Criss … Is he in a rock band? Like, I get it- I get what he’s trying to do, but then I don’t. Y’know what I mean? It’s like, okay you’re just wearing a suit, bitch. You’re just wearing a suit, it’s just got patterns, and you got makeup on. Wow. We get it, you’re a straight man that plays gay characters. We get it. You have a wife, you’re married. Whenever I see Darren Criss, all I can see is that try-hard character he played on Glee. Like, I cannot imagine him as a human being that, like, eats, y’know? So when I see him at events like this, I’m just like: “Okay.” “Glee-boy knows how to put on some makeup. What else is new, right?” Alessia Cara is wearing Nike, we love a brand deal on the red carpet, honestly? We love a sponsor. James Charles …*Silence*… Did he break his ankle, what’s happening here, why is he standing like that? It kinda looks like you’re wearing a bunch of paperclips that were tied together. Also my visions really bad and this photo’s very small so I don’t know what the hell it is. but we love arts and crafts. Does he have nipples? Like, does his nipples exist? Where are his nipples? Are his legs okay? Why are his hands in front? Why are they red?(So many questions) Why is there a handkerchief around his neck? Did he bleed and he had to stop the bleeding? Was it because of all those paper clips around his body? Take off the paperclips, James! Don’t let the paperclips hurt yooOUUUU Honestly, it could’ve worked better if it like- Wasn’t a thing, y’know? I don’t know how to explain that. *Deep Breath* The culture, bitch. The elegance. Opulence. The 🄳 🅁 🄰 🄼 🄰, The ℝeality The House Down Boots, okay, bitch, okay? I don’t even know what that means. Why does he always show out like- like every red carpet he’s on, he’s like: “Bitch? Y’all want a story? Y’all want headlines?” Giving them Cockroach Realness, fly on the wall extravaganza. Expensive Golden Beetle Broach. Fantasy, everything, girl. Everything. Go ahead. Why do I get, like, more gay when I’m fascinated? Who? Whoo? And why, but yeah? Also, When? Frank Ocean looks like- a security guard. Harry Styles Is he wearing super long pants? Wait I got confused for a second– I think it’s a bodysuit. That’s a bodysuit? Is that a bodysuit? It’s a bodysuit. Is that a bodysuit? Maybe he’s just wearing super, super tall pants. So just like, living his life. He’s Harry Styles, people will suck his dick no matter what he wears, honestly? Honestly. Let’s be honest. It looks like half of his outfit died and became a ghost? How did I win that award? It’s literally two minutes from 10 P.M. [22:00], and I have to be quiet really soon So I’m gonna end this on the final person of the night. The One everyone’s talking about: Laaadaay Gay-Gay. According to the West Borough Baptist Church: Monster Lady Gay-Gay Gaga. Lady Gaga did not just wear one, not two, not even three, bitch. But FOUR different outfits on the red carpet. In which she changed into, in front of everybody. Bitch said: “Layer it.” Bitch said: “We can’t decide between these outfits, fine we gonna wear all of them.” “Y’all wanna show? Y’all gettin’ a show.” Okay? She said: “Y’all want camp? Y’all gettin’ camp with a side of mashed potatoes, bitch.”(But no s’mores) Look Number One: Just a pink blob havin’ a good time. Looks like a bounce house come to life. We stan. You can put bounce houses in camps sometimes, right? Look Number Two: She killed someone and is holding their body against her hip, wrapped in black cloth while she’s holding an umbrella. F A S H I O N Look Number Three: Girl on the go. Just a girl on the go. She ain’t got time to deal with paparazzi. She ain’t got time to say hello. She got things to do, and a big-ass cellphone. She got some errands. She got to talk to some agents. Booked and busy, and ready to party. And then Look Number Four: …*Gay Silence*… I don’t know how to describe that one so we’re just gonna not. Come through, House of Gaga. Is she selling wine? What’s happening here? What’s going on? Is this advertisement, is she advertising something? This is her being like: “Buy my shit, bitch. Look at my butt, buy my shit. Look at my butt, buy my shit.” And that’s it, I have to stop or I’m gonna get another noise complaint. We got a noise complaint two weeks into living into this apartment. *raises voice* Like I wonder how that even happened, like, I’m not loud at all. What are you talking about? Moral of the story, what did we learn today, kids?(CAMP at the Met Gala does not equal s’mores) Cara Delegavinii-g Cara Delegavigiiini-gg Cara Delegavaginii … I don’t know, but she made me hungry for some eggs, bitch. Moral of The Story: If you ever get invited to the Met Gala, and all you have is a suit? Don’t Show Up. Don’t do the red carpet, just, like, walk into the event, y’know? Don’t even try. This theme literally means “wear anything but a normal-ass suit”, but then you come in looking normal? and then expect people to be okay with it? Come on, bitch, come on. If all you have is a suit, just go naked, y’know? Fuck it, it’s art, right? But anyways, I’m gonna go be quiet. I’ve been sitting here for, like, two hours. Probably won’t look like it with editing because I am a crazy person when it comes to my fucking edi- oh my god. I need to calm the hell down, okay, I’m an award winner now, I can, like, buy an editor. I can, like, become an empire, y’know? I should do that. My name’s Mac. This is, Probably a mistake after watching this video, if this is your first video watching mine and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscreebay- bWAAAAAH

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