35 thoughts on “alt Life (2017) | Social Media Drama Short Film | MYM

  1. I know this is late but if anyone's like this I am begging don't continue with that shit cause if you show your real self people might not like you people might like you, just common sense.

  2. Wait how does the girl found out where he lives tho thats creepy i mean she knows him through social media

  3. This is impeccable. Such true words spoken among today's youth NEED to be heard!! Another amazing video, thank you! Cheers from USA! x

  4. It's true don't try to be something your not you are beautiful in your own way happiness will come to you when you be yourself and more people will respect you for standing up and respecting yourself it's all well and good loving someone else but the key to loving someone else is by loving yourself everyone is unique in their own way.

  5. First thing . People need to realised that social media is great as fun not a real life . Second think is we are leaving in the world where we have access to many informations and not everything is always perfect. Yes ,people will post the best picks of their live ,they will not post sadness but… As there is a "positive thinking" spread all over the net this should be no surprise. People have sad moments in their life ,but they prefer to focus on the good ones as the positive speakers are seeding in ours heads. So before you will think that this is what most people do think maybe " this is one of the victims of today's trend " and maybe ,just maybe there is more people who have a happy life and have great time with their positive moments . For people who have issues like this guy from this move there is a help . The question is do they want that help and conversation with real people ?

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