All The Best ’90s Fashion Moments From Friends

(upbeat music) – Now the one in the feather
boa, that’s Dr. Francis. Now she used to be a man. I don’t know, I don’t know, we were watching TV and then
he pooped in Monica’s shoe. – You know I don’t mean to brag but I waited tables at Innsbrook in ’76. Amuse bouche? – I know this is gonna
sound really stupid, but I feel, I feel that if I can do this, if I can actually do my own laundry, there isn’t anything I can’t do. Yes! Did you see that? – You were incredible! – Do you ever just feel like sometimes you are so unbelievable uncoordinated? – What? You just click when they click. I am so sorry. I know you probably
think this is all about what I said the other night about you making love with your
socks on, but it isn’t. It isn’t, it’s about me. – [Ross] Okay, can people stop? – You won’t even taste it? – No. – Not even if you just
pretend that it’s milk? – Not even if Carol’s breast had a picture of a missing child on it. – Seriously, where did you get the hat? I’m never gonna find a boyfriend again. Die an old maid. – You’re not gonna die an old maid. Maybe an old spinster cook. – Thanks. Sure, what? Okay. Music? – [Radio Announcer] The
next one’s dedicated to Rachel from Ross. – Hey. Where’s Joey? Okay, it’s about Alan. There’s something that you should know. There’s really no easy way to say this. I’ve decided to break up with Alan. It’s on us all right, so don’t
worry, this is our treat. – It just feels like… – Like? – Charity. – Charity? – We’re just trying to
do a nice thing here. – So, Rach, you wanna
save this wrapping paper? I mean it’s only a little bit torn, so are you gonna go for it with Ross or should I just throw it out? – Oh! There’s no orange juice in there, we win. – They have another guess. – Okay well we won that one. – Men are here. – Well the tough thing is she really wants to have sex with me. – Crazy bitch. All right, now try taking a puff. Right. – What? – Relax your hand. Let your wrist go. Not so much. – Oh!
– Hey. – Hey. – Hey buddy, what’s up? Oh, she told you about that huh? Well okay, thanks. – Ross, let me ask you a question. She got the furniture,
the stereo, the good TV. What did you get? – You guys. – You got screwed.
– Oh God. – Oh my God. – Whose little ball of paper is this? – Oh that would be mine,
see, I wrote a note to myself and then I realized I didn’t need the note so I balled it up and
now I wish I was dead. – We make fire. What, you think I’m
gonna tell a girl I like that I’m also seeing a cup? – Hey.
– Hey. Where have you been? – I just got back from the vet. – She’s not gonna make
you wear one of those big plastic cones is she? – Come in. Paul this is, everybody. Everybody, this is Paul. – Me and Chandler live
right across the hall, and he’s away a lot. – Joey, stop hitting on
her, it’s her wedding day. – What, like there’s a rule or something? (knocking on door) Hold on, you knew? – Of course I knew, what do you think? – Ma, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but, what the hell are you talking about? Yeah I’m an actor. – Wow. Would I have seen you in anything? – Oh I doubt it. Mostly regional work. – Unless you happened to catch the wee one’s production of Pinocchio. – Look Geppetto, I’m a real live boy. – I will not take this abuse. – No. – Ew, uh. – Nuh-uh, no, no don’t. Stop cleansing my aura. No just leave my aura alone, okay? – Hey. – Hey. – So um, did she? – I mean I know she’s gone,
but I just don’t feel… – Maybe that’s ’cause
she’s not really gone. – No no, she’s gone. – No I mean maybe no one ever really goes. – Well now, how come you guys have never played poker with us? – Yeah what is that, like
some kind of guy thing? Like some kind of sexist guy thing? Like it’s poker so only guys can play. – We just don’t happen to know any women that know how to play poker. – Oh please, that is such a lame excuse. I mean it’s a typical guy response. – Excuse me, do any of
you know how to play? – [All] No. – But you could teach us. – Ooh. – Yeah. Ooh, ooh yeah, you know. Did you notice how he
always starts his stories with okay I was so wasted,
or we were so bombed, or oh ooh ooh, so I wake up and I’m in this dumpster in Connecticut. – Hi! – Hi! – Ross is wearing leather pants.

100 thoughts on “All The Best ’90s Fashion Moments From Friends

  1. My favourite shirt on rachel was the one with the red lips, I think it said "Save the drama for your Mamma" she wore it quite a few times

  2. Everyone is geeking over the 90s fashion in F.r.i.e.n.d.s but I'm over here crushing over Rachel's early 2000s work outfits!

  3. My favourite phoebe outfit is the pink shirt dress with the collar and it has a sheer layer over it. She wears it when she gets Ross to ‘crack’ about the theory of evolution

  4. Wtf!!!! Why there was no Ross's look I mean literally loved his all looks in season 9-10 and also the white shirt and denim jeans look and he was breaking up with Elizabeth. This is so not done!

  5. Damn I never noticed that Mona Lisa dress. Gosh Phoebe is my favorite her style and hair really resembles her nature. I just really really like it !!!!

  6. First 90’s fashioned look: Rachel
    Last 90’s fashioned look: Ross
    Best 90’s fashioned look: Rachel
    Worst 90’s fashioned look: Monica

    Last 2 my opinion

  7. I really love Phoebes Look, i mean i Love the other people's looks but my favorite is Phoebe and also Chandler☺️😄❤️✨

  8. If you ask me monica is my fave coz she's relateabel and racel get's all the compliments when I think monica's the real deal

  9. this is not an exhaustive list infact its pretty limited .
    besides Phoebe's fashion is just hatsoff typical downtownton manhattan artsy Brooklyn.. .

  10. Monica's look in the flash back where she wore a red spaghetti top and boyfriend jeans. Oh❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. This was stupid. The only memorable fashion looks were Ross's leather pants, the uncooked turkey Joey and Monica wore on their heads, Phoebe's Christmas bow she wore on her formal dress, Rachel's commando dress, Joey's commando wardrobe that belonged to Chandler, Rachel's "slip dress", Phoebe's blue bra, the Xerox girl's belly button ring, Phoebe's fur coat, Ross and Rachel's fur blanket from the museum they covered themselves in, Joey's tight jeans, the Band-aid Rachel wore on her forehead when she met Ross (and Julie) at the airport, Monica's red see-through blouse( with no bra), and those 3 wedding dresses Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel wore around the apartment before Ross married Emily.

  12. blue levi's 501 was an item every one of then wore and every one of us wore back in the 90's. Also, Monica started to pull out beautiful dressed in S 04 and 05. The floral black one from when they told what happened on the beach, the red one from when they got back from London, or that Marni like from The one with all the kissing with that zigzag pattern, beautiful, btw. And Rachel wore a lot of beatiful strapless dresses like the yellow silk one from when she says to Ross she still loves him. And nice tops like the one with brad pitt on Thanksgiving, although she absolutely ruined it not wearing a bra. Or the LV like sweater whe she had the bob haircut and broke joey's chair.

  13. 4 things that bothered me:

    1)phoebe deserves the same amount of clothing appreciation as rach and mon. She had her own
    Style sure but it looked amazing on her.
    2) are we going to sleep on Phoebe’s polka dot dress frow tow heckles dies?
    3) the 90’s were 6 years during friends so how come all these scenes are from s1 or s2?
    4) ROSS ONLY GOT 1?!

  14. Phoebe had a ton more good looks. Even better that the ones in the video. But kudos for showing the Mona Lisa dress, I've never noticed this print before.

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