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It is past 8AM.
No girl should sleep until so late. Get up. It is only 8:30AM.
Why did you wake me up already? Oh, no! It is already 5:30AM.
If I don’t sweep the front yard, mom would kill me! Why are you smiling?
– Back in our day, we used to sweat by working hard. But now, you all are working out to sweat. Wait! What do you need two shampoo bottles for?
– This one is a shampoo and this is a conditioner. Using a conditioner
protects your hair from damage. Mom, where are the soapnuts?
– In the kitchen. Mom, turn on the geyser.
– Why didn’t you? – It slipped my mind. Kids these days
got so used to life of comforts. What’s that noise?
– It is the hair dryer. I’m drying my hair. You use machine to even dry your hair?
Back then, we used to dry using the lovely benzoin powder. Dear.. – Yes, mom?
– My head is aching. Could you cook some rice? No, mom! You know I don’t know
how to cook. Also, I’m running late. ‘Mom, you take rest.
You seem weak. I’ll cook today.’ Girls these days know maths, but don’t know
how many glasses of water is needed to cook rice. What’s the matter? You look so weak.
– I’m on my periods, mom. Mom, I’m on my periods.
– Make sure you touch nothing and enter from the back door. Why are you walking next to those clothes?
If you touch them even accidentally, I’ll have to wash those. Don’t sleep on your bed tonight.
Sleep on the floor. Get in and take rest.
I’ll make you some juice. Mom! – Yeah?
– I’m sorry I didn’t care when you said you had a headache. I wonder why you are so patient with me?
– In our days, we struggled at every step but you all are too lazy to even take a step.
Now, you have instant foods and instagrams. But doing all the chores and interacting with all
was our idea of passing time. That’s how we learnt all. Go and rest now. Hi, all! So, you saw the difference between
our generation and our mothers’ generation? I’m sure you all would’ve related to this video.
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100 thoughts on “Amma Cheppindi | Satyabhama | Tamada Media

  1. Mother's speech about the difference between generations is very much correct. Maa Amma ki thega nachesindi. Subscribe to Satyabhama ane style cute vundi 😍

  2. inka konni difference chupinchalsindi , chala bagundi , differences chala baga chupincharu , i liked it 💓 , and i like divya garu 🥰

  3. Chala bagundhi video..👌Nijame kadha Amma, ammamma vallu yentha oopikatho manakosam yentha pani chestharu.. Appati pillalu kanuka.. Bhadhyatha thelisinavallu, pani thelisinavallu, values thelisinavallu..
    Manam yem cheyalanna manaki 'Radhu, adhi kastam, miru update avvandi' ani anni thelisina valla ke lecture estham..

  4. Period scene lo chupinchinattu past lo vunnatu malli raavali….I mean aa 3 days lo girls mental ga,physical ga Koncham weak vuntaru kabatti vaalani Vere pani cheyanivakunda complete rest ichevaaru…ipudala kadhu….aa time lo kuda no rest…

  5. video concept super super madhi ravulapalem miku thelise untundhi … periodes vaste same situation ekkada kuda inka marakedhu entloki rakudadhu em mutukokudadhu ani antaru snanam vaste antu rogam vachinattu chustaru..but e video motham na chinnapudu ma amma ki help chesindhi and kunkidi kayalu & poya udhadaniki gottam ani gurthochayi

  6. chinnapudu school days 10th ayipoyina tharuvatha 10th friends kanipiste mana friends reaction tho oka video cheyandi akka ..old friends ayithe kanipiste huge chesukuni matladevaru..epudu unna friends ayithe chusi chudanattu before 10th friends after 10th friends oka video plz sis

  7. 90% of the video has frustrated and sarcastic expressions. I guess she is naturally sarcastic and frustrated in life

  8. అచ్చం పల్లెటూరు అమ్మాయి ల నటించారు….చాలా బాగుంది

  9. Antha prasanthanga unna aa life ni…. Ippudu mothum technology ani penta penta chesthunnaru… Anyways liked your videos…

  10. 6:10 erojolo pillalu lekalo 1st vastunaru kani, rendu cup la rice lo nalugu kapula nilla leka teliyatledhu

    8:00 menu adhi adguna kastapadi perigithey, meru adgu veyataniki sukumaram ga perugutunaru….

  11. Okkati mathram maradam manchidhi aindhi..ammay laki periods time lo present generation lo ye conditions pattadhu manishi la chusthunnaru…konthamandhi maraledhu anthe

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  13. Supar msg akka,,, nijamganea eapuduu kastam antea eanto telliyakunda bathukuthunaruu ,,kastapadea vallani chulakanagaa chusthunaruu,,,, edhe epati samajam

  14. Can you please do a video… For laddies menstrual related restrictions from parents..still we have restrictions at maximum people's house in current generation..

  15. అప్పటి రోజులు గుర్తు చేశారు చూస్తున్నత సేపు గుర్తుకు వస్తూనే ఉన్నాయి అప్పటి విషయాలు .ఇప్పుడు మా పిల్లలు మీరు చూపించిన విధంగానే వున్నారు. అప్పటి రోజులే బావుండేవి..

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